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  1. For my ed visa everyone has to pay an extra 1500 baht tea money at immigration to get a 3 month extension, on top of the 1900 baht, and go to a special desk with an agent. 


    As for OP fly to vientiane and entry should be fine, in the rare cases it doesn't work you aren't detained or given any stamp so can try again the next day / try at Savannakhet / apply for a tourist visa at Savannahkhet (can't at Vientiane as they now require an online appointment booking, full for 2-3 weeks in advance). 

  2. 2 hours ago, JackThompson said:

    They haven't found a way to collect extra-money from people on TR entries without getting caught, which is why they are "cracking down" on those using them.  


    Only extensions which may involve agents, or the elite visa for the huge payoff (at 10x the going-rate for a visa in the region) is acceptable.

    I heard they work in shifts, perhaps once their 6 months or whatever at the airport is over they're rotated to working at immigration offices. Everyone takes turns to do the easy tip collecting desk work, then the long commute airport dirty work, rinse and repeat.

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  3. 1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:

    I'm curious - What Visa could an Agent provide a Single 30year old who wants to live in Thailand full time?

    I didn't use them but there's an agent that advertised on this forum before, 'thaivisacentre' their main service is arranging the retirement extensions for over 50s, but if you message them (I got that far out of curiosity) for under 50s they claim to be able to arrange a non B visa for 75k baht the first year, then 45k per year after that, so about half the cost of thai elite and less up front. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, cleopatra2 said:

    The deportation act mandates 15 days have to have elapsed from notification before deporting

    Many have reported getting out in fewer days than that.


    Maybe that applies to deportation for crime etc., 'public order and morals' it says in the act, no mention of overstay / visa infractions



  5. It's just a case of getting cash to him, he has to pay for a flight home, plus a few thousand baht express fee to get that done quickly, plus the fine for overstay in court which is only around 3000 as said. So get in touch with someone who knows him and have them take him around, say, 40000 baht in cash to be on the safe side, most of that being for the expensive last minute flight. He won't have access to an ATM, his bank cards, his phone, nothing so someone will need to go visit. The embassy staff can take days to do that so ideally you can get in touch with a friend of his there. 

  6. 22 hours ago, dubyadee said:

    Is Phuket airport notoriously difficult? I haven't been paying super close attention but it seems like BKK/DMK are in a league of their own as far as strictness. 

    Hard to tell, we hear more about BKK/DMK but that might be as more people fly into those


    There was a report last week where they denied entry and didn't even ask for proof of funds, that stuck in my mind as it's what they've been doing at DMK lately



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  7. On 3/13/2019 at 12:04 PM, Ctkong said:

    Anyway, he went up to the lady IO, the IO scrutinized his passport and then press on a red light switch on top of the booth. Some other IO came running and led the guy away probably to the office for more grilling. 

    Never use the line with a lady IO, they are much worse


    Just fly to Laos or Malaysia and come in via land border, or possibly Chiang Mai airport

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  8. The localbitcoins.com suggestion is right, it takes minutes, you don't need to send them a bunch of identity documents, and you can pay with a Thai baht transfer. Just search for a seller in Thailand with lots of previous trades and 100% positive feedback and buy. The site escrows the bitcoin for you so you can't get scammed.



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  9. 2 hours ago, cerox said:

    I have been using ED visas for almost 3 years - visa ends soon. My last visa exempt entry was before that so 3 years ago. I have never used a tourist visa.


    In a few months (end of the current ED visa) period I will go to my home country for around 2 months and come back on a visa exempt entry to organize a normal visa again. How likely am I going to be denied entry?


    Last time I left for 6 weeks within the visa with a re-entry permit but I did not want to pray again this time that they will ask why I went away so long within the school period. So I figured I would go out at the end of the visa period.

    This might sound ridiculous to some here, but I just do not know a better solution for going out once a year. I do not want to buy elite card for 20 years in advance.

    If you can organize a new Ed visa before you leave, take the paperwork with you when you go out, then fly to Laos / Malaysia when you come back, get the new Ed visa, and come in with it via land border, then no chance of getting denied. Ask your school if you can do another year. 


    Often you need to get some document from immigration to say you've finished your current ed visa, before you leave, if you intend to come back in on visa exempt. I found this out when I got pulled aside at the Burma land border, they pointed out my ed visa was over and asked where my documents were to say I'd finished that course of study. I didn't have it, eventually they let me in with visa exempt but it was a close call. If it was at an airport they probably wouldn't have been as relaxed, and denied entry. So ask your school if you need to get that document.


    If you're renewing to go onto another Ed visa, you don't need to get that document, my school said. So that's another benefit to trying to organize a new Ed visa before you leave. If it's not possible another option is to renew your passport when you go back home, then you can restart the process, 3 more years of Ed visas. 

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  10. 39 minutes ago, Peterbilt said:

    2015: 103 days in Thailand, 4 trips in total, 3 on VE and 1 on SETV
    2016: 76 days in Thailand, 3 trips in total, 2 on VE and 1 on SETV
    2017: 74 days in Thailand, 3 trips in total, 2 on VE and 1 on SETV
    2018: 88 days in Thailand, 3 trips in total, 1 on VE and 2 on SETV
    No back to back visa / VE, no overstay

    That's nothing to worry about IMO, most people denied were approaching or over 180 days a year. 


    It shows Thailand's folly, making genuine tourists like yourself worry. 

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  11. There is no set time limit to being out of the country after paying the overstay fine, many people have paid it and flown back the very next day. Sorry to hear that your son ran into an officer on a power trip, it is happening more often lately.


    I'd tell him to take a tuktuk from Vientiane to the land border with Thailand, it's much friendlier, once through he can take a taxi to Udon Thani airport and fly domestic to Bangkok, no issues flying domestic with a past overstay as there are no passport controls, and it's cheaper.

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  12. On 3/11/2019 at 5:36 PM, moe666 said:

    It is called a computer when you come in they can see your travel history into Thailand. Even a new passport and a name change will not guarantee you entry. Ask the drug dealer lady from England who trird it after being away for 5 years. If you have a history that shows you are coming and going on various entry visas and visa exempt they will see yor history figure out real fast you are not a tourist

    IOs certainly seem to get an immediate alert pop up on-screen if someone is a criminal / on some other blacklist, that'd probably be what happened to her.


    But they don't seem to get any alert for 'too much travel history', they do have the ability to look up past entries but from reports that usually only happens once they get pulled aside to a supervisor. People spoke about having a list of their entries 'printed out'. 


    That's why sometimes you can get lucky, I certainly have been getting lucky for 10 years so far. And why sometimes the 'fresh passport' strategy can certainly help, although isn't foolproof

  13. You're right about the flower sellers you see outside bars in tourist areas late at night when they should be at home asleep, they are exploited. 


    Occasionally helping out inside a family shop / restaurant attached to their house, after school hours or on weekends, no more than an hour or two a day, that'd be another thing.  


    Thai law says a max of 2 years imprisonment and/or a 400-800k fine for employing someone under 15 years of age, penalties were increased in 2017.




    'Employment' would probably mean 8+ hours a day and it not being with parents. Some grey area inbetween, and minimal enforcement. 

  14. 17 hours ago, Ctkong said:

    Maybe it is less than 180 days a year? Because some years back, on one of my trips to Thailand, I was pulled aside and informed that I would have to give next month’s trip a pass because I had almost overstayed the number of days per period. The lady IO was going thru my passport noting down each entry. I told her I got a GF in Bangkok and since I am Malaysian, I make a monthly trip to see her. Anyway she said ‘ next month cannot enter country’. I still returned the next month and luckily got thru. Seems it is an adhoc situation depending upon the IO you met. 

    It's also female IOs, don't use a queue with a female IO. Lots of reports of them being worse.

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