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  1. There is no EU passport. A Schengen visa is not valid in England, so you talk absolute rubbish.
  2. The fact that you can't see nothing wrong, doesn't make it a good idea. This a very conservative remark to avoid being banned.
  3. You either didn't travel or take taxis a lot then, because that is a load of BS. According to you all woman are bad too. You have some issues. to sort out.
  4. Not a problem but live in a good area in Bangkok and pay cash on delivery.
  5. He was an independent truck driver before, did some acting in China. Then he got offered a job as a director of a company for 15K USD, signed papers as a director, which were used to defraud other people for millions. He is dumb as shit to believe that anyone would make him a director with his background. He didn't care just took the money. Now he is a cry baby.
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