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  1. BEIN Sports is the only to use. I've been watching their streams through the Redbox TV app on my TV. No buffering and a crystal clear stream.
  2. I'm feeling much better after reading the comments here, I'm not a fan of air con so I use two fans, cooling powder and plenty of water. My sweaty bum problem definitely improved by using the cooling powder. One of my garden rocking chairs is rusting from sweaty arms though. It looks nice but next time I'll be buying plastic chairs next time.
  3. Update I printed out my bank statements and we took it to the IO yesterday, the head man was very understanding as the money was out of the account for less than four minutes and he could see that I deposit 20,000 baht in my wife's account on the 20th of every month to help with household expenses so it was a stupid mistake made by me. He said it won't be a problem when we apply for the new visa. It's a big worry off my mind and I couldn't be happier with them for their help in this difficult time.
  4. I've had 400,00 baht in my Kasikorn bank account for my Non-O visa for the past month but this morning I transferred 200,000 baht out of my savings account instead of 20,000 baht out. It was transferred back in within a few minutes so will this affect my application next month? Any out there know if this will reset the 2 month seasoning of the bank account?
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