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  1. Coming here to find everlasting love is like spending a fortune on losing lottery tickets. Good for the few that succeed in finding a good partner. A mate of mine was with her for 10 years. Cost him 2 condo's, a car, a rice harvester boob job nose job and a house for the relly's. Oh ya, the car and motor bike and half the cash. When her and the family were all fixed up she walked out and shacked up with her old high school sweetheart and was married a few weeks later. But blinded by balls in your eyes can make you an easy target.
  2. The rich need the time to scope out buying opportunities from the thousands of distressed and failed business's. The carpet baggers are about to swoop. Many Chinese are waiting in the wings to clean up whats left.
  3. You will really be peed off after Trump waltzes in for another 4 years. dems are going to get wiped out .
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