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  1. So let's assume there is a fire. You run to the fire cabinet knowing that you have not more than 1 or if lucky 2 minutes to extinguish the fire before you better run away rescuing your loved ones and yourself. Fire cabinet is locked. How do you break the glass now? Do you run back into your apartment searching for something suitable? The Clock is ticking , time is running out and you waste your time searching something to destroy the glass instead of having the equipment ready to fight the fire? Remember that you are also in panic.
  2. It was reported to different authorities in 2016, in 2017, in 2018 and in 2019. Absolutely nothing happened. A committee member has good connections to district office and land Department. In my country we would call that corruption. As written before: I protect the ones I love. Do you have by any chance the paragraph of the law at hand stating that it is not allowed to use the fire equipment except of by fire man?
  3. The lawyer requested the official script that was written by court and the judge - If not the word of the lawyer I guess that counts as first hand knowledge?
  4. Me as well. But they continue spreading lies that everything is just fine. Refusing to have a look on site. Refusing any checks or tests... Lazy committee and JPM without any detectable management experience believe the word of the management... Picture shows just a tiny fraction of findings...
  5. @Dan O: The whole thing went to court but since I was not in Thailand I couldn't be there in court. I certainly did not say that I was in court in person on any day I just checked, I have never written that I have been in court. Maybe I am blind but I cannot find this my wording. Please everyone read first carefully before trying to make up a story that just isn't there
  6. Here a picture of the inspector who was in the building who has my highest respect. The management could not fool around with him, he did not accept any excuses. He was very well educated with a broad knowledge about what he did. He knew all details about dangers and what should be and what should not be. If there is some danger for the life either of my family or the people I rent apartments out too I take action. I'm not the one sitting still. I understand and accept that most people don't care. But I know most would complain a lot if in case of an incident people would suffer or be h
  7. I made a complete list... from the first to the 34th floor. confirmed now officially by BMA. No need to stuff up anything here. This list is just part of the whole thing... Of course it was submitted in Thai as well. District department did not react but finally BMA stood up and took action, quite serious actually... Land department issued a report to the police station, probably after BMA investigated because they did not ddo sth. in 1 year and 8 months...
  8. The offense is that we checked our buildings firefighting equipment. We knew that it was not working. So we are accused now of checking the fire equipment without permission from the management. They are accusing us to have intentionally broken a lock of a fire cabinet. Now, unfortunately for them there never was and there still is no lock at the fire cabinet. Just when the judge asked the management representative if he can prove that we broke the lock the management said yes, they can prove it. Photos and videos prove otherwise, but as the case is not on trial yet the judge was not intereste
  9. The passport of a friend is withheld by court. Me and a friend are accused of a minor Offense. In the worst case scenario we would need to pay 30,000 Baht in damages and about 5000 baht as a fine , so not really something to worry about. But my friend is in Thailand and I am not. And the judge wouldn't want to separate the case so it is always postponed until I get back into Thailand which I do not have a plan for the next two or three months if not really necessary. Even then (if I get back to Thailand) it would need up to another year to get through with all court hearings… So th
  10. If ones passport is withheld by authorities - how to do 90 day reporting, renew extension of stay, renew work permit?
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