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  1. Just had 2 letters from UK, delivered today. One was dated 5th. May
  2. It seems entirely arbitrary. In Amphur Muang Khon Kaen, they DIDN'T want the passport things but here in Phon, same province, 80-odd km. away, they did and wouldn't budge on that.
  3. Depends on the requirements of YOUR local Amphur or Tessaban office. Attached is list FOR MY LOCAL TESSABAN, from a few years ago - yours might be entirely different. Check with them first. Docs. for Yellow Book.pdf
  4. Take the grandchildren to Central Udon Thani to play and have lunch. They like the Happy Train, the ride-on animals and dinosaurs, kiddies' activity areas. Usually have a lunch which the kids choose - nothing fancy or expensive. MrsL does some window shopping but rarely buys anything. The visit makes the kids very happy, which is the whole point of the exercise. It seems like many others are there for exactly the same reason.
  5. I have my own (slightly bigger) bike which is for me alone and I've ridden various 'big bikes' for about 50 years now. My wife has her bike which I never use and, for the very short trips when we're both on it, she drives, I ride pillion. I hate semi-automatic bikes. When I was about 18, I had a quite busty girlfriend who loved riding pillion. One day she was wearing just a light button-up dress and a pair of knickers, no bra. The wind force tore her dress open and everyone - except me - got to enjoy the sight of this pretty girl half-naked on the back of my bike. I think she quite enjoyed her bit of exhibitionism 'cos she wasn't a shy girl! I didn't realise this was happening and was quite peeved to have missed the show as she managed to button-up again before we stopped .
  6. My wife's childhood friend is a Thai-trained English teacher who's lived in Canada for 30+ years and speak very good idiomatic English with a mixed Thai/Canadian accent. Her attitudes seem more Canadian than Thai now. She's also taught in Canadian schools. She prefers to speak English now and has lost much of her Thai through lack of use, although her Thai's improving steadily. She and my wife converse about 60/40% English and Thai. She returned to Thailand following the death of her husband but has been unable to find a permanent job as an English teacher in Thailand, maybe because of her age but also, she says (but I have no proof of this) because she speaks better English than those interviewing her. She's had temporary employment and private students which give her a reasonable income but no full-time job Signs are that she'll go back to Canada when she can to be with her children, never to return to Thailand.
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