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  1. Let me enlighten you on life in "Wuhan Flu plagued Europe". You may be surprised to hear that the streets here are not piled high with bodies. Shops, restaurants and bars are open and for the most part people go about their daily business as normal while taking sensible precautions. What's more, they don't get run over in droves by alcohol or drug crazed drivers every day. So please keep to the "comparative safety" of Thailand and wallow in your media-induced paranoia while the rest of us get on with our lives.
  2. Yes Georgey, I would be interested to know how you get on. My wife got a repatriation flight back in June, it went quite smoothly then although I expect demand is higher now. I'm stuck in UK wondering when I might be able to join her, so I may register with the embassy soon. Please PM me with any useful info.
  3. My wife got her flight arranged through the Facebook page of the London embassy. Seems like the only viable way to contact them.
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