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  1. As mentioned in my first post the committee doesn't care about any regulations, requirements or laws. Neither does the responsible district authority
  2. Would the government shut down a building mixed residential / commercial in case certain safety standards are not be met such as no water hoses in fire cabinets or no water at all available in fire cabinets and many other issues? I mean I never heard of such a case in Thailand. In the building we have an apartment such issues are to be found just everywhere. Unfortunately the district office responsible doesn't care if a foreigner is complaining about such issues. But when it was mentioned in the Line group of Co-owners that the government would be informed a committee member replied then the government would set a deadline to fix the issues within 30 or 60 days and if the deadline would not be met they would shut down the building and let the people move out. Question is if he just want to scare people from taking action. What is for sure that the committee would not start to take action to solve the problems. Furthermore it would be interesting to know if anyone can recommend a real estate experienced attorney...
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