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  1. Not really... maybe 30 years ago... take a good look around nowadays...
  2. Beautiful when young, then look like fat sows when they had a few kids and get up their in age... somewhat like the latina mamas... Funny I was just thinking about that this morning...
  3. Just cos the girlie bars are closed doesn't mean Pattaya is a ghost town... Why don't you try taking a drive down Sukhumvit road in the morning between 7.30 and 13.00... still plenty of traffic and to me traffic means life... but maybe not in the red light district.
  4. your chef friend should know what he is talking about ... likely he was a diner cook... ; )
  5. Yeah... wikipedia... I am American/French Canadian... so trust some made up blog vs someone who actually speaks the language... and thanks just read the wikipedia link ... confirms what I said...
  6. soupe du jour de jure means nothing ... closest translation is 'of the swearing'...
  7. No... no... thank you for your service as a bar stool doctor or nurse... Let's wait and see who comes out right about this conundrum. I would love to be wrong, but I don't trust rushed out vaccines and who knows maybe people are actually wearing masks in the west... By the way you say 'WE' all the time I guess you are with the CDC "On the other hand, we now have a lot of experience" "So, we know vaccines work." And yes... vaccines work once they have been tested over a decent period of time... I will wait and see
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