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  1. If you live here for a while, you have the same. The rain together with the wind will feel cold, then getting into a air con area, will get you a cold.
  2. You have do to voluntary work unless you bribe people, which is illegal and shouldn't be discussed here.
  3. It isn't Thailand's problem that your home countries can't sort out their problems.
  4. Is the same for me, it is all for my children, I don't need it. Have more than enough to have a top life.
  5. His brother:“My brother is a friendly person and never showed extremism,” Yassin told Reuters. “He respected all other people and accepted their differences even since he was a child.” Conveniently forgetting about his earlier arrest because of violence.
  6. Voting for somebody who says he got rid of the pandemic is a scary thing. Are you scared that a person of color gets in power?
  7. An idiot behead an innocent woman and these morons complain about the other party. Stop subsiding these countries immediately.
  8. Anyone who votes for a guy who says he has the pandemic under control can't be taken seriously.
  9. For somebody who knew nothing in his first post, you are quite busy insulting anyone who gives you advise.
  10. My wife owns 3 lots, 8,5 / 0.5 / 1,5 rai. 2 of them with a house, other Durian farm. Renting a house in BKK as the land is too expensive.
  11. When you stay in one of the dedicated quarantine hotels at your cost and have health insurance with a minimum of 100K USD for Covid
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