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  1. The first rule in Thailand is that money talks. The second rule is......don't forget the first rule. If developers are prepared to pay enough money to the landowners and city "planners" (even using that word makes me laugh) anything is constructible. No-one will throw up their arms and say "how can you spoil such a beautiful area with your ugly monstrosity of a condo". Example: the old British Embassy in Wireless Road was a magnificent colonial-style villa built on land given to the UK by the King in the 19th century. it was knocked down a couple of years ago because it
  2. There is also zero medical evidence that the "UK strain" as you call it is 70% worse. There is some some modelling by the discredited scaremonger Neil Fergsuon which suggests it may spread more quickly than other variants.
  3. Just completed ASQ at the Pullman G Hotel, 60,000 baht. Room comfortable, food was excellent, plenty of choice and delivered hot and right on time (four times a day). Never needed to order from outside, couldn't finish all the food they gave me! One hour per day exercise after negative test on day 5. It's well worth paying a bit more for decent food. Trust me, it becomes the highlight of your day.
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