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  1. I think drugs kills millions more than any virus on a yearly basis.
  2. Are u serious? TiTVP = This is ThaiVisa Poster Please read the whole article before commenting.
  3. That's correct. But at least posters should take the time to read the full article, and not only the headlines, before committing another act of Thai Bashing.
  4. Do you know how Schengen countries treat Asian people when they try to acquire a visa? And do you know how difficult it is to stay longer than a 3 week holiday period for an Asian in a Schengen country? The way they are separating people and throwing them out on a short notice, that's truly criminal. BTW, I don't agree with the Thai Visa regulations as well.....
  5. No need to worry. Trump was certain that it would all clear by Easter. Guess he did not say what year.......
  6. If they're gonna play the "blame-game", then the problem is not solved with putting a Covid sick Maj-General Rachit Arunrangsri into an inactive position. Then they should continue all the way up to Anutin "Ai Farang", and then maybe they can turn the tide.
  7. Close 7/11 at certain times??..??..??.. That's incredibly stupid to limit opening hours for shops where u can buy groceries (snacks etc.). Because that means that people will be forced to shop at the same times. And that means that the virus could spread because people are shopping at the same time. If anything, they should make some kind of opening hours for people over 70 years of age, so they don't come into contact with the rest of the population. But maybe it won't work here in Asia, since people stay together many generations, and the elderly don't go shopping anyway - they stay home and watch their grand kids.
  8. At least he gave an apology to the medical personnel. That's not gonna happen to "Ai Farang"
  9. That means they can increase bandwith as they wish? They know how horrible the bandwith has been during peak hours the last 2-3 years. Why haven't they done this earlier?
  10. Which is a good thing. Stay the F at home. Or experience Prayut's curfew in less than a week. And then everybody can complain about that as well.
  11. My goodness. This thread is more interesting than any Netflix show. Thank you for keeping me entertained until 01:00. G'Night
  12. Local market was all out of eggs tonight. They were bought at 8,5 Thb pr. egg
  13. Because social drinking is primarily beer and not ice-tea. If u choose to go to a public beach alone, to drink a beer alone - why couldn't u do that at home? Right now u should stay at home......
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