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  1. There's no real need to because it's so easy to stay there for years on tourist visas, I never met an expat there that bothered with the retirement visa. You'd be wasting money depositing the required funds in a Filipino bank to earn near-zero interest instead of investing it somewhere yourself. 


    You can just extend tourist visas within the country for several years at a time then take a quick flight out of the country, turn around and start over again.

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  2. If it's your first ever Ed visa and you've been in Thailand less than 6 months in the last 12 you might be ok in Laos. But yes there are lots of threads recently about people denied especially if they don't meet those criteria, you can probably find with a search. Some were even denied with less of a visa history than that and / or told their school has been blacklisted completely. Some people are now applying in Vietnam instead. 

  3. 43 minutes ago, Hal65 said:

    The 5 year is being brought up again so I guess I'll elaborate on the awkwardness of my age. I have 17 years before the age of 50. This means:


    - 1 20 year covers me

    - 2 EDs and 3 5 years cover me for a little more than a 50% premium


    * And my net worth will make the decision on the later 2 5 year Elites much less eventful compared to now

    ** The problem is it's quite likely the Elite Visa schemes may not be around in 10+ years. Wealthy nations don't like having these backdoors for numerous reasons (don't need the money, it's a bad look, etc)


    To me it is a bigger loss to lose access to Thailand than to ride a 20 year for say 8, effectively paying $4,000 per year instead of a little less than $2,000. One cost is trivial, the other is significant.


    Bouncing between PH and Thailand is compelling though. I'm not much of a traveller and would have to pay for storing a large room's worth of stuff, and then paying movers to relocate everything. Doing that twice per year wouldn't be too bad though. It's not my first preference but it's a decent alternative.

    I'm the same age as you 33, at some point you'll probably want kids, and then your visa issues are taken care of at only 1900 baht a year... even a non Thai kid you can get a visa based on them going to an international school here


    I did the bouncing back and forth between Thailand and Philippines for years and it was great fun but eventually you slow down and want to start a family

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  4. 18 hours ago, overherebc said:


    Wasn't the 180 day rule taken off the books years ago?


    Yes it was.


    Why do they and posters still talk about it?


    You tell me!!!


    90 days per 180 is the rule that was taken off the books years ago. In 2008.


    180 days per year, has never been an official rule but we see many reports of IOs refusing people on that basis. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, at15 said:

    your going to be responsible for the fine no matter what the law says. thais are not obligated to rent condos and apartments to foreigners. in the future i predict no foreigners on tourist visas will be allowed to rent and there will be designated hotels were tourists are allowed to stay and that is it. 

    That's how it works in Myanmar, need a business visa to rent a condo.

  6. People in your position have got in with no problems via land, then flown domestic from Hat Yai to BKK or wherever you're going. Much easier than airports. You will probably need an SETV though as you can only do 2 land border crossings without a visa per year, which you've already done. Some chance they don't enforce that but best to get an SETV anyway. Also helps to have the equivalent of 20k baht in cash on hand to show just in case they ask to see it as proof of funds. A land border is more likely to ask and then decide to not deny you, whereas airports have their mind made up already and not even ask before denying entry.

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  7. 17 hours ago, Happy4th said:

    If you are ever flying into Thailand and worried about getting a refusal I would first consult with Thai Visa Centre


    They can ensure that you wont be put in such a situation.


    Safe travels.

    This company's service is 150k to be put on the books of some shell company and get a work permit for a year, then 10k / year after that for renewals. Obviously I'm suspicious but if someone with more than a few posts on thaivisa has ever done it successfully I would do it. 

  8. Next available flight back to airport you flew from. If there's none that day you have to stay overnight in the airport detention room. They charge you for the room about $25/day. So better to land early in the day on an airline that will have flights available back to where you flew from.


    Quite rare for someone to be blacklisted for that long, you probably weren't / aren't anymore

  9. Extended at the 3 month point for 1500 bribe on top of the 1900, at BKK immigration, then at the 6 month point for two more months, no bribe that time, just the 1900 at immigration again. Total 8 months, they said 9 months wasn't possible.


    No language test. Had friends that did two 8 month courses in a row without problems, except having to get the visa itself elsewhere, e.g. Vietnam instead of Laos if the first one was from Laos.

  10. 1 hour ago, NoComment said:

    How did he get the new passport?  Surely relatives cannot be issued with a new passport for someone not in the country of issue!

    How did he pay his rent?

    Why wasn't he reported as staying by his landlord?

    Was the new passport real or forged?

    This guy doesn't appear to be stupid. He appears to have been intelligent enough to live, work and create a nice life for himself without abiding by the laws of the land.

    Maybe he was intelligent enough to hand himself to the authorities when his money ran out and he needed a free flight home.

    More to this story than meets the eye!

    Application by mail, he prints the application form fills it in with his Syrian address and his family receives it


    Thai landlords don't usually report so they pay less tax


    He won't get a free flight he'll be in detention until he pays for one, some people died of old age in detention after decades there

  11. I think younger ones, and switch queue if I see him calling a supervisor to take people away 


    Also best to land in the morning so if you're denied you have time to fly out within the day, as they usually insist on it being the same airline. If there's no more flights you'll be stuck paying for an overnight stay in the detention room


    And ideally if you can fly in from a nearby country so you're not sent back far

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  12. I didn't have to show anyone my rental lease until the first extension, at that point I already had the ed visa for 3 months. Wasn't needed for the initial application. On the extension date they also wanted to see the landlord's Thai ID card along with the lease, so yeah maybe they don't allow it if it's a Chinese lessor


    I'd type up a fake a contract and have a Thai friend sign it and photocopy their ID card, that'd probably work, how would immigration ever know

  13. If you haven't booked yet I'd fly to malaysia or laos and enter thailand by land border instead.


    If you do fly in try to choose a queue with a young male officer, they care less than women and older guys. Watch the queues and see which officers are sending people away for questioning. Have 20k baht equivalent in cash and an onward ticket booked. 

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  14. 4 hours ago, RJRS1301 said:

    How could he be an overstayer, if he should not have here in the first place/

    Poor bugger probably as poor as church mouse, and trying to send meagre funds to support family.



    Agreed, he'd have no visa stamp in the first place so nothing to go 'over'. Just hyperbole for a trashy news article. Pretty sure South Korea and the West don't bother to make news articles for each of the thousands of Thais working illegally and overstaying over there, immigration just does their job without the fanfare.

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