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  1. Vaccines where & are available - they stopped as an outbreak was found at the place giving the vaccines!
  2. unlike the mass party not 3km from the doorstep of the Kamala police station ...........
  3. define serious wave, as we have had such small numbers comparatively speaking, the rules are deliberately ambiguous, this two families having lunch together whilst their kids play.
  4. I counted 20 people without masks outside of a particular place of worship yesterday in plain sight of the BIB
  5. that exactly describes every market, temple & mosque in the country
  6. well the obvs thing now is never open your property door would they be required to have a warrant?
  7. He isnt a Brit & the guy has lived here for over 10 years, as have the others in the picture! none present have left Thailand in at least 12 months, these are facts. This is a stitch up & nothing more, from a jealous 3rd party
  8. Overpriced garbage, also some issues regarding quality & legitimacy of products
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