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  1. You get plans in place then you communicate about them... you don’t communicate about plans first without them being in place and then you send a message that the communication system was overwhelmed with response and now not taking requests anymore the whole thing has become a joke...and we expect you to administer a quality product in a timely fashion with competent staff? And the days and months roll by....
  2. Never confuse activity with achievements... Low hanging fruit that has no bearing on infection control rate... police function at an infantile mentality...lashing out at any moving object - sad
  3. The lockdown in the prison system doesn’t seem to stem the covid infection rate... also, the prison system doesn’t reflect the general population just as the nursing home population didn’t in the usa....
  4. Talking a good game for road fatalities and air pollution when everyone knew nothing would be done and those numbers have gone unabated... the beauty of doses in arms can be measured and talking a good game has no bearing on this topic...infection rates and deaths will climb due to no action, delayed action and big picture incompetency... just went over one million vaccinated last week....disgraceful you can't eat the elephant in one bite and that is exactly what the gov is trying to do - talk about 70% herd immunity opening its borders.....pie in the sky pr
  5. That first photo tells you all you want to know about police handling of cases....total chaos w/o standards and procedures
  6. 80% of those 400 ventilated patients are going to die...it’s water under the bridge...a few hundred more deaths soon is no reason to panic with new irrational restrictions focus on new infections and then hospitalizations to determine future trends... the numbers are not outrageous given a 70 million population show the profiles of these patients and then match up to current restrictions....are they an over reaction?
  7. Temperature checks like police checkpoints are a waste of time acc to CDC....activity over any accomplishment... mask wearing and 6 feet distancing are key...
  8. Some people need to get out from hiding under their bed...on second thought, since you are not vaccinated, better to stay there let vaccinated people live their life as they are now doing in the usa... The problem is not vaccinated people but unvaccinated people in Thailand who continue to make poor decisions in minimizing their exposure...the main focus should be vaccinating people to reach herd immunity ASAP and curtail the movements of the unwise unvaccinated folks.
  9. Whether dog, disabled car or cycle or a big plastic bag hazard, the driver was driving too fast as he was unable to avoid hitting a road hazard... don't spin the narrative into a Fox News propaganda story to blame the dog b/c you don’t like dogs
  10. A horrible event like this - hard to understand why it took days not minutes to contact police... you would have thought once they escaped, they flee to the nearest person or venue to contact police/medical help.... one doesn’t sit on a story like this for days or even hours...
  11. Most disturbing is not that they drowned whether a good swimmer or unable to swim - the ocean will do that to you... the issue is zero adult supervision anywhere in the ball park.... were they allowed to be playing on the water’s edge or even wading in th ocean knowing that these kids are poor or non swimmers... sounds like this was not the case they were standing on a rock or walking along the shore and swept out by a surging wave.... were these locals so this behavior was commonplace and it was just a matter of running a red light once too oft
  12. Once the first photo of a non Thai person getting the vaccine or standing in front of many Thais waiting for the vaccine, all hell will break loose.. this is a homogeneous country and population and outsiders are not welcome to free Thai services before Thais.... You watch....
  13. If I can go to Lamphun to play golf, you can drive to chiang rai.... just tell them you live in a covid free zone of CM.... enough of this hysteria...
  14. Bottom line....less than a million Thai people have been fully vaccinated... that’s all you need to know how sorry shape their vaccination program is in... nothing but words....
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