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  1. So... went to Mission Hospital yesterday. When I registered I was told it would take 10-15 minutes, but all in all it took two hours of waiting and the 2 minute procedure. The dermatologist said it would cost about 1 000 bath, but ended the bill said 2 400 Equipment seemed to be from the 80's, but the little bump got removed and it looked good afterward, so yeah, I'm still happy I got it done
  2. To look up prices for flights, what website should I use?
  3. Wow, good pointers here guys, thanks! By the way.... assuming I start with Chiang Mai... should I travel directly from Chiang Mai to Koh Chang, or will I need to go back to Bangkok in between?
  4. Ah, yes Future Park is ginormous! So, good tip!
  5. Good to know. Thank you very much! I'll be heading to Mission hospital today and we'll see how it goes.
  6. Hello Kitty Spa - This literally might be the cutest spa and shop to ever exist on our planet. Hello Kitty Spa provides various services and amenities in a fantastically relaxing and child-like atmosphere. If you are interested in visiting this magical place, here is their website.
  7. C Cup Cafe is one of the most loved places in Bangkok, and of course mostly for men. Waitresses there are allowed to wear whatever they want since the cafe doesn’t have a strict dress code, so they proudly show off the correlation with the cafe’s name. The food is pretty good, too, according to the happy faces on their page.
  8. Wow, this thread is a keeper! I've always liked Bangkok, as far as big cities goes, and now there are even more reasons! I won't run out of things to do for a while. Many thanks for all the great tips!
  9. Bobae Tower, okay I'll check it out. Thank you for the tip!
  10. I used their online booking page but today I got this response: "Since this is your first time here we cannot put your name in our system, however you can walk-in and register and we will send you to the doctor after registration. We have a dermatologist in the afternoon from 2:00 - 4:00PM " Oh well... I guess I'll just go there then. Anyway, your answers have been really helpful. Thanks again!
  11. I will arrive in Bangkok on Tuesday to spend three weeks in Thailand. I've already been to most main locations in southern Thailand and I'm thinking about trying something else this time. With three weeks, would it make sense to go to Chiang Mai and Koh Chang? (I probably can't afford a flight so it would be by bus in that case).
  12. Can you recommend some Unusual/odd sights/places/activities in Bangkok? For example taking a bicycle tour in Bangkok was quite fun. I've been in Bangkok quite a few times but mostly been to the main things like temples, river market, MBK and so on. What are some lesser known places/sights/activities?
  13. I'm looking for a special type of T-shirt I bought in MBK three years ago (not available on Khao San Road, by the way). Where in Bangkok can I find the largest selection of T-shirts?
  14. I've had a small cyst/bump on my leg from an ingrown hair for 5 years which I'd like to remove in Bangkok. I'll be staying in the Khao San Road -area. Where should I go to have it removed without being too expensive and time consuming?
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