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  1. Your US credit cards are welcome in most frequently visited retail businesses in Thailand. As someone mentioned, you are sometimes charged 1.5 to 4% additional to use your card, sometimes no added charge. This is because the business is being charged this from their bank in most cases. The more credit card traffic, the better deal a business gets with their bank. In your favor, there are plenty of larger businesses that will give you a discount for certain cards. You will need a cash withdrawal facility on your card to get cash from an ATM machine with it. Same as your ATM card. You should also inform your bank you will be in Thailand for the date to date you will be in country. Normally not an issue, but some have said their cards did not work when they arrived until they called their bank back home to inform that they were in Thailand. That can make the first half day more painful then the jet lag already is. Good luck and have a nice time in Thailand! (I started on the above, then took a break for dinner, ilms covered all of it very well above)
  2. It's easy. If 20.9m travellers arrived, of those travellers, some part were tourists. The tourist part has an income level that is on average higher than the other travellers. It's on the TM6 card on arrival so it must be very accurate. This also means the other non-tourist travellers have lower income on average. Not sure how this helps, but it's something! Maybe the lower income travellers are looking for a higher paying job in Thailand?
  3. I don't expect the local good wine producers have benefitted much from the tax increase, but it was not about helping these mom and pop shops either. I will still visit and stay at these local vineyards when I can, and when it is the cool time of the year. It's a nice change and easy to get too compared to a flight to Perth or the Med or further out. I'm am always assured a good bottle or 3 a day with these, never mind it's not Margaret River price.
  4. If it has anything to do with an asset you care to possess after you pay for it, undoubtedly you know this now; ask for the documents, take them to an independent lawyer pay them to read and tell you what you are signing. Try googling "provincial thai lawyers that work in English" and no need to advertise anyone. I worry about this too in that I sign documents including property contracts type documents in English language in another regional country and not sure that is of any value legally, that its in English.
  5. Those Indian diaspora are a good bunch of people. Perhaps they can make a few baht off of the groups on the way! Lovely to turn Walking Street into a Bollywood movie set! That should attract people from India to see and experience.
  6. That is a big deal and trying very much to face reality. I know some people that still plan to come to Pattaya as tourists, even a family I know likes to visit for 2 to 3 days once a year. Since Terminal 21 opened, they spend less time in Central Fesitval Mall. Some people like to go shopping on holiday, others don't. When I'm in UAE in the Northern winter months, I see rooftops of hotels packed with European tourists sun bathing. They appear to be just there to get warm and a tan! If that's the case, the allure of Old Siam that is now going or gone, may be reason to just go shopping or sun bathing somewhere else between home and Thailand.
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