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  1. "WITH THE EXCEPTIONS OF Sick Person OR HANDICAPPED PATIENTS OR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES" Not sure if you missed it or your reading skill is poor, but you missed out "sick person" clearly mentioned in the Thai version.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to give a very informative reply.
  3. So now that Ramadan is over, will it be back to business as usual?
  4. Aah so you think that this specimen nut case or similar unqualified workers from Native English speaking countries are better than well qualified English teachers from Phillippines or Africa? I really think that they should care about the quality of English teaching for the masses and not just skin colour, and employ well qualified Asians or Africans over unqualified Native English speaking riff raff looking to stay in Thailand to enjoy the gogo bars and beaches. Please pay attention to the word "well qualified"
  5. Hello David, i have a few questions for you 1) At what stage do you get to know about your points and who tells you that? Do they give you some document or just tell you the points? 2) What about the 2 witnesses who vouch for you? Do they ever have to attend any interview? 3) Any reason why the SB took 4 months after the NIA interview to send your documents to MOI? I am asking because my case handler hinted that it can be expedited for a hefty fee.
  6. My general pronounciation is good but i am also bad on the tones. But i think that they are more interested in the intent. If you make a try, Thais (includes you too, as you are now a Thai citizen!) are generally very accomodative and willing to help you.
  7. Thank you David, very kind of you to give this information
  8. And did you not read in the same article "We still encourage people to wear face masks when shopping or running errands outside their homes,” he added. “You can also disinfect masks by leaving them inside the car, as long as it is parked somewhere warm.”
  9. Very sad to hear. Perhaps they were citizens being brought back from other countries, as the commercial flights are suspended i suppose. Edit : It was a Lahore to Karachi domestic flight.
  10. I was dressed in trousers and a half sleeve office shirt tucked in with a belt. Good black shoes. I did ask the case handler and she told me that a similar attire would be fine. Now that you mention it, i will wear a full sleeve with tie, why risk offending? Yes the office has AC but i normally park my car in Siam and walk down. Even with an umbrella, i sweat profusely by the time i arrive and have to cool off somewhere before entering.
  11. Hi David, thanks for taking the time to reply. As you know, i have just taken the first step on this long journey. May i ask how long after your SB/MIA interview did you go for MOI interview?
  12. Thank you for the good information. I am eligible both by way of PR and marriage to a Thai national, but was advised to take the marriage route. Will report back next about how it went. As it is scorching hot in Bangkok now, plan to go in smart casual attire and a good pair of shoes, no tie. So you are saying that after these 2 interviews with SB & NIA, it will take several years before being interviewed by the big MOI committee? That is a mighty disappointment and a risk since i may retire just short of 4 years from now.
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