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  1. Thailand has never had the best weed in the world, it has always been drity weed.
  2. Yes it is going to happen, on Friday it did pass the Cannabis Counsel. But in order to grow, one must get a perment from a cannabis license Doctor.... And this will be for Thai's only! Rigth now most Docters are charging 500 baht for the exams and 500-1000 baht for the perment, and this may be a yearly thing or not? But if you wish to grow, you will have to register with the police dept. It now has to go to the FDA and one more step after that, so give it time to work it self out. Now there are some great business opportunities coming out of this, and this is for all the people who do not know how to grow cannabis. Think about were are they going to buy all the equipment to grow, or who is going to help them grow? Growing classes, Books in Thai on growing, Seeds, and so on and so on! And all the Thai who live in the city who do not have time or the room to grow cannabis... Co-Op? And yes there are many downsides to this also, Doctors in Thailand who do not understand the cannabis plant at all. Do they tell the patient to grow hemp or cannabis to help them with there medical problems. Is the patient going to take oil or smoke flower, and how much can the patient take... and what strain should they grow? There are so many safety issues to address with Doctors and Patients, remember all hemp/medical cannabis plant are not created equal. The Thai's need to be trained by the right people! Now here is a photo from a license Thai grow from Lamphun, Thailand. Now this grow was growen the right way and was the best grow of cannabis in Thailand so far, all because they used a Master Grower from America that had skill and knowledge as a master grower. (Now this is Not a photo from a illegal grow, this is a legal Thai grow. Because Hemp/Cannabis is now legal in Thailand with a license)
  3. This may help a lot of you here in Thailand, I got my CBD permit to carry and use Cannabis on 2nd June from my Doctor. (who is licensed) Here is a site that may help: https://thaicannabiscorporation.com/patient/ Good Luck
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