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  1. while others speculated he may have been ripped off in some way. funny how we still come to these conclusions.. err a Thai did it. when in fact the guy was probably just nuts all along most likely brain damage from constant alcohol addiction. it happens
  2. Have been to both and still prefer Thai over PI in nearly all regards. with the Thai visa changes i think many are sure to leave Thailand, and very soon. The cost of living has definately risen in the last 5 years, and whats worse is the baht flying high against our currencies. actually I predict many of our own countries will soon have a cost of living similiar to Thailand.. there is massive debt everywhere, and you can see this by inflation being very low. when folk cant afford stuff and are not spending, things must go down in price and technology is taking over jobs at a scary pace. Also as one gets older it can be nice to be in a place you actually belong, instead of being classed as an alien farang and walking ATM. having said that, a move back to the U.K or U.S would be a horrible scenario.. the Asian countries will all still give you the usual problems maybe Australia worth a try?
  3. OP, are you the same Simon who owned hotels down South some years ago? I also remember reading something about legal problems? or you being sued and had to leave Thailand or something like that? if so, i think you have an amazing story to tell, and credit to you for remaining in a positive attitude when things dont go to plan. anyway, wishing you much luck and success with your new move.
  4. And what if Thai IMMs check for people in the visa system of recent, whos visa expired and are not matched up with an exit stamp out of the country? So it will be easier to catch any overstayers, IF they want to investigate. and with all the many forms we filled out they will have no problem knowing addresses and where we hang out. so maybe can also predict more overstayers getting tapped
  5. that "tuning in" thing did happen to me all the time once. the only way around it is just start babbling in Thai as soon as you approach or as soon as they see you. I dont know why, but this way they will smile and talk normal Thai straight up. But wait for them to talk first they will get nervous and freak out and some play that "pretend not to understand" game which is strange because all the other Thais around can understand you and just repeat what you said in the same Thai words until that person "tunes in"
  6. ok, going by this theory, then why go blacklisting farangs for years and years? surely better to let them straight back in? for collecting more fines, backanders and fixing unemployment, maybe even some extra cusomer for the prison system. 5555
  7. im guessing about as big a difference as white chocolate and..well..brown chocolate
  8. well clearly..this new batch of bad eggs only arrived in the last few months. slipped in amongst the millions of tourist entering every month because, you know, Thailand is everyones dream destination
  9. I think you may have something. The foreigners i notice always seem to fall in 2 sides: 1. financially secure. probably have no problem with new rules. quite happy in relationships and always positive about the Thai life. 2. all the time struggle about visa, struggle with money, struggle in relation with Thais. complain about everything. usually found to be abusing Immigration laws, therefor they themself are cause of these crackdown. this 2nd group is like those destitute alco English teacher types and smart-arze young Euro punks that think they are better than all. I guess Thai Imms wont loose any sleep if they keep the 1s and the 2s get moved along. And lets be honest, they dont really offer Thais or the country anything of value, mostly their whole existence is centred around trying to bed as many Thai women as they can without spending any baht
  10. Or.. It leaves those people who actually planned.. worked hard back home for years until they had enough $ to go to Thailand and not have to look for work and be a cheap Charlie
  11. "nasty" could be quite fitting had the caddie wrote the thread. " hit in the noggin with golf ball, had go to hospital, got 2 black eyes, farangs calling me racoon on the internet ....and all i got was 30 bucks" 5555
  12. ive got to second that. that guy is like a broken record!! If Thai IMs actually did read this site and his posts and then recognise him from his profile pic, well im not suprised they give him a hard time! actually its probably people like him who indirectly give Immigrations the motivation to crack down on farangs because they think we are kee-bon loudmouths who talk to mutt.555
  13. same our own countries..our governments dont give a xxxx about its citizens whos living abroad. expats dont vote, so may as well be invisible. Funny thing tho, the posters crowing about not getting any "rights" in Thailand are the same who talk about UK and Europe, destroyed by letting every Tom, Dick and Haseem in!! giving them rights and everything free while its own citizens get ignored. hmmm Thailand has always had to many poor people they cant help and no welfare. why should they worry about farangs? For foriegners Thai has been a place for people who worked, planned and invested/saved... who are set up in life and can bring IN their own money and live easy. these new generation begpacker types, never work much in west but think they should work and start busineses amongst a mass of people already doing it tough.. dont get me started on them who want to travel the world broke and have everyone pay for them. things might be a bit inconvenient for us here sometimes but if the Thais did actually do everything Thaivisa farangs say should be done (allow farang to own houses etc) the country would go down the tubes in 6 months. to many just dont realise that it is the Thai policies (and even corruption) that makes the conditions here good for farang that want to leave the west.
  14. no, i was factoring interest on 800k to be around 20k per year. the 100k was talking about the total interest loss over 5 years, if having a retirement visa compared to 500k cost of the elite visa for 5 years.
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