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  1. 4 minutes ago, stevenl said:

    Ignoring your snide remarks and trying to help a fellow TV poster, as an example the bag snatch post I referred to earlier, and you as well.


    Under the headline is an image with in the middle a 'play' link. However that is just an image, not a video. Below that follows the text, and below that, so before the source link, is the real video. Click on that one and all will be ok.

    If you can see only 1 video I presume it is the first image you're seeing, which is just an image, not a video. And if that is the case I'm sorry, no idea how to solve that. 


    No idea about the Pattaya forum, I don't go there.


    Hope this helps you.

    If you can see only 1 video I presume it is the first image you're seeing, which is just an image, not a video. And if that is the case I'm sorry, no idea how to solve that.

    That is exactly the case Stevenl. Good of you to admit that you can't solve it. Thank you for your effort.

  2. OK Stevenl, I bow to your superior wisdom. Now can you explain carefully which image I should click on as there is only one as far as I can see. Also can you explain to us lesser mortals why a video from the Pattaya forum works perfectly, while videos in the Phuket forum don't? I await your wise words with breathless anticipation. 🤔

  3. On 4/22/2019 at 2:36 PM, richard_smith237 said:



    Respectfully, if the helmet strap broke as as result of the accident, it was an extremely poor helmet. Respectfully, a brilliant and talented musician may still be with us if he had used a better helmet or ensured the strap was done up. Respectfully, discussing and highlighting this point may save someone else life. Respectfully, this is an anonymous web-forum where it is expected that anything and everything is discussed. It is not an RIP comment page, neither is it the deceased Facebook page where family are far more likely to be reading. 


    You can be as politically correct as you like, but your Politically Correct attack on another forum member is knee-capping a common sense discussion from which others may learn or think twice. 


    Another point to consider is where the motorcyclist was positioned waiting to turn right - It would seem quite a vulnerable place to be. 

    Others have already mentioned in other threads. IF you are at the lights try not to be the first one there and if you are, stay left (I think this was discussed when the car took out the nurse - see link below). 


    These are issues we can all learn from... So respectfully, in honoring the dead it would be prudent to have discussion which helps ensure we ourselves do not become victims in similar circumstances. 


    IMO, this attitude is far more respectful to the deceased than some platitudinous and politically correct 'RIP' or 'have some respect' remark which involves little thought and means nothing...




    What an absolute load of tosh! A fine human being died through no fault of his own and all the sad posters can do is try to find some way to make him responsible for his own death by spouting SPECULATIVE garbage. He was in the correct position on the road for turning right - FACT! He was hit from behind by a drunk driver - FACT! He was wearing a helmet - FACT!

    Stop your sad trolling. Now THAT would be prudent.



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  4. On 4/18/2019 at 11:27 PM, Damrongsak said:

    "Investigations revealed that Mr Rigoberto was in the right-hand lane waiting at a red light to turn right onto Kwang Rd."



    Seems to me that's the correct position to to take. Why the sigh?

  5. On 4/17/2019 at 8:30 PM, RotBenz8888 said:

    No use to wear a helmet without using the strap. Unless you only care about escaping the fine for not wearing one.

    Have some respect! How do you know the strap didn't break as a result of the accident?

    The man was a brilliant talented musician, well respected on the island and loved by all his friends and fellow musicians.

    Did you even stop to think before jumping in with your inane comment about the helmet strap. A human being died, killed by a drunken driver.

    As I said have some respect!

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Psimbo said:

    One of the many Kodak shops dotted around the island?


    If they don''t they may know somewhere that can.

    Already done that - they didn't know. That's why I'm asking on here.


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