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  1. Not quite. They're not on the list of high risk countries. Subtle difference.
  2. I've seen unconfirmed reports on Twitter that Wissanu will be chairing the restructuring committee. If so, that's probably put the kibosh on the desire for transparency and lack of Government interference even before they've had their first meeting
  3. Rooster, I am disappointed in you. Much like the Shakespeare character in Upstart Crow who forever claims to have invented practically every cliche and idiom in the English language, you are claiming a term that has been in use since the 1960s and that I particularly remember from the TV series "That's Life", which had its weekly Jobsworth award. As a Scrabble payer you are surely aware that the word appears in Chambers Dictionary. 24 points without bonuses; nice!
  4. Any self-respecting hamster would gnaw through the mask in five minutes anyway.
  5. The hours of the curfew make absolutely no difference to anything. They've achieved their goal by imposing a curfew in the first place.
  6. Its a very significant amount, meaning the Finance Ministry's stake is less than 50% enabling the restructure to take place of a privately owned rather than Government owned airline, at least on paper.
  7. What do they expect? Markets were among the first places to reopen after restrictions were eased; markets, where social distancing and hygiene measures are so difficult to comply with, not just in Thailand but everywhere.
  8. If the receivers are serious, useless senior management and unqualified board members will be the first to go. If they remain and only junior staff are let go then the receivers are not doing their job and that will leave the airline. I think the fact its gone as far as this demonstrates they are actually serious this time.
  9. I read this as a probable weakening, not a strengthening. Am I missing something?
  10. This is like asking for evidence of corruption in various levels of Government. Everyone knows it happens but there's not exactly a paper trail. And it's not just the knowitall farangs of thaivisa who are making these comments; the Thai people are also fully aware of this practice and they don't like it either. And the most annoying thing is that many of these freebies go to people who can easily afford to pay!
  11. "White Lines". Set in Ibiza, a 40ish year old woman goes there to try to find out who murdered her brother there 20 years ago. The plotline is not exactly believable but makes pretty good viewing. 10 episodes in the season, which I finished today. On Netlix
  12. Lazada's been fine. I got dragged to Central today and it looked like Banana was open there. All the phone shops were open as well.
  13. Theyll open just in time for the drowning season
  14. 5,300 baht each on average. Don't spend it all at once, guys!
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