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  1. As most of the live-away Thais will originally be from Isaan, that's probably the reason for the lack of publicity! Not many of these will be voting the way the Government would like. However I did drive to the polling area in Phuket last weekend with a family member and it was very busy. Apparently 50,000 voted here (though that could be a drop in the ocean when taking into account the number of out-of-state workers in Phuket)
  2. There's a thread here but it relates to Phuket. I'm not sure if this is available nationwide. Very useful though.
  3. As most of "his" Government is likely to be anti-junta then this could be an interesting question. How will he cope without the whole of Parliament being stooges?
  4. So, you can now get arrested for this? There must be thousands out there that don't comply. I only did it for the first time in November, and that was online.
  5. You'd have probably got away with it if it was red!
  6. 11.7m tickets issued last year That sound quite a lot. Imagine if the police actually did their jobs? They'd probably be averaging around 3 tickets per head of population! I'd hazard a guess that the majority of the tickets are issued at the roadblocks for no helmets and/or licence, followed by offences caught by camera with moving violations caught by regular traffic police a very, very distant third.
  7. Why is the picture blurred? Hardly offensive or graphic!
  8. If Nation TV is available online then surely they have violated the computer crimes act by spreading fake news. But I'm not sure the rules apply when it could be in the junta's interests.
  9. And we all know what the "common interests" are!
  10. Really? When he will have been chosen by possibly less than 25% of the electorate........plus 250 hand-picked senators!
  11. I'm sure most regulars on the Phuket forum couldn't care less about your opinion.
  12. Very few roads in Phuket are suitable for these vehicles and they should probably be banned from the island altogether.
  13. Not exactly comprehensive but..... https://www.farang-deaths.com/
  14. Just a made-up figure! Just copying the TAT!
  15. They've actually only been in existence for 23 years!
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