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  2. Trips like this can be done. I went the way in the opposite direction on my tour through north-east a while ago. You can read more of it (including some maps) here -> Honda PCX Forum
  3. Is that the woman that was known to be on a NO-Fly list to the US as an Russian agent and was given a VISA by the Obama State Dept. who met with Glen Simpson(Fusion GPS) before the meeting and again the day after meeting, that no dirt was talked about??
  4. That letter is now often required - it will cost $50 on a credit card or cash or about 1500 baht from ACS. He must sign it when there in front of Consular Officer. You can download blank form https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/notaries-public/affidavit/ Not sure of any proper format but I did one last month as below and Consular Officer signed it. Probably do not need the address and more sure do not need the USA address but trying to cover all possibilities. I, JOHN B. DOE, a USA Citizen born on xx xxx xxxx at CITY, STATE, USA and the bearer of USA passport number 123456789 issued at US Department of State on xx xxx xxxx which expires on xx xxx xxxx affirm that I reside at LOCAL ADDRESS and my US address is US ADDRESS.
  5. Inside a police station he probably could point in any direction
  6. Rich indians in Pattaya displaying foolishly their gold. Cheating ladyboys (?) taking advantage of the fools gold. A normal evening. No big deal in the world class peaceful family resort.
  7. Maybe this time they get around that by wearing really thick gold chains that would take their heads off if the robbers ever try pulling the chains off. That would put off potential would be robbers. Can’t fault that kind of logic.
  8. That's correct, but mid-June, I would only have 15 days validity on my notarized statement of income.
  9. You lose. Indians having their gold chains robbed in Pattaya is not a fairly common occurrence. Indians claiming that they have had their gold chains robbed is a very common occurrence. Yes, I read Indian and was immediately aware of the scam. I have yet to see an Indian walking down Beach Road at night wearing a chunky gold chain at night, yet I hear of many that get them robbed. Don't be so naïve.
  10. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1119142/brexit-news-latest-brexit-party-nigel-farage-eu-european-elections Brexit LIVE: Farage says Brexit Party to stand in next General Election 'massive change I’ll happily vote for either Farage or UKIP, dependant on the job at hand. Initially for Brexit in the MEP polls next month, maybe a tactical UKIP vote later. I’d even vote for Tommy if he had a party - the further right, the better!
  11. Here you go: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/inept-manchester-united-regime-lacks-vision-to-manage-solskjaer-overhaul-22t59s6t9
  12. Pssshst!...it's the new home of the seasteaders !...shhhh !!...not a word please.
  13. We are only trying to help you out here and make sure you have covered every angle. Installs sometimes include removing front covers. Three screws a few tugs and in less than a minute the front serial number and label are on the deck. As most installations are done with the front cover attached I am quite sure the fitters have screwed up and swapped indoor units. Daikin will inspect and test behind front covers to confirm.
  14. As many here, I don't have a PhD in psychology, but was strongly convinced that the chap had a mental issue before the doctor's conclusion ....anyhow, the man needs medical treatment and of course, to be safely locked away before he kills somebody on his next fit.
  15. there is no federal crime statute for "collusion", why do people still use the term??
  16. The figures mean zilch unless they are corelated with length of stay. If westerners stay at least twice as long ( and I am confident they do) then they spend more overall per head.
  17. Still not realistic enough. A proper adapted rate would be US$ 1 = THB 36
  18. What’s wrong? I didn’t change your post I merely quoted what you did. You however are trying to make out your a saint and the evil bib robbed you. You broke the law twice, first traffic violation, second offering a bribe. Get over yourself for goodness sake.
  19. Well, he already shut down that university of incomparable academic standards, Trump University. Doubtless it would only make sense in his tiny dinosaur brain to shut down Harvard and Yale too.
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