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  1. Does it really matter if the kid was one or five? He was in the wrong place wrong time scenario... Hard to fault driver unless reckless driving can be proven....
  2. Two things I didn’t stress in my opinion - should have said western ex pats... - the misconception that the AP season is March and April...This needs to be corrected...the last 3 years indicate AP as early as mid December lasting through May or until the first rains come this culture relies on Mother Nature to clean up a human caused problem. It has to be bothersome that the local and national gov just refuses to change their ways of not managing the problem - the definition of pure incompetency...yet, every year’s response is the same...create a task force,
  3. Air pollution will decrease future expats of re-locating to CM... Most of the current aging expats especially on a fixed pension have really very limited options of escaping the AP...they have family and/or lack of funds or both to uproot full or even part time... Many financially viable expats seem to opt from 1-3 months (feb - May) to other desired places whether inside or outside of Thailand... 10 years from now, there will be very few expats remaining during the increasing AP season (the combination of moving here less, re-location during AP, dying off due to
  4. Do any of you guys live in thailand? Soi dogs are part of the culture especially in beach areas drawing local tourists.. why are dogs drawn to such areas? I wonder if it hadn’t anything to do with poor food management of beach goers leaving food, bones, food wrappings and general garbage behind after a day at the beach....if they kept their beaches free from garbage and litter with proper containerized spring action bins vs open piles of garbage, it would have far less scavengers to those areas... dogs will be around far longer than humans in these types of areas if pus
  5. Let’s not over react.. rescued by gardner....I guess family allowed him to wander off w/o supervision or not paying attention to surroundings? another brake failure?
  6. How does the couple allow this theft to play out once they realized they were robbed? all holdings should have been locked immediately... lot of the blame needs to go to the institutions...where are their safety systems once notified that documents cards and books were stolen? third world response...
  7. The blame rests with the d max driver...it all has to do with the Thai expression they love to use “overtake”... where I come from it’s called passing with reckless abandon... the side of the road is for emergency parking but unfortunately Thais use it as part of their driving habits... too damn impatient...
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