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  1. aaah tell you dark days those were...felt sorry for Lambert
  2. ive no <deleted> idea what it it, or what 2/6 means, 2.6 million?
  3. I'd take it over most of the shiiiite that gets served in the Middle East, bitter asfuk.
  4. every time I read this thread title I'm reminded of the Stranglers
  5. <deleted> defenses, the Arse were beat by Belarusian peg sellers last night, Chelsea are fading, could barely Gert past Swedish pig farmers last night. With United looking great going forward and being out of the Champions League they should walk it in. Great achievement by Ole
  6. You only needed to see who was asking and the context to understand, based on that I knew the answer before I finished the question
  7. Nice one smokes, lovely drop. If you get a chance try this little beauty from my neck of the woods...
  8. I'm not going to debate Rc's description. Yes as I said "became". He was peaking at the time of his injury. Those last few games before his injury he was finally getting it. Many of fans wondered why we bought him in the first place, then we wondered again in the first half of the season. Not many just slot in to Klopp's midfield and hit the ground running, it is very demanding, technical and needs practice. Fabinho is a great example, now he would be my first name on the team sheet. Keita looked like he might not cut it, in the last 2 matches you can see he is about to run riot, good timing for us. Oxlade was similar and I can't wait to see him back, maybe that's the difference between our quality squad depth, to you he is ok, to us he is integral.
  9. it was a massive blow to lose him in CL semi. He became a starting player, the driving forward midfielder in our team. Missed massively this season. A contrast to his perceived value at Arsenal. It's Klopp, he takes players not fulfilling their potential, even players from relegated clubs and makes them great, Gini and Robbo examples. 2 of the best goals of Oxlade's career were against City last season and his through ball in the build up to Salah's goal at the Etihad was a work of art
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