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  1. I agree. I've noticed this as well so it seems they cannot do without these stupid checks which will only aggravate their customers and make them seek alternate supplier websites as a result. I'll bet the Lazada senior management are not even aware of this problem despite all the complaints they must be getting already.
  2. I've used Lazada for years but recently they seem to have instigated some additional checks which I am coming a cropper on. I can login OK but when I try to do something like a search or filter on prices it has a pop-up which says it's detected 'unusual network traffic' (whatever that means) and asks me to swipe the bar across. I used to get it occasionally and when I swiped it would say 'Verified' and I'd carry on but now it always fails to verify with a message 'Network error (00)' retry. It's driving me crazy ! Just wondered if any other users have had a similar problem recently?
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