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  1. No, those are very high sodium chloride (~98%) and not suitable for treating psoriasis skin. Will make it worse.
  2. I have about 80% less of the nails falling off as compared to you. My skin is the problem I am trying to treat, it gets very bad on my legs. The dead sea salt baths do not help with the nails at all. Only skin condition improves a lot. Keto is hard for me to work with, I feel lethargic with no carbs but have only tried this to a small effort. That you also have been treating chronic sinus problems is the same as me. I found a good garlic supplement about 10 years ago that was effective and should try that again but just suffer it after stopping the supplement. There could be so
  3. It works differently from person to person. 2 cups in a tub of warm bath water over a 30 day period for 30 mins each dip reduced my symptoms by over 90%. I also take vitamin D and a probiotic supplement daily which I see a lot of P victims and their non-steroid promoting doctors suggest. Who is the maker of your colloidal silver and what dose of it is included in your cider tea?
  4. This looks like Tiger Balm. Skin psoriasis and eczema look like a person is rotting away. My son said it looked like a lot of blisters all over my legs. I bathed daily in 2 cups of dead sea salt with warm bath water for 6 weeks and it stopped it 95% for a long time compared to steroid medication which works for a week. It is now coming back after 6 weeks of not bathing in it so I will get back in the bathtub with it tomorrow. If you have knowledge of skin interaction with natural treatments, much appreciated.
  5. He really is. He takes very genuine interest in his customers and is a really nice gentleman.
  6. Hi All - I am not affiliated with this business but would like to say that this is a good business that will turn your possessions into money which in this covid life could help you. They have helped me and if you are in the Chonburi area and have anything of value that you don't need any more, give them a visit on Chaiyapreuk Road 1 and have a chat with the proprietor. He's a very good bloke and will not steer you wrong. He will help you and sell almost any asset, from nice household items to cars or property.
  7. I have been looking for dead sea salt from Israel if available in bulk 25kg bags, the Bokek label would be ideal. Has anyone seen this available, already imported into Thailand and for sale? Appreciate any assistance, I have googled it to no domestic avail.
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