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  1. Huge cultural problem...poor gov management and lack of proper enforcement encourages dumping thais knows they can get away with it so they do from construction waste to the individual motorcycle guy throwing his plastic bottle adrift.... Zero respect for the environment and cheap and lazy bast*rds to boot..
  2. There are no trade specialists here only generalists....
  3. Smart wealthy people don’t put all their assets in someone else’s name... so yes, I do agree he probably didn’t have a lot combined with incredibly low self esteem/confidence... 7th floor balcony broke her fall meaning she fell one floor? I doubt she hit the 7th floor and then fell to the ground? She would have died whether it was 7th or 8th floor free fall from either height....poorly choice of words
  4. 55 per day now....I really thought it would be much less from the normal 66 a day given the volume decrease over 2 months.... actually quite disappointing the dip was only 10%....tells you driving behavior remains the same even though less drivers and vehicles on the roads...
  5. Pumpkin eater - do you know the difference between PPE and a vaccine?
  6. Pick ups are not dangerous - just the drivers... I guess this light will permanently turned off...
  7. No one yields and that is clearly a common problem in thailand... in every situation, there is a right a way...and then blame can be placed
  8. Damn fool, why didn’t he escape in his brother’s PU truck rather than his cycle? Now no one will be using the PU truck...
  9. Come on Eva Air, make the dog transportation happen... figure out the logistics and make it happen...
  10. And if you get an e-bike, you can extend your duration...
  11. Easy - air pollution; traffic; lack of public transportation; lack of dog parks and the amount of litter/garbage dumping on roadsides and open space.... top prize - The dependency on u turns and then having them facing each other...criminal design
  12. Xerox....is air pollution acceptable to you?
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