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  1. The Sales rep for our new car didn't ask us anything about what Province on our white number plates should be, but we mentioned it ourselves that we wanted Buriram plates. Our old car that just got the BKK number plates, has had 3 different sets of plates 1- We Bought the Car in Chonburi, so it got Chonburi plates 2- Then we moved to Buriram and it got Buriram plates 3- Now the daughter got it and she has changed it to Bangkok Plates But my wife already said to her daughter, that in the future if the daugther thinks of buying another car, the old car will have to come back to Buriram again (she is very attached to that car, the first car she has ever bought) so then its back to Buriram plates again ;)
  2. Never heard of that ! We have been on NE plates for 5 years and never been stopped at Checkpoints in whole of the Country to be checked for drugs. Also BIL's car (who lives in Bangkok) is on NE plates and he never got stopped as well (only for License checks) I think her reasoning for changing to BKK plates is 1- She thinks it's Easier to get the Tax and compulsory checks (car is 7+ years) done 2- Vanity 2- DLT is just around the Corner
  3. She wants BKK plates because she lives there nothing more nothing less ;)
  4. I sort of binge-watched Ep 2,3,4 of Series 3 last night. I said sort of, because I used Fast Forward a lot Series 1 and 2 were good, but the new series not so but it has some good bits ....
  5. Another update: Daughter did the transfer in Bangkok yesterday, she also got the Bangkok number plates. Total costs 1600 THB Total Time: 4,5 Hrs (longest wait was again the queue to check the car)
  6. We are in the process of buying a new car and when we have it we want to transfer the old car to my wife's daughter. We had the wife's daughter ask at the DLT in Bangkok (where she lives) and they (DLT) said that we have to transfer the car were WE live so she can't do this in Bangkok (she eventually wants to have BKK Plates ;) ) Not a major issue, but is it true ?? We can only transfer the car to her in our Local DLT ?? And what documents are needed to transfer the car to her @DLT ? I think Blue Registration Book Car, Tabien Baan wife, ID Card wife, Tabien Baan Daughter, ID Card Daughter ?? Thx in advance
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