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  1. You need to look at the games played against who and when also. Liverpool will have played 4 of the supposed top 6 (and Leicester who are looking decent) by next week and at the moment only dropped 2 points. City have only played Spurs and drew and the rest have been bottom half clubs. City still need to play 11 games of the top 6 (including Leicester) from Nov to March, 4 of those are away matches in the NY. This is also around big matches in the CL.
  2. The funniest part about the shambles on Sunday is the hope given to United fans, long may the delusion continue, particularly on their TV thread. The fact they think it was a tactical masterclass that got them a point is <deleted> funny. 32% possession and 2 shots on target and the fact we were <deleted> says it all. No not quite, the ref not giving Liverpool a foul between the 22 and 74 minute was ludicrous, yet with 68% possession Liverpool still managed to make 14 fouls to United’s 7. We were poor, as we always are after a break, very much a team that plays on rhythm from week in week, out football. If there is anything to take from that match for opposition that is about it. United didn’t stifle <deleted>, we were just as bad as we could be. Why we always play the occasion when we go there is beyond me, that occasion has past for now, just play the team in front of you. It’s very noticeable when Henderson is not on form in that forward midfield role we are sterile in attack, the system doesn’t work when one man is not at least 80% on his game. To highlight the fact, Keita was on wth 7 minutes to play, he had 6 attacking passed and made 4 chances, Hendo, 1 and 1. He also landed 22 or 25 passes and made 4 ball recoveries. Fabinho, Keita, Gini/Chamberlain should be the midfield against low block bottom-half teams like this. I’m over Hendo, respect for him, and what he has achieved in the shadow of Gerrard, but he was never that great a footballer, good yes, but he is not good enough for this team anymore, he’s a captain getting subbed off every week and for good reason. Origi, has to remain a super sub. Want to see Brewster get a run again. Shout out to Fabinho, best defensive midfielder in Europe. Breaking up of play, ball recover and massive tackles, the boy is top draw. One last point for both Liverpool and City fans: Liverpool have dropped points in 9 of the last 47 games (19%). Atkinson has reffed them 9 times in that time, dropping points 4 times (44.4%). City have dropped points in 15 of the last 85 games (17.64%). Atkinson has reffed them 7 times, dropping points 4 times (57.14%).
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