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  1. Yes, a good option for primary level at a good price. Also Oak Meadow is a cheaper option with an American-based curriculum but I'm not quite sure what qualifictions you get at the end of it!
  2. BIS and UWC are certainly on a par with the more expensive Bangkok schools but I'd say Headstart, BCIS and KIS are mid-range and prbably cheaper than most Bangkok equivalents, from the research I've done. However pricing has been hit for many by the strength of the baht and the weakness of certain other currencies.
  3. The snowbird season starts soon. Hundreds of people locate here for the winter for between two and six months; many have been doing it for years. Some even rent bungalows year-round despite only wintering here. It will be interested to see how these regular visitors are treated by Immigration.
  4. So the Government gives people free money to spend and they spend it. How the hell can that be seen as boosting the economy?
  5. That "absurd" practice is now common for many airlines all over the world. The first time I came across this was United Airlines a few years back and it surprised me but I flew Easyjet and BA last time in London and both airlines do this, along with many others.
  6. Agree with LIK. The road between Phangnga and Suratthani is improving every time I use it. Plenty of two lane in each direction sections now but still a lot of roadworks.
  7. I decided to Google these famous bands. I found nothing. Tomorrow Land is apparently a Bangkok nightclub and EDC has something to do with Thai banks! Anyway, this must be the umpteenth thread in the past couple of weeks saying practically the same thing. They are pretty obviously in panic mode!
  8. I have two friends, regular visitors, who made the decision after looking at what's requred that instead of spending £10,000 each in Thailand this year, they'd fly into Thailand for a short visit and spend the rest of their trip in neighbouring countries. Now, as they fly in and out of BKK, they'll be counted as tourists twice; once on their initial arrival and once on their return! So it's a win for the TAT arrivals figures, but a big loss to their expenditure numbers.
  9. Poll is too wide. I believe insurance should be compulsory but only inpatient. OPD totally unnecessary and purely there as bunce for the insurance companies.
  10. We won't see the real changes required with this, or any other Government that includes the same dinosaurs that have been in power for years (it doeesn't matter which party!) Thailand needs some forward thinkers, youth, people with some original ideas rather than the same old <deleted> regurgitated year after year. On paper, Thai tourism is still a success but in reality it is broken and needs fixing.
  11. Fact: something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information. Maybe the Thai definition is somewhat different,
  12. The VAT refund idea indicates the type of tourist Thailand is now seeking. Not the beach bums, sightseers, nature lovers and those here for certain other pleasures. No, lets go for shoppers, those that spend all their day bussed from store to store spending their hard earned yuan. Thy should take a look at the Japanese system if they really want to improve the VAT refund scheme; all done in-store with the goods available for inspection at outward customs if required.
  13. Yes, discovered that after I watched the last episode. HIGNFY was good. Been watching Scarborough as well, written by the same writer as Benidorm and similar in style. Won't be to everyone's taste.
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