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  1. If you can organize a new Ed visa before you leave, take the paperwork with you when you go out, then fly to Laos / Malaysia when you come back, get the new Ed visa, and come in with it via land border, then no chance of getting denied. Ask your school if you can do another year. Often you need to get some document from immigration to say you've finished your current ed visa, before you leave, if you intend to come back in on visa exempt. I found this out when I got pulled aside at the Burma land border, they pointed out my ed visa was over and asked where my documents were to say I'd finished that course of study. I didn't have it, eventually they let me in with visa exempt but it was a close call. If it was at an airport they probably wouldn't have been as relaxed, and denied entry. So ask your school if you need to get that document. If you're renewing to go onto another Ed visa, you don't need to get that document, my school said. So that's another benefit to trying to organize a new Ed visa before you leave. If it's not possible another option is to renew your passport when you go back home, then you can restart the process, 3 more years of Ed visas.
  2. That's nothing to worry about IMO, most people denied were approaching or over 180 days a year. It shows Thailand's folly, making genuine tourists like yourself worry.
  3. You could start with ed visas, I go to a school that doesn't require any attendance, and have their contacts at immigration so the extensions all go smoothly. Including those it ends up costing about 30k baht for 8 months, do that twice, change passport, then twice more, that's almost 3 years stay, for 120k baht plus 4 trips to go get the ed visa and cost of renewing passport, call it 150k for 4 ed visas and all extensions, half the price of elite card (average 100k / year)
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