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  1. A few more ....what an excellent idea ...( except my son in law, of course ) Is 223,706 a good number ?
  2. For the remaining five years ...so 2015 to 2020 and we are in the middle of 2019 and nothing was made . Waiting for the 17 months remaining .. " For the remaining five years, Thailand will seriously and strictly enforce the laws to achieve the 80% target as now that the road fatality issue was placed as a national agenda and law enforcement will be tightened. "
  3. Remember this post november 2015 - 4 years ago and the title : Thailand aims to lower road fatality rates by 80%
  4. No road is dangerous; however, drivers are and not only in Thailand
  5. Incredible the number of motorcyclists who arrive abruptly on one of the dimensions of another vehicle .. This will soon replace the brakes that fail without reason. and just as incredible the number of drivers who drive too fast and therefore can not avoid an unforeseeable obstacle. With that, the rear passenger was not attached to his seat belt, so he passed through the windshield. To make this clear to the Thais will be a very difficult affair; the safety belt is necessary if you do not want to pass through the windshield of the vehicle. even you are on the rear seats. The driver was very lucky to get out alive because if this passenger had touched him in passing, he would also be dead. Sorry, not seeing that the passenger was in the bucket, so no belt, actually! But if he had been in the vehicle, I guess it would have been the same: no belt and even result.
  6. I think they just woke up or they found these documents in a drawer never opened yet
  7. " A l'insu de mon plein gre " would have said Richard Virenque, a former professional cyclist, after a positive control .
  8. And bullshit of decision makers, it will reduce the number of deaths on the road?
  9. But if you are a HiSo or a " do you know who I am " 0 point And as wrote Colinneil, about 40% here don't have a license ( to kill I'm in my James Bond period ) so.... I would like to see policemen and radars and breath control on secondary roads ( red and concrete roads which are so many in Thailand ).. I would like to see policemen controlling licenses and helmets between 7 am and 8 am when children come to school ...and verifiing if passengers and driver have security belts in minibuses ... But that will never come ...
  10. Those who like me walk a lot in Thailand; easier for me than for many of you, I've been living here for 15 years; about 15,000 km a year by MTBike and a little more with the truck .. There are thousands of plots for sale; most have prices not shown because the seller wants too much so they can not sell (Ditto with used vehicles whose owners want almost the price of the new !!) It is a beginning of panic that shakes Thailand; 80% of households that have the opportunity to borrow from banks, which excludes a very significant number of Thai: farmers, small artisans, small traders who must fall back on "loan shark = (the bankrupt assured with rates at 10% per month !!!) ".. I see him with one of my daughters who is a doctor and a civil servant; I had never seen so many credit cards in one wallet ... Error, in the movie The Man with the Golden Gun which is also shooting in Thailand ... in the hands of sheriff Pepper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6YGfvld9Y8
  11. I will add that during the last world war the British and the Chinese had signed an agreement where they shared Thailand then allied with Japan. Yes, allied, not occupies, do not confuse. If Seri-Thai had not existed, this agreement would have been under construction and today's Thailand would no longer exist since some would have been part of present-day Burma and the other would have become a Chinese province. which will undoubtedly be the case very soon when the Chinese ogre digested Laos and Cambodia About Seri-Thai https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Thai_Movement There is a very instructive and free museum about Seri-Thai in the inner courtyard of a Phrae hotel
  12. A law and Thailand are two words that cannot go together. especially when it comes to money .
  13. Very easy ; Why not buy from time to time a tank of 20 liters of pickup water that passes every morning; 80 baht the empty tank; 10 baht the 20-liter refill; so 1 liter for 50 satang ... I say that, I wrote nothing but I never drink alcohol ... ( I also don't smoke )
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