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  1. Did the guys forget to give the dowries to their mothers in law?
  2. Nah... for me its Christmas... get rid of all these money traps and give people decent holidays instead. That way they will have more money to spend and people will be less hypocritical for at least two weeks... Solly that's the anarchist in me speaking...
  3. So the gvt will have a user database which can in turn lead to finding the suppliers. Once pardoned will they be allowed to continue consuming or will they have to submit to regular drug tests. They are putting the plow in front of the ox on this one. Legalize it first would seem the natural order...
  4. Yep... they are taking the word 'tradition' out of traditional and making rice farming dependent on the multinationals. Ain't that grand...
  5. As long as there is no social security scheme or welfare system in place the ageing are doomed. Specially in this more and more Narcistic society we call the world... By the time they wake up the Thais will not be able to organize a welfare system for the poor and elderly because there will be no one left to pay for it.
  6. Oh... so that is the price of love now? Short time, or long term??? LOL
  7. They will try to cut costs and use the nearby sea water in order to save a few bht... Then they will say that brown is the new green... Or they will call it 50 shades of green...
  8. What refugee policy? They drive out to sea unwanted asylum seekers and make it impossible for decent 'good guys' to stay here and take care of their families. They are just as bad as South Korea.
  9. YUP!!! Ya hit the nail on the head... should have read your post before posting about this guy's comments.
  10. Geez... you a bleeding heart for the Thais? You forget how much the baht is worth now? Get your prerogatives straight and think before you write.
  11. Does shooting into a crowd count as collateral damage or cowardice? I don't get your meaning... irony or something else?
  12. Can't you just put it in one of the many blue bins found everywhere around Pattaya?
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