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  1. I was giving it the big no, no, no, no, no, NOOOO, when Fab went down. I think Hendo might drop in to CB for the Hammers. I don't know what's going on with Bobby, but his confidence looks shot.
  2. Mad though considering what a ball playing CB Hansen was. They only went out on goal difference, after losing one match in qualifying.
  3. '86 they were aging and it was too <deleted>in hot in Mexico. Lucky they didn't melt. '82 They had the likes of prime Dalgish, Hansen, Archibald, Souness, Brasil, Wark, Strachan, McLeish, Burley. Came against one of the best Brazilian sides and Soviet Union in the group
  4. So many 2 bit thicko "pundits" with an opinion that is generally given in order to attract attention to themselves or the shiithouse that pays them. A point raised by someone else, in a more eloquent manner. Creating hysteria around one man, and we go from likely title winners to no chance of winning anything without him.
  5. The fall out from his injury will inevitably be more goals against, set piece defending, lack of command, potential for heads to fall off when under pressure and loss of quality in passing forward. All of which can be negated by our attack scoring more goals, and re-strategising defense based on personnel available. Missed for sure but not even close to being a one man team, at the end of the day he's a defender and we have strengthened our attack immensely, with Jota, Thiago and Minamino. The media around the injury is absurd and reflection of the media in general, dumbed down, c
  6. Well I got more points not picking a team than I did when picking a team this week. Crying at Bamford being on the bench though 17 pissing points down the <deleted>ter
  7. Everyone was screaming for pitch side monitors, and now they have them, they don't use them.
  8. It wasn't a foul. It was a penalty because the foot was touching the line, but the foul should have been checked again as Fabinho got the ball, well timed, perfectly good tackle.
  9. two big sides?....as in "Rick Big" ya <deleted>in unit....
  10. I thought we were moving along nicely and Sheffield were readying for the inevitable when AGAIN a wrongly issued free kick that AGAIN was not reviewed because the ref was not advised to became a <deleted> penalty. This is becoming a real problem in the game and it needs addressing. The penalty then gives United hope and impetus to hang on and set up tp defend that goal. The whole dynamic changes, the fact we overcame that and won is credit to the lads.
  11. I literally forgot I was in this again, since Allison got injured
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