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  1. I spoke to my mom in Phoenix last night. She said they burned 18 buildings and looted several shopping centers during the weekend. That's not peaceful protesting nor were enough police available to stop that from occurring. I can't see any reports of cops gassing or shooting anyone yet.
  2. I hope they are successful with the vaccine. The world needs a success story with this!
  3. You are not breathing in or out CO1, it's a little CO2 you exhale. CO1 is toxic and you would die if you were inhaling it even in small percentages continuously. In each breath you exhale about 4-5% CO2 concentration which is scrubbed from your blood through the lungs. The gas you exhale is making it out of the mask, whatever one you are using if normal breathing. Your not in danger other than like me, you can't see when glasses are fogged up. Walking or driving is a hazard.
  4. Dark side is quiet around my soi. Some walkers out and about between 5 and 6. Watched a few lose weight over the past 2 months doing the walking!
  5. I received mine by snail mail last Friday. I did nothing to get it other than filed my annual tax declaration.
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