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  1. My friend Graeme Allwright died yesterday Sunday at the age of 93. When I write my friend ... he was 22 years older than me but I had met him very many times and especially I had had him as "client" in the coach that I drove in the early 80's . Great French-songs tour that lasted several weeks. I remember that one day a kid of a dozen years came to knock on the window of my coach, place de la Republique in Paris; one of his sons said hello to me ... Rest in peace my friend Graeme; your songs will stay forever. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graeme_Allwright
  2. Books can be destroyed; writing will not be .. those who will follow us will write in sand or clay or on rock. they will shed ...
  3. Simply because everything here can be bought on credit; and you can buy a scooter of 50,000 baht over 84 months, so very low monthly payments .. of the order of 700 to 800 baht per month ...
  4. Of course, but I understand his weariness; live here and see day after day the same silly behavior made by adults who have half a pea instead of the brain. and yet these same idiotic adults look all day long at the crashes that occur all over the world; on U-tube, it's a lot in Russia, a little in China and curiously not a lot in Thailand so, it doesn't concern them ... Odysseus and I posted at the same time.
  5. I occasionally go to Pattaya to meet my Farang and Thai friends; I never take a baht-bus because I ride there either by motorbike or on my MTBike... Cycling in town, I have fun, I like to overtake cars when I ride a bicycle ... and watch the raging driver being overtaken by a farang on his two-wheeled vehicle ... ( I ALWAYS wear an helmet when on my MTBike .
  6. I think that there is no car and bike insurance in Cambodia; from what I read, the traffic is still sparse compared to the major Thai axes; on the other hand, roads often in poor condition damaged by the thousands of Chinese trucks that drive there ... since Cambodia has almost become a Chinese province.
  7. A luxury Toyota SUV ... worth a few million baht. To go back to the minibuses which are almost all Toyota, I have never seen a passenger fastening his seat belt. However, there should be belts in working condition in these vehicles. No belts in song theo which are sometimes as large as coaches and can carry 20 to 30 people. No belt in the tuk tuk; no helmet on the four people transported in a saleng, these motorcycles with side cars not homologous in thailand and yet there are millions of them circulating .... In short, security seems to me an unknown word in the Thai dictionary; on the other hand they know how to use it, in English, without knowing what it means, of course. Safety First on the side of the truck and on the T-shirts of two workers.
  8. I would also like the Thai police to take charge of the Thai newspapers and TV which post videos of the Khorat carnage as well as these thousands of videos of fatal accidents on the road. To believe that the only thing that makes the Thai being hard is the death, preferably violent, of his neighbor.
  9. Because they have nothing to do on a seat in the front of the vehicle before being ten or twelve years old, or else must be attached to a specific seat "child", so back to the road . When the Thais understand that a vehicle is not an amusement park .. the hens will have teeth. To come back to this tragic accident, I am sure that the reaction of the family or those who think they know will be: they did not have the right amulet in the car
  10. it's like trying to explain to a thai people that wearing a helmet has nothing to do with the presence of police by the roadside. Why aren't there seat belts on the pretend rear seat in two-door pickups? For a very simple reason: this "bench" is only used to transport goods. And yet we almost always see people there, not attached, of course since no seat belt. In the event of a frontal collision or a violent rear impact, if people are not attached, they will be propelled with great violence on the people in front of them and will most certainly kill them even if these people ( in front ) have buckled their belts .
  11. When you know how highly the Thai police are held by the people who spend their lives on their smartphones watching all the nonsense posted by their fellows ... They don't care .. His words will have as much effect as brushing the dog ...
  12. This is what the apprentice journalist wants us to believe ... What I see is that the filthy incompetence of the Thai authorities and the police in particular is going to be emulated everywhere in Thailand. And given the impressive number of weapons in circulation in this country, the next carnage will quickly arrive.
  13. I know my point is not in direct phase with the subject; but I especially think that consumers in many countries are big lazy people who prefer to tap on their smartphones rather than going to physically visit a store that sells what they want to buy. It must be said that Thailand is particularly poorly equipped in specialized stores. The photo and cameras for example .. If I want to buy this type of device, I first want to hold it in my hand, to know if it will suit me. Even when I go to Central Plaza in Udon Thani, a very big city, I'm not sure if I can find the device I want !! By buying on the internet, I know nothing in advance ... apart from the specifics of the device, but everything remains virtual. On the other hand I know that I am killing the trade of proximity; a business which, in Thailand, did everything to commit suicide. In France this type of "commission" has existed for ages; there are even two specialized and independent newspapers which cover the + and - of all kinds of devices sold in shops or on the internet; but I know that in fact few French read them and buy only on a favorite or because it's pretty .. I will never buy a camera because it looks good, but because of what it has in its belly.
  14. In this country where corruption reigns, this commission was first created so that its members fill their deep pockets more quickly.
  15. nothing , until the big brown envelope is filled to the brim ...
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