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  1. True, there's not much else to do, if we are being honest. Drink all day & night, that's boring, and I don't drink anyways. I'm now over fifty, so I would like to think if my family had to know, they would be content I was living well.
  2. Really if this was for our protection Mr Grown up, then why was it not in place in February or even March? If people decided not to get used to it as you state so loudly, and just did everything online Tops, Big C, Lotus all deliver to your home. Maybe the government would pay half our grocery receipt like their trying to do now to get domestic tourism back up and running....why do you think they are offering that strategy? Hmmm Perhaps because people are not traveling outside of their own city, you think? People don't have to follow your own belief, I'm just presenting options to the solution and inquiring about why now is it in place? Remember single digit infections, no deaths, no inbound international flights. Where is the virus supposed to come from? The birds flying in the air? We now are looked down upon if we run without a mask, ride our motorcycle without a mask. Remember is has to be spread with bodily fluid people. How many people you know are running if they have a fever? How many people you know are running or riding their motorcycle or bicycle and are sneezing, coughing, or even dare I say it, after all this is Thailand, we are not allowed on a good day to discharge saliva out of our mouths, unless we are from China, then it's socially tolerated, for the Chinese bring all the bags full of money here, remember? No it's amazing to me how many people fall out and step in line to comply and when anyone questions it, it's get used to it buddy, or go back where you came from dota dota dota... When people resist the norm is when things change, when people follow the line is when the rope tightens. Remember when all the post were made about how we stupid foreigner would never get the Immigration to change their silly ways on reporting everytime we left our province, and had to report to the immigration office in the province we visited? How wrong were you then? It was looked at seriously and identified as a stupid unless idea and what happened? Oh that's wright it was changed wasn't it? They suddenly had a change of heart and figured out it wasn't actually necessary, yes or no? You are still free if you wish to comply to everything along the road if you like, I not here to tell anyone what to do, unlike what you appear to be trying to do.
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