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  1. Doubt it because he has never been here, but he was very adamant about it, 1st pump well water in pond and then pump from pond to water the plants and NOT direct. Any clue what hard water does with growing rice? Maybe that is the reason why he said about first in pond and then from there to the plants? But I am just guessing here.
  2. Thx for the confirmation, I didn't know that and will try it on some.
  3. Thx. We tasted it and it's definitely NOT salty No idea what the reason for the advice of pumping it first in the POND and then use it, so that's why I came here to look for advice.
  4. Thx. Our Pond is almost out of water, we normally use that to water the plants, but because it's running dry and we DON'T have mains water and we still want to water the plants we thought of using the Well water, but someone (as I said in the OP) has advised us to first PUMP the well water in the Pond and then from there use it to water the plants. I have no Idea if the WELL water will kill the the plants, because we HAVE NOT USED the WELL water YET. That is the reason why I came here and ask before doing that.
  5. Afaik as I know it's NOT salty but just HARD water. (So it contains a lot of minerals) And I have no idea, this is what I have been told to do and that's why I am asking here for advice
  6. Hi, question please. We have a well (45m deep) and we want to use this water for watering our trees and plants, but the problem is that the water from the well is very hard. Someone advised us to first pump that well water into our pond and then you can use that water to water the plants. What do you think? The well water is ONLY used for the garden!! Thanks in advance for any pointers/idea's
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