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  1. your chef friend should know what he is talking about ... likely he was a diner cook... ; )
  2. Yeah... wikipedia... I am American/French Canadian... so trust some made up blog vs someone who actually speaks the language... and thanks just read the wikipedia link ... confirms what I said...
  3. soupe du jour de jure means nothing ... closest translation is 'of the swearing'...
  4. No... no... thank you for your service as a bar stool doctor or nurse... Let's wait and see who comes out right about this conundrum. I would love to be wrong, but I don't trust rushed out vaccines and who knows maybe people are actually wearing masks in the west... By the way you say 'WE' all the time I guess you are with the CDC "On the other hand, we now have a lot of experience" "So, we know vaccines work." And yes... vaccines work once they have been tested over a decent period of time... I will wait and see
  5. Funny 10 days ago had to go shopping in Pattaya and I was stuck in traffic... I dunno... seems like same old same old ... but I never been big on giving my business to the beach mafia. They've been through a lot in the last 2-3 years maybe this will be the survival of the fittest scenario and only the fittest will survive in the end. Truth is I probably am not a very nice person but I could care less what happens to these hawkers...
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