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  1. (random ideas if you have symptoms, immediately get some insurance if you don't have it. some travel insurance will cover immediately even if you're already at your destination. if doing the RT-PCR test, perhaps you could send a friend to pick up the results? And also give out your friend's telephone number, but of course put your data down (they will do this for you with your ID when you get the test). if positive, perhaps you can enlist an attorney (or well-connected agent) to "enable" you to quarantine at home before they find you. it is not clear if Th
  2. she estimated 30x, occasionally figures emerge in the royalist press, the first I noted was this one https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1900975/the-coming-storm but I will look for links to more recent ones. Without random mass testing studies (say 1000 from this area and demographic, and 1000 from that demographic) basic epidemiological work cannot be done. the forced hospitalization even if asymptomatic is also highly unusual (is any other county doing this?). About 1 million tourists from China every month up until Feb 2020, and then no locked down on flights until late March 2020....Anyw
  3. about 9 months ago I hired a qualified researcher to find out what was really going on (due to the lack of a free press, et. al.) and yes, per that researcher the cases were and are many times what is being reported (this information is also online) and if you test positive as a Thai or foreigner you are forcibly hospitalized for an extended period.
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