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  1. Absurd headline - that would be what 10% of population? lucky to get 10,000 this year....
  2. Is he being arrested for not having a mask on? The photo makes he look like he’s the centerpiece of a photo shoot... doesn’t seem to be showing any remorse for his actions...
  3. The last 3 years, the smog has come in mid January....easy to check AQ records... in my mind mind, one can say the smog season is January until/thru May...it only disappears when enough rains come whether in May/June... gov intervention has been non-effective
  4. Yet 66 more drivers died on the road yesterday...get your priorities straight... it’s not even low hanging fruit...picking up coconuts tossed by non-permitted monkeys
  5. You are making a big fuss over peanuts...business could go under and everyone is out of work...got to factor in how much damage/cost vs benefit tackle meaningful and substantial issues...
  6. Why don’t they use the ex-pat community for the Thai vaccine experimental group? not citizens so liability and accountability go way down....
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