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  1. The elephants could have had their fun after she was dead.... talk about painting over other possibilities
  2. Comprehensive waste management is needed in all areas.... it’s silly to piecemeal by focusing on only one waste stream where thailand fails so miserably in generating and managing pollution in general... its really a lost cause b/c the vision and mindset to bring about sustained change is dorky lacking in leadership and decision-makers.... its like telling the police to start traffic enforcement when the mindset is lacking the desire and knowledge on how to...
  3. Male immaturity - told that they were wrong and couldn’t handle the criticism - so they resort to a violent act - an example of uncivilized behavior.... his intent was to injure and that is where law and order needs to be severe....
  4. Glad to know that the police are doing the paperwork and gathering the evidence BEFORE arresting them... gives them time to plan their I’ll-advised get away.... seems like the criminals put a lot of thought into their crime.... what about a mother’s suspicion and intuition?
  5. Liver cancer is fatal....I believe the doctor is giving false hope telling a patient has up to 2 years.... Usually liver cancer patients go very quickly.... the readers are not getting the full medical history....you don’t have healthy people waking up with liver CA...I guarentee you this patient has a history of CA....breast lung spleen kidney - somewhere was the primary CA site or sites and it finally in the liver.... ballgame, end of story, warm up the fat lady’s vocals....the doctor could have done it with a metaphor...
  6. So the dog was competition for the people searching for rats and snakes to eat? Funny that dogs are scavengers while the humans are the predators.... thailand is still a human eat rat society....pretty damn sad situation...
  7. Is this a deflection from the serious problem of air pollution that grips half the country?
  8. This tells it all where the community mentality is at.....they would rather poison themselves and their kids as long as they get their fields and forests burned..... there is really no hope w/o the ability to question their own actions and critically think of other viable options....
  9. good to see Americans are thinking about moving back to the USA....be able to use Medicare which is a biggie a western or mountain state would be my preference
  10. Numbers under 25 are good......CM had unhealthy numbers yesterday... CM is terrible and it’s only early February....it will only get worst for the next three months
  11. Is that his friend by the ambulance? With how she wears the purse, tourist-like....so did she have a license ? If not, was the shop fined? If not, the regulation is a joke as the shop was fined only b/c there is an accident to give the impression Thai gov follows their own rules..... this business practice will continue as neither party wants to hurt the money flow....
  12. Kitten, what about your dogs? I spend about $4,000 a month on our 3 dogs and a cat..... Out of our 100k monthly CM budget....
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