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  1. And now I signed the documents, I have to send them back! Wonder how long that is going to take.
  2. Update: A Picture speaks more then a 1000 Words So yes received, came by TNT! Slowest yet, send around midday Friday 23th April and arrived May 5th. Total 12 days.
  3. You can't make this .... up! My wife just got a phone call from Fedex and they are delivering in the next hour or so! They just called to ask for specific directions! At the moment I am in the state of "seeing is believing" Will report back
  4. Update: Scheduled Delivery is again set to Pending and it's still in Samut Prakarn Edit forgot the attachment
  5. Same here, almost immediate confirmation. next due date 2nd August, Buriram !
  6. It's a Holiday (substitution day for May 1st) but Banks in the Shopping Centers should be open. Ps: Tomorrow (May 4th) is another holiday
  7. Update: It's in Thailand!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! Delivery scheduled for Wednesday!
  8. It's moving yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's in GuangZhou CN
  9. Thx, our town is normally not an issue with delivery with Fedex or any other delivery companies (Flash, Kerry, DHL etc) I often use them as I have bad experiences with other methods with receiving goods from Europe, like Bank Access Code Calculators not arriving etc etc. So Fedex is now my preferred way of getting/sending stuff. Usually they are on their game, but now apparently not! If they just had said what is wrong (like closure of the Postal Office at BKK airport) (if that is reason?????) that would be more then enough, but they haven't, and for the Money paid (no
  10. I doubt it, but according to the tracker it's still in France and it's gets an update at least once a day Will update this thread as soon as the tracker changes Edit: Other documents I have received through Fedex, go from Paris to their Hub in Guangzhou and then on-wards to Thailand
  11. Thx @KhunBENQ Nothing mentioned on the Fedex site (only about extreme weather in the USA) Been in contact (even the Bank has ) with Fedex and not a word about this. Thx again @KhunBENQ, really appreciated.
  12. Thx @KhunBENQ Could be the reason, any link for that?
  13. Did you read the last line? Bank asked Fedex and said they still deliver to Thailand
  14. My Bank back in Europe send me documents for me to sign via Fedex. Fedex Envelope was sent last Friday 23/4 with Scheduled delivery on 29/4 (so Yesterday) Been looking at the tracking page and it has been stuck in Paris since Saturday with status update daily saying In transit 6:13 PM ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE CEDEX FR Anyone know what is going on. Contacted Fedex and they are not much help as they keep saying someone will contact you and they don't TiA Edit: Before
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