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  1. I would also look to add (for males) testosterone total & free. Ferritin - particularly if you are coming off a very poor diet & for females.. Additionally a simple variable heart rate and blood pressure test is also a good bio-marker (in the overall scheme)
  2. they had the wrong amulet in the rear view mirror......
  3. I agree with both & can happily survive keto adapted - i think for real world situations its much easier than an athlete. This does (as you both mention) depend on your athletic endeavour.........
  4. If the local municipal people don't come to take care, I would take matters into your own hands. I was bitten in BKK from an aggressive Soi dog that was just "playing" & had a similar situation in my previous home with a pack of dogs.
  5. https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/transport/thai-couple-walk-away-from-dramatic-road-crash
  6. If 40 people told you having surgery without anaesthetic was painful, would you still try to see if they were correct?
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