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  1. Some experts prescribed thalidomide to pregnant women, careful which experts you pay attention too.
  2. Excuse my ignorance - why is it unsafe? due to poor dredging alone? Also what is the speed limit & how do we know how fast they where travelling?
  3. Surely there can be a slew of charges laid at their feet?
  4. Im sure also, but there has to be a limit to this nonsense.......
  5. so where these people adequately licensed? if not what is the penalty?
  6. I assumed as much - this madness has to stop! there is ZERO deterrent for this clowns, some pitiful fine & a fruit basked to apologise!
  7. Does anyone actually know what is required to captain one of these vessels? Are there levels, such as with trucks ? i.e over a certain length requires a different license ?
  8. Far too much conjecture - pls close the thread
  9. As mentioned, do we have any recommendations and approx cost?
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