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  1. Since we have all these modelers in one conversation now, I have a related question... Is there a market for assembled models? Someone said there is a shop (a booth, actually) in Hua Hin that sells models, but they are already assembled. Would one pay more for an assembled model, or less? In the sense that classic toys & action figures are worth more if they have never been opened, but perhaps it's the opposite with models since someone expended all that labor to construct it. The fact of the matter is... I would enjoy building models, but I have no desire to OWN them. Once they are
  2. Hi. I live in Hua Hin but will be in Pattaya next week. I would like to find a hobby shop that sells scale model kits (unassembled) for military planes & ships. There is nothing like this in HH so I'd love to stock up if I can. I saw a discussion in this forum from many years ago about it, but hoping there is updated information about this. Thank you
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