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  1. He gave you an answer but you are still looking for ways to bitch about Thailand.
  2. You ignored the relevant part of my question, you can take your wife and kids anywhere if you have enough money.
  3. So why are you really here, you can take your kid to any of these lovely countries you think are better than Thailand.
  4. How did you buy the land? If with a company, who are the shareholders?
  5. I you had any sense yourself you would have asked her.
  6. Lets start another thread about somebody who can't follow the rules.
  7. I think it is disgusting from Cardiff to make a big scene and try to screw over Nantes because there was a tragic accident.
  8. No the other club has nothing to do with the accident, just pay.
  9. And guess who is losing the trade war (a hint, it is not China): https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Trade-War/China-s-imports-from-US-shrank-by-record-41-in-January?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=msn-defaulthomepage&utm_campaign=BA TH RSS&utm_term=1000422&utm_content=RSS
  10. I can do this a lot shorter, I didn't research the medical cost, now I know I can't afford it, I have to go back.
  11. His friend and his girlfriend, so too complicated for you.
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