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  1. Who did you fly with? was the flight full or empty? How was the process at BKK airport on the way out?
  2. keep us posted, i will be back in late May so good to hear from others experince
  3. Hi, thank you for the info greatly appreciated. I am in the same position, have to go back end of May for my business am on a retirement visa here in Thailand. I was looking at flying EVA air but they told me they cannot guarantee they will fly on the day they say they will fly and now think it may be better to fly Thai. I would be interested to know if the flight was full or empty on the BKK to Lon leg. Hope all goes well with your trip
  4. Good to know, I am allowed to self quarantine at this point of time, who knows what will happen in June
  5. Yes, coming from Thailand I can self quarantine, but things change daily, and if Thailand goes on the red list then will have to quarantine in a hotel at huge cost
  6. Hi has anyone recently flowen with Thai to the UK? Or any other airline Are the flights full, what was your experince? I have to fly back end of May, so am looking for a flight, Eva air is not showing any flights in late May, and I prefer to fly direct.
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