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  1. Why not one clown to another Anything is possible in the land of the morons ..I mean free...
  2. Insurers in Australia yes As far as I could gather You could get Insurance from Thailand but would need to read the fine print very carefully.
  3. Im married to a Thai with a Thai child I contacted the Thai consulate and was given the list of requirements prior to going its not easy at all. Need flights booked prior to applying need Covid insurance ( cannot buy in Australia No insurer will do it) I contacted the insurance counsel of Australia and they confirmed it. Need to Book covid ISO hotel prior to applying Need to have Covid free cert and fit to fly cert that you can get but would require 3 doctors visit and a referral to get the covid test. So basally its near impossible.. I contacted the Thai consulate and the lady said she understood it was very difficult but "off the record" she said "I would wait 2 weeks IT WILL CHANGE SOON" She said just wait it will be cheaper and much easier soon.
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