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  1. It looks pretty good to me. Philippine Airlines have confirmed the booking.
  2. Pertinent also, I was to be here in the Philippines for just 12 days. My return flight to Bangkok was cancelled March 20. So I am still here, but have just managed to book on a Philippines Airline flight to Bangkok for June 14. Without information from any Thai news, unless I've missed it, I'm assuming Philippine A would not sell me a ticket unless they knew they could land in Bangkok. I have been renting a house in Thailand for 10 years, one which I go back to all the time, but on Tourist visas and 30-day stamps, (Because I am a frequent traveler with obligations in Australia and Europe.) I don't need hotels. I expect I will be quarantined upon arrival June 14, especially as I see there are calls for an extended State of Emergency. I am asking my landlady to prepare a letter so I can produce it on arrival, along with a medical certificate from a clinic here. I just and hope they will let me on the plane. ( will have a departing ticket of course.) Fingers crossed.
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