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  1. @Polpott It seems you have been less fortunate with your chosen home test provider and I'm surprised to hear they have not provided you with the results of your tests which is a pretty fundamental part of the service surely. Perhaps you need to report them to the DHSC who put them on the list in the first place although I get the impression from what you said they don't seem to be interested in monitoring quarantine adherence. Out of interest were you given any instructions when you arrived back in the UK about what you are expected to do in the quarantine period?
  2. Thanks for the report Caiman which is a reassuring one about the Testing for All test supplier. Good luck with the rest of your quarantine and hope it all goes well for you.
  3. That's the long and short of it currently although they did say they were looking at improving this in the future so watch their website for any changes I guess but I'd identify one or two alternate suppliers in case your arrival date is sold out quickly.
  4. An update on the questions I posed to the home test supplier Testing for All yesterday :- 1. How much is the test pack shipping costs to me? No reply so far so if anyone uses them soon please advise us what they are 2. Will there always be a 14 day window for the booking dates? We currently take bookings for arrivals 2 weeks in the future, and will be releasing additional dates every Friday after 17:00 3. How many slots per day do you usually allocate? No reply but I hope they have a good contract with t
  5. Anyone who is planning to return to the UK in the near future needs to allow plenty of time to read and digest all the new regulations and policies you are supposed to comply with first. I am in such a position currently as I expect to return in June 2021. In common with all destination countries you are expected to provide proof at the airline check-in desk that you have had a Covid-19 PCR test within 3 days of departure which sounds straightforward but with prices ranging from 5,600 to 3,000 THB per test you need to search around. Then ensure the test meets the UK Governm
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