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  1. I tend to agree. When I took my TM30 to IO with the current house 'possessor' who happened to be the mother in law listed in the tabien bahn for the house where my father in law and mother in law still live together happily married, my TM30 was rejected outright because my mother in law is not listed as the house master. Only reason I went to IO was to get a re entry permit and this was rejected until I went all way back home and got the father in law ID instead for a correct TM30 submission. He happened to be 300km away at time in a hospital undergoing chemo.
  2. In English to possess something is to own it? Is it something different in legal jargon when it comes to property? Otherwise the possessor=owner is the one with the name on chanote isn't it?
  3. Yes, the TM30 is to know your whereabouts every 24 hours. A police state won't get that kind of detail from a tabien bahn.
  4. Thanks @JamJAr, will see if that stops my balance disappearing...
  5. Thanks so can only see balance, as on the home page of the web site and not the usage details on where the money has gone. I cannot be Android as I my account gets charges even with SIM turned off. I had a problem with DTAC once where they were billing for for services I never asked for that I needed to opt out of to stop the charges be levied. With DTAC I can see an itemized list of charges to refer to to tell them I don't want that charged to my account and they comply. Cannot seem to find this itemized account with TrueMove so just watching the account dwindle even with the phone turned off all month.
  6. Is there a quick way to check the TrueMove prepaid usage? When I select online it says no details available. I put 50THB on my account a few weeks ago, never used it and now its at just 1 THB balance. It's second time account has gone to almost zero and I was just testing it this time with a 50THB deposit. I wonder where all the money is going. Don't make calls, don't use data as I have a dual SIM phone and always use a DTAC number which works as specified.
  7. Looks like zero fcks given in the photo with the BIB walking around and Chinese still plugged into their laptop screens.
  8. Agreed, only 21 pages on this thread so far about Barrow getting a visa extension, we cannot stop now?
  9. I think what the o/p wants is to seamlessly transfer from using an obsolete XP machine to a modern Win10 machine with all the installed apps and the associated app settings transferred as well. I used a free program called CloneApp for this end and it worked well, but it doesn't go back as far as XP operating systems sorry.
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