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  1. I would be most grateful if anyone here can confirm having successfully obtained any kind of visa from the Thai embassy in London in the last three months doing as Lovethailandelite suggests here and registering with their Thai address?
  2. Thanks Mattd, That is very helpful. As it happens, I have had more than 400,000 in my account for many months. I would be applying in Chiangmai. But do I have to be in Thailand on a non-immigrant visa to apply for an EOS based on marriage? Is it not possible to come visa exempt and apply straight away?
  3. Ubonjoe, The regulations I found online said about non-O-X: Foreigners who enter Thailand with other type of Visa/Visa Exemption may contact the Immigration Bureau and apply for Non–O–X visa. It is the only kind of visa of which they say this. You say "immigration have told many people". I'm surprised many people are applying. Have you been told this by someone who has applied himself?
  4. Mattd, Thanks. I had no idea I could get an extension in Thailand. But the big problem remains of where to get the SE non-O? I'm in France, where I am no longer eligible to apply as a no-resident, and it looks at though applying in London won't work either, both because one is supposed to be resident there and because reports say the system is currently in chaos there. What is "EOS" please?
  5. Thanks very much sandyf for valuable information. It looks like I'd better follow your recommendation. Will any regional Thai embassy do for this? Phnom Penh is the only near city I have any reason to visit.
  6. Lovethailandelite, I would love to believe you are right. But what then is one supposed to fill in as one 's permanent address in the online application to the London embassy? I don't have a UK address. And what about the fact that my bank statements show a Thai address. Has anyone in similar residence circumstances applied for a visa in London since June? And to you and Ubonjoe, please can you tell me how you know they will not grant a non-O-X in Thailand despite the regulations saying they will? You are dashing my last hope, so I need to be certain.
  7. One million baht is a hell of an expense. The O-X visa just requires keeping 3 million baht in a bank account, which is financially cheap and even prudent in the light of the financial market's best guesses as to the short and medium-term future of the baht (and, dealing with the unknown, I'd assume financiers with a real stake are more clued-up than political pundits).
  8. What is really special and unique about the O-X visas, at least according to the stated regulations, is that they can be obtained in Thailand, thus avoiding the new requirement (in the EU at least) to be a resident of the country in which one applies. But some assurance from anyone with practical experience would be priceless.
  9. Does anyone at all have experience of obtaining a Non-Immigrant X visa? It doesn't seem to be discussed. I'm pretty desperate as to how I'm going to continue living in Thailand, as I have now for the last twenty years with a family and home. Briefly, I've survived on multiple-entry Non-immigrant 'O' visas based on being married to a Thai and renewed annually either in London (as a British citizen, though I don't live there at all) or France (where I live several months a year). The requirements of the new system seems to exclude any applicant who is not resident in the country he applies, ie. anyone who has been an informal resident of Thailand. Surely I can't be the only one in this position? Anyway, I could meet the rather stringent financial requirements of the Non-Immigrant X visa, but would be greatly reassured to hear from anyone else who has succeeded in getting one, as this appears to be my only hope.
  10. Please can anyone tell me if, when it comes to posting the documents (eg. marriage certificate and bank statements) with the passport to the embassy in London, are these all the original documents or copies? I ask because the originals of my bank statements are the other side of the world where I live (Thailand!) Also, does it matter if the bank statements show an address in Thailand, rather than a British one? I've lived in Thailand for 20 years, getting a ME non-immigrant "O" each year on a visit to London. Now I'm wondering whether it's possible for me as someone who really lives in Thailand, to get any kind of visa from the London embassy. Is there anyone else in a similar position to mine who has insights on this? I'd love to know what they've done about it.
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