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  1. What happens when he transfers his money to a Thai bank... if thst is what he does?
  2. You better check your facts about Canadian pensions... unless you had a gvt job or private pension... if you are living off Canadian pension plan your barely get 30 000 bht a month a real suck <deleted> way to live
  3. Actually... being a Quebecer myself I can tell you first hand that 80% of the Quebecois can't speak a lick of English and that the 20% who can are native English speakers from places like the Eastern Townships or Montreal... so very doubtful they will have a French accent. Also... English folk speaking good French in the rest of Canada is like... few to none...
  4. at least it will be consistent... whereas in England there are about 10 different accents and a made up 'received' pronunciation as fake as it gets ; )
  5. Should have no fault insurance like in Quebec, Canada... where the Government has to cover damages and pay for any salary lost as long as the injuries persist...
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