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  1. I know we laugh but something could happen to any bank customer... the bank’s lack of accountability rears it ugly head...you don’t need 2 weeks in an issue the bank can figure out in an hour or two.... would the bank be liable in civil court here for the money? Why isn’t this a court case vs a police matter? What the hell does the police know about money?
  2. I will say weather conditions are pretty damn easy in thailand.... no ice black ice wind fog extreme cold conditions
  3. Again another example of not understanding how to use english language in the heading....
  4. Fascinating photo....I wonder who was in charge and managed the situation? There must be protocol in place
  5. The image and reputation of thailand is what attracts foreign criminals to thailand... a form will not keep them away just like a points system w/o proper enforcement will have any impact on reducing substandard driving behavior
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