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  1. And it's this type of scaremongering that stopping so many Thai people from registering for the vaccine. It's no different to reporting someone dying seven days after eating fermented fish (a scenario that could be just as likely!).
  2. Even if we get 20 million vaccines from them in June, it doesn’t matter because we do not have the capacity to vaccinate at a high number,” the source said. “That is the reason we are asking private hospitals for help because we don’t have logistical capabilities to administer millions of vaccines per month.” They should be sorting this now. Hopefully Thailand is only a month away from the commencement of mass vaccinations so they need to be training people to administer jabs, as there probably aren't enough medical personnel to go round, and they should be sorting out locatio
  3. A lot of people in Phuket have had two vaccines, including my partner and her son. But at the moment there's just one centre open, as far as I know, and 1600 jabs per day is a drop in the ocean.
  4. 1600 vaccinations yesterday. That's not what I'd refer to as "mass-vaccination"! Still lots of rumours around Karon about a cluster that's being covered up due to the police, mayor and kamnan concerned about the ramifications as it originates from a card school.
  5. The headline is totally wrong (as is often the case on Thaivisa these days). Tne 38% reduction is on the January flight number estimate, not based on reality. It still amazes me how they estimate to an exact figure: 323,093 flights, implying that the figure is produced by some kid with a calculator. Why not say between 300,000 and 350,000? Still seems high to me, though it may include cargo flights.
  6. I hope, and I think, that Reuters has its information wrong. Every other press release has stated that vaccines will be free.
  7. “The implementation of the plan will make Phuket a ‘Better Phuket’, a ‘New Phuket’ and will allow for Mega Fam trips, all following our Phuket ‘GEMMSST’ strategies* to become a leader in enhancing Thailand’s tourism services that tourists are well versed in and trust the country’s SHA safe travel public health safety standards,” Governor Narong added. More acronyms than Line Of Duty! And talking of acronyms, the term BS springs to mind!
  8. I've been looking as well for August. From what I've heard there are very long waits upon arrival at LHR so I'm considering KLM into London City. But I'm also prepared to wait to see if any other countries appear on the UK green list and fly into one of these countries, subject to these allowing travellers from Thailand in without restrictions other than Covid tests, spend 10 days on holiday rather than 10 days in self-isolation and then fly to London. Also depends on these countries' rules regarding vaccines prior to entry. A lot to take into co
  9. But what about the 17 card players infected in a cluster in Karon, the cluster that means that Karon is going to be put into lockdown? Well, that's what I was told yesterday and suggested to the Mrs that it was probably wrong. She'd heard it from someone who'd heard from someone else who'd.......and on it goes. Rumours and Chinese whispers are prevalent right now and making the locals fearful.
  10. I drove on an ex I drove on an expired licence for a few months after similar issues. I was stopped three times and asked for my licence during a tour of Isaan (last year's summer holiday!) and nothing was mentioned. That's not to say it's legal or otherwise and I'd say it's up to the mood of the cop on the day and as for insurance ramifications I really don't know.
  11. Yes, but the UK also has just issued a list of countries it deems safe for its citizens to visit and Thailand isn't on that list, meaning a strict 10 day self-isolation period upon return. I shouldn't think there's much chance of Britain, or any other country that has similar conditions, allowing Phuket in isolation to be added to a green list. Incidentally, during previous sandbox press reports, The Maldives was sometimes quoted as an example of how mass tourism has opened up during the Covid crisis. Yesterday The Maldives went onto the UK's red list!
  12. Thailand seem to think they'll change their quarantine rules and the tourists will arrive in droves. It ain't gonna happen. The UK has introduced it's green list, as other posters have mentioned, and many countries have rules in place regarding quarantine or self-isolation. Until Thailand gets the current wave under control and accelerates its vaccination programme, tourists won't arrive here. Quarantine might stop in Thailand but if tourists have to quarantine on return to their home countries it means nothing. Some long stayers will come, as they have in 2021, but mas
  13. Not sure about that. If they add it to the air fare then Thais would be charged as well, as will expats with work permits or visa extensions. Also many people arrive overland or a few by sea. I'm sure that Phiphat and his minions have thoroughly thought through the implications and the implementation of this.
  14. I can think of two reasons for this. The first is that transactions are often combined when you get your bank book updated so the IO can't see every withdrawal and deposit and might miss that one day when the balance went 20 baht below 400,000/800,000 baht. The second is based on information from the Mrs, who informed me that at least one bank is no longer going to issue bank books. Yes, the books that many countries did away with many years ago might be phased out sometime in the future as more and more people are using apps to do their banking. I'll believe it when it
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