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  2. My wife says the posters are a reminder to pay your tax - probably just the people tired of getting nothing for something
  3. Totally agree with you DaRoadrunner . Vets were different at every appointment at Kaset and every time the vet made a new remark/comment about cat's condition such as anemia, FIV, leukemia, bitten by centipede etc etc. I still doubt if any of them diagnosed correctly. My pet also stayed at Vet4 for 5 days. Tell you what, it cost me an arm and a leg. Their initial quotation (to entice the customer) had no match with their actual bill. But I'm glad that the cat survived due to their 24 hrs care. My post was due to my worry that I couldn't find any info on web on such condition, where a cat gets its face fur with skin falling leaving unsightly underlying bare flesh. Anyhow, I think antibiotic is now showing some positive sign and my baby appears to be recovering, albeit slowly as in the picture, taken a few mins ago. Thank you for taking notice of my appeal and making good suggestion khrab.
  4. Yep Thai Land is that place with no corruption, proper law application, no scammy insurances. They would never try to scam the foreigner or milk the foreigner, because they do care about the foreigner. The foreigner is NOT just a walking ATM, as some Thai bashers might want to suggest wrongly on forums.
  5. i see nothing that has been cleaned up in the sex industry. other than the fact, according to the thai goverment, prostitution does not exist in Pattaya.........I Was led to believe it Doesn't excist ANYWHERE In Thailand !!!!
  6. Maybe I'm blind but I couldn't see the US taking actions against Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy.
  7. Confirmation required. im about to renew my O visa based on marriage, its due to be renewed on Nov 12th but I've to leave Thailand at the end of Oct on business, so could I get a single entry visa before leaving Thailand and start the renewing process when I return in Dec 4th. thanks for any advice. Jinky
  8. I'd have thought that the OP will get a similar price by a local mechanic. One piston should be enough, methinks. Perhaps a new timing chain and valve seats should be part of it.
  9. Not needed. This form completed. Transfer Stamps To A New Passport Copies of both passports photo page. Copies of these in the old visa, entry stamp form it, most recent entry stamp, re-entry permit if valid. Some offices may want a copy of every page in the old passport that has a visa, or stamp for Thailand on it.
  10. Sounds like if you’re saying you can buy land and house in a company name as long as u rent it out and declare the rental income because now the company has an activity?
  11. I'd like to see the government official that decided this dramatic help live on less than 6500 baht a year
  12. There are always choices in this life, you need to grow some balls and take action if the situation doesn't suit you.
  13. Thai health directs you to a [page detailing their most expensive plan but same page has links to other plans as well.
  14. Why is this taking so long they have pictures of a guy carrying her body and left on a sofa they know about the party so why can’t they figure it out
  15. Before I can answer that, you will have to tell me what any cost would be related to.
  16. Exactly. I think the clause about the cabinet resolution is going to be the stumbling block. And there's no need for it to be there. All they really need is the company to confirm the 400/40. As far I know the resolution doesn't add any additional requirements. As TI seems to have farmed all of this of to the insurers, I'm wondering it they might be the ones who actually drew up that certificate.
  17. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and its worthy of a bit of respect especial from me where i grew up around bombed houses near the docks but my life has been rather interesting considering both my parents were called deaf mutes..they did a decent job keeping me away from temptations like becoming a theiving little kid, and all this without being controlled by religion . but back on topic no way am i going to allow my girl to watch this pathetic violence wich seems to be the norm here .
  18. That's not really so academic. The white nationalist / xenophobic / isolationist politics of 45 are not at all new in American history. They were a big part of the domestic debate in the U.S. proceeding involvement in WW2. For reference -- Charles Lindbergh, "America First Committee" and also the much older Know Nothing Party, and countless other specific public figures associated with similar ideologies.
  19. Hi John....it will be there somewhere, even in another section....read my input again...I came straight home and put it up for everyone to read...before I forgot....lol.
  20. Opposition may support budget bill if Government acts on their recommendations The opposition is ready to let the 3.2 trillion baht budget bill for 2020 pass its first reading in the House of Representatives if the Government agrees to the Opposition’s changes to what they see as flaws in the fiscal budget. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1128882-opposition-may-support-budget-bill-if-government-acts-on-their-recommendations/
  21. Yes you can, as long as you get a re-entry permit. As far as I know.
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