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  1. Admin, Time to close this topic? He is either a fool or this post is a wind up, a Troll
  2. It looks like you think Thailand is like the UK with the rule of law, you need to wake up, it is not the same. Also there are many ways to get rid of an unwelcome farang, have the family visit you and make daily life very bad for you, maybe shoot you, maybe arrange to have you deported, maybe arrange something illegal to be found on your person. You say "you find it really childish, repetitive and most of all ignorant". You came on here for advice from expats who have lived here for a long time, maybe many have had experince in these matters in the past, generally I feel most on here have given you an honest personal opinion and I suggest it would be good for you to listen instead of insulting the people you have asked advice from. At the end of the day you cannot own the land, contracts can be cancelled, it is who you know that counts here. Good luck
  3. I was to fly back on my return ticket on the 7th May 2020 with EVA Air, they cancelled the flight and offered a flight on the 6th May then they cancelled that flight and offered one on the 10th May 2020. I contacted EVA Air in Taiwan and explained the dates did not work and could I fly back in August 2020, they said no as the air ticket was only valid for one year so it expires on the 23rd June 2020. I explained due to cornavirus it would be better for me to fly later an as a loyal custome for many years ( and flying with them 2 to 3 times a year with them) and seeing they went on strike in June 2019 the day before I was due to fly with them and I had to find another airline to fly with, could they not help me? Answer no. So I had to make an involutery cancellation for the second half of my ticket via the travel agent who has now come back saying "We have been advised by the Airlines that we need to follow the original fare rule and penalty of the ticket during the time of purchase. We have reviewed the ticket rules and it state that in case of cancellation, ticket is non-refundable. I will forward your reservation to our refunds team to check the refund of unused taxes and any refund amount will be refunded more than 12 weeks." Very disapointed with the airline, I pointed out they cancelled the flights and I was then forced to make a involutery cancellation as outlined on the travel agents website. At the end of the day they will not pay, will try to not pay anyone where ever the can. So now it is very important to buy cancellation insurance with all future flights, god knows what they will charge for insurance on this in the future.
  4. colinneil, I am only asking where the info about free flights comes from as so many people talk about the free flights but I have not seen any oficial info from a reliable source. I do not disagree that it happens but I like to see facts and not just comments from keyboard writers. You have mention only one case that appeared in the papers, what about all these other free flights? Where is this info coming from? Also I have not been rude or abusive or ask if your user name is a joke, if you like to start off comments with smart <deleted> comments and false statements assuming that I do not keep up with the news then save your time and move on to the next news.
  5. Many Thais will not step on any road or footpath cover. I also will never step on a road footpath cover.
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