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  1. Wat Phanong Pheu - Udon Thani province - in the middle of nowhere ; not yet finished
  2. Hi Simon, You wrote you can speak, write and read thai fluently so I'm sure it will not be difficult for you to find a sweet lass ; Went there, in Phon Phisai a few weeks ago ; I'm living in a very little village in Sakon Nakhon province , not far from Sawang Daen Din ; You will find a change, the road 212 from Nong Khai is now a four lanes rd and drivers are crazy, driving often more than 120 km/h ..
  3. They are making , exactly finishing ,a four lanes rd 15 km before arriving Sawang coming from Udon Thani and 20 km after sawang to Phangkhon I found a beautiful truck
  4. Making a four lanes road between Kud Chik and Sawang Daen Din - rd 22 - shot this morning february 18 - 2019
  5. This morning , rd 22 just outside Sawang Daen Din going to Udon Thani; if thai knew about who was really The Che ....
  6. , but so true ! Maybe because I don't have a film in front ( I want to see the rd and other vehicles where driving at night ) and nearly nothing in the rear and on the two sides ; less than 40% for sure !
  7. My pickup Isuzu - 10 y old - ( it's a 4x2 ) 4 doors and automatic transmission had Firestone tyres ; I did 127.000 km with factory-fitted tires , see photos, they were not yet shabby , have a look In every garage in Thailand they want to put 40 PSI in the four wheels even it's written 29 inside one of the door; even in Isuzu garage in Sawang Daen Din they were surprised to discover this inscription
  8. , sorry, I can not stop myself ; You have never seen how thai people make " home made " trailors for pickups or farm vehicles .; I shall shoot some new trailors and you will see they don't have brakes nor lights .
  9. As much as possible use the position M ( manual ) and iso auto ; sure you will like !
  10. But they are bouddhist can they understand the meaning of Buddhism ?
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