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  1. I guess you feel the same way in regards to Thailand where there is no birthright either?
  2. Most of those willing to do the job for that salary prolly hav bogus degrees.
  3. Question is why wasn't it the parents who were trying to save the girl? Help yourself instead of screaming, "My baby! Someone save my baby!!!" I just love people who would rather watch other people do their dirty work rather than do it themselves.
  4. Happened to me once. Attendant put gasohol 95 in my diesel truck. Drove off and ... well... the truck didn't fair too well. Wanted to kill the attendant. Got full refund for my mechanic's labour and a full tank.
  5. The lady who disfigured this poor girl will highly unlikely serve time in prison. Double standards the world over when perpetrators are women. In America they are just beginning to prosecute women teachers who have sex with their underage students. Used to be considered a kinky fantasy but now it is finally starting to be at par with the crime it is when a man does it. Regardless, both of these A-wholes should be frief alive.
  6. Hmmmm seems to me that there was an article this week in which was stated that promotions should go by seniority. Now it makes sense, but it would have been nice to have those two articles combined into one... Just a thought
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