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  1. 2 hours ago, cerox said:

    I have been using ED visas for almost 3 years - visa ends soon. My last visa exempt entry was before that so 3 years ago. I have never used a tourist visa.


    In a few months (end of the current ED visa) period I will go to my home country for around 2 months and come back on a visa exempt entry to organize a normal visa again. How likely am I going to be denied entry?


    Last time I left for 6 weeks within the visa with a re-entry permit but I did not want to pray again this time that they will ask why I went away so long within the school period. So I figured I would go out at the end of the visa period.

    This might sound ridiculous to some here, but I just do not know a better solution for going out once a year. I do not want to buy elite card for 20 years in advance.

    If you can organize a new Ed visa before you leave, take the paperwork with you when you go out, then fly to Laos / Malaysia when you come back, get the new Ed visa, and come in with it via land border, then no chance of getting denied. Ask your school if you can do another year. 


    Often you need to get some document from immigration to say you've finished your current ed visa, before you leave, if you intend to come back in on visa exempt. I found this out when I got pulled aside at the Burma land border, they pointed out my ed visa was over and asked where my documents were to say I'd finished that course of study. I didn't have it, eventually they let me in with visa exempt but it was a close call. If it was at an airport they probably wouldn't have been as relaxed, and denied entry. So ask your school if you need to get that document.


    If you're renewing to go onto another Ed visa, you don't need to get that document, my school said. So that's another benefit to trying to organize a new Ed visa before you leave. If it's not possible another option is to renew your passport when you go back home, then you can restart the process, 3 more years of Ed visas. 

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  2. 39 minutes ago, Peterbilt said:

    2015: 103 days in Thailand, 4 trips in total, 3 on VE and 1 on SETV
    2016: 76 days in Thailand, 3 trips in total, 2 on VE and 1 on SETV
    2017: 74 days in Thailand, 3 trips in total, 2 on VE and 1 on SETV
    2018: 88 days in Thailand, 3 trips in total, 1 on VE and 2 on SETV
    No back to back visa / VE, no overstay

    That's nothing to worry about IMO, most people denied were approaching or over 180 days a year. 


    It shows Thailand's folly, making genuine tourists like yourself worry. 

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  3. You could start with ed visas, I go to a school that doesn't require any attendance, and have their contacts at immigration so the extensions all go smoothly. Including those it ends up costing about 30k baht for 8 months, do that twice, change passport, then twice more, that's almost 3 years stay, for 120k baht plus 4 trips to go get the ed visa and cost of renewing passport, call it 150k for 4 ed visas and all extensions, half the price of elite card (average 100k / year)

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  4. There is no set time limit to being out of the country after paying the overstay fine, many people have paid it and flown back the very next day. Sorry to hear that your son ran into an officer on a power trip, it is happening more often lately.


    I'd tell him to take a tuktuk from Vientiane to the land border with Thailand, it's much friendlier, once through he can take a taxi to Udon Thani airport and fly domestic to Bangkok, no issues flying domestic with a past overstay as there are no passport controls, and it's cheaper.

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  5. On 3/11/2019 at 5:36 PM, moe666 said:

    It is called a computer when you come in they can see your travel history into Thailand. Even a new passport and a name change will not guarantee you entry. Ask the drug dealer lady from England who trird it after being away for 5 years. If you have a history that shows you are coming and going on various entry visas and visa exempt they will see yor history figure out real fast you are not a tourist

    IOs certainly seem to get an immediate alert pop up on-screen if someone is a criminal / on some other blacklist, that'd probably be what happened to her.


    But they don't seem to get any alert for 'too much travel history', they do have the ability to look up past entries but from reports that usually only happens once they get pulled aside to a supervisor. People spoke about having a list of their entries 'printed out'. 


    That's why sometimes you can get lucky, I certainly have been getting lucky for 10 years so far. And why sometimes the 'fresh passport' strategy can certainly help, although isn't foolproof

  6. You're right about the flower sellers you see outside bars in tourist areas late at night when they should be at home asleep, they are exploited. 


    Occasionally helping out inside a family shop / restaurant attached to their house, after school hours or on weekends, no more than an hour or two a day, that'd be another thing.  


    Thai law says a max of 2 years imprisonment and/or a 400-800k fine for employing someone under 15 years of age, penalties were increased in 2017.




    'Employment' would probably mean 8+ hours a day and it not being with parents. Some grey area inbetween, and minimal enforcement. 

  7. 17 hours ago, Ctkong said:

    Maybe it is less than 180 days a year? Because some years back, on one of my trips to Thailand, I was pulled aside and informed that I would have to give next month’s trip a pass because I had almost overstayed the number of days per period. The lady IO was going thru my passport noting down each entry. I told her I got a GF in Bangkok and since I am Malaysian, I make a monthly trip to see her. Anyway she said ‘ next month cannot enter country’. I still returned the next month and luckily got thru. Seems it is an adhoc situation depending upon the IO you met. 

    It's also female IOs, don't use a queue with a female IO. Lots of reports of them being worse.

  8. 1 hour ago, Kieran00001 said:

    Beer was invented by the Sumerians

    For recreation.


    'The oldest evidence of beer is believed to be a 6,000-year-old Sumerian tablet depicting people consuming a drink through reed straws from a communal bowl. A 3900-year-old Sumerian poem honouring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, contains the oldest surviving beer recipe'




    So they consumed it. Some may have also happened to use it in religious ceremonies but obviously the primary reason for its existence was for people to drink and enjoy, unlike methamphetamine.


    'Archaeological findings show that Chinese villagers were brewing fermented alcoholic drinks as far back as 7000 BC'


    'Beer is also mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh, in which the 'wild man' Enkidu is given beer to drink. "... he ate until he was full, drank seven pitchers of beer, his heart grew light, his face glowed and he sang out with joy." '


    'Confirmed written evidence of ancient beer production in Armenia can be obtained from Xenophon in his work Anabasis (5th century BC) when he was in one of the ancient Armenian villages in which he wrote: “ There were stores within of wheat and barley and vegetables, and wine made from barley in great big bowls; the grains of barley malt lay floating in the beverage up to the lip of the vessel, and reeds lay in them, some longer, some shorter, without joints; when you were thirsty you must take one of these into your mouth, and suck. The beverage without admixture of water was very strong, and of a delicious flavour to certain palates, but the taste must be acquired.'


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  9. 23 hours ago, wombat said:

    and there you have our mindset......abnormal is recreational .......normal is for making people better killing machines.........pmsl

    A killing machine in war is normal and useful, a killing machine in peacetime isn't, meth abusers often kill innocent people, whether deliberately to feed their addiction, or accidentally, e.g. minivan drivers. 

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  10. My visa history was work permit (TEFL teacher lol), followed by 2 year overstay, followed by Ed visa, followed by 2 year overstay, followed by 2 years of visa exemptions and SETVs, followed by Ed visa, still never been denied or even pulled aside for questioning yet in 9 years, except once to be warned of the new overstay rules and sign the form about that. Then got let in with visa exemption lol. 


    I think it just comes down to whether the IO is a jobsworth or not. Never choose lines with female IOs. Usually I pick a laid back looking guy who I see isn't sending anyone aside for questioning who looks roughly like me (early 30s farang). If I see that happen I switch queues. Use visa agencies that take you through land borders, Laos border IOs don't seem to give a toss.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Nyezhov said:

    Yeah and when some doc fingers hundreds of gymnasts it's called America, when some clown on the BbC diddles little boys it's called England, when priests play hide the sausage it's called the Vatican.....


    My question is: if y'all hate Thailand so much,why do you go there? Go home to Liverpool or Detroit or whatever other paradise on earth you are from.....

    It happens here more often - and it doesn't have to be someone in a very high position of power (teacher isn't that high), it's commonplace, often it's relatives. And there are consequences more often - the doctor was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison, Catholic priests have been imprisoned, and the BBC guy (Jimmy Saville) was dead a year before the allegations started coming out. 


    Thailand is great for the single life, if you don't have children here or if they're already grown up in the West by the time you retire here. No need to go home for those people, but many do leave if they have children once here.

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