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  1. @JackThompson We needed copies of my Yellow Tabien Baan (House Book) which has same address as the House Book of my wife (she owns the house). See in the List Nr 3
  2. Ooh lazy you [emoji2] We take new pictures every year [emoji6]
  3. I agree but I think it’s because of all the arranged marriages that Immigration is making it harder and requires more and more documents to make sure you are actually living together. But that is just guessing on my part. Edit: after the first extension it gets easier. Docs stay approximately the same, but you don’t get “20 questions” and don’t need to provide witnesses ;)
  4. This is a list of the Documents I needed last time I got my extension based on Marriage Please note: For First extension you may need witnesses, ask your Immigration. I used a Fixed Deposit Account for the Money in the Bank, but you could use a savings account as well as long as the money (400K) is in the account at least 2 months. 1) TM 7 Immigration Form Photo Size 4x6 (2 x) to stick on TM 7 2) Copy Passport Copy Face Page Copy last Non – O Copy Last Entry Stamp into Thailand Copy Last Extension of Stay Copy TM 6 Departure Card Copy last 90 day report 3) Copy Yellow House Book Husband + Original 4) Copy Marriage Certificate (Khor Ror 3) + Original 5) NEW Marriage Certification (Khor Ror 2) obtainable from Amphur 6) Copy ID Card Wife + Original 7) Copy Tabien Baan Wife + Original 8- Family Photos (must be in Color) Couple sitting on Bed Couple outside with House Number clearly visible Couple sitting in Living Room Couple sitting outside House (near front door) 9) Hand drawn Map to the House (Complete with GPS Coordinates) 10) Bank Book Fixed Deposit from Bank on day of visit to Immigration Transfer some amount to Fixed Deposit account on day of Extension Update Bank Book @Bank Branch Bank letter Fixed Deposit obtainable from Bank Copy First Page (Name) Copy other relevant Pages Everything Double Copy About the process. After the Immigration officer handles and sorts and checks the documents, 1 stack of papers will be send to the Regional Immigration Head office and 1 stack will be kept at the local Immigration. Then you will get a "Under Consideration" Stamp in your passport that after approx 30 days you have to go back to Immigration to get the "verdict" / Final Stamp because the decision has to come from the Regional Immigration Head Office. Cost: 1900 THB for the application.
  5. PERFECT !!! Makes a lot of sense !! I think it's better to first transfer the ownership to her at our Local DLT and then when she has free time gets the BKK Plates at the BKK DLT. Will report back on how it went.
  6. Thanks @jackdd One question though. You wrote Is that OUR local DLT she has to go to 2 times ? (I think so, but not 100% sure because you mention POA) The main issue is that she doesn't have a lot of days off, so she was planning on coming over on Sunday, then on Monday morning we go to the DLT and then on Monday afternoon she would drive the car back to Bangkok. (Thus only loose one day off work) We will have to discuss this with her. But again, thanks a lot really appreciated.
  7. We are in the process of buying a new car and when we have it we want to transfer the old car to my wife's daughter. We had the wife's daughter ask at the DLT in Bangkok (where she lives) and they (DLT) said that we have to transfer the car were WE live so she can't do this in Bangkok (she eventually wants to have BKK Plates ;) ) Not a major issue, but is it true ?? We can only transfer the car to her in our Local DLT ?? And what documents are needed to transfer the car to her @DLT ? I think Blue Registration Book Car, Tabien Baan wife, ID Card wife, Tabien Baan Daughter, ID Card Daughter ?? Thx in advance
  8. Then I suggest you speak to your bank today about your statement. I have no need for that, because I use MONEY in the BANK
  9. You too also have difficulty in understanding. Immigration wants a bank letter! It is for your bank to recognize an international transfer and convey that information in a letter to immigration. Immigration isn't interested in looking at bank codes only a letter from the bank. I have no need for transferring money month by Month as I use the MONEY in the Bank for a couple of years already. And Honestly I didn't follow the threads on this because of the remarks made by some members and IF you read my POST again, I deleted MY LAST REMARK BEFORE you posted YOURS !! Edit: Now I know why I stopped posting on TV. (I am out of here) Good Luck Guys.
  10. No idea, but my TEST transfer to BBL definitely showed up as an International Transfer. But what Immigration wants seems to be different day by day
  11. We have at the moment 2 cameras in our car (one facing forwards and one facing backwards) but I am looking to install another 2 (one facing left and one facing right)
  12. 5555555555 I thought I went crazy ! Found it !!!!!!!!!!!! It's via Internet Banking (PC) Click on - My account - Next to your Savings account, click on VIEW - Scroll down and select SET CARD LIMIT
  13. I honestly can't find it anymore how I did it, I checked in both SCB online banking and the Phone app but at the moment I honestly can't find it. If you want to change it, just call their service number : 02-777-7777 Sorry when I have found it I will report back
  14. If you mean by the other way around, transferring baht to Euro you cannot with Transferwise. Sorry changed my text. With other way around I meant Rates could have increased. But I initiated 2 transfers today (MUCH larger amounts and Both the same amounts) 1- Via my Bank -> Thai Bank (BBL) (with their 9 EURO fee and Thai Bank costs and bad exchange rate) 2- Via Transferwise -> Thai Bank (BBL) Will report back tomorrow (2pm++ ????