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  1. In many countries, Parliament is dissolved when an election is called. This lot seem to be passing new laws like they're going out of fashion right now. Plus Prayut has his free Friday night spot to tell the populace how fantastic his Government has been, allowing him free reign when other parties are told not to criticise. I don't speak Thai but a debate involving Prayut and real politicians would be quite fun to watch!
  2. I don't understand this. Can someone please explain?
  3. The headline and the article content seem to contradict each other! Two years ago let's say a reasonable 4 star hotel room cost 4,500 baht. That was about £82 at that time. Fast forward to today when that same hotel room cost 11% more at 5,000 baht. That's now £125! That's over a 50% increase for a British tourist! Of course Britain has its own currency problems but tourists from all over the world are seeing disproportionate increases in real-term prices. I've had regular visitors to Thailand, Brits, Aussies and Swedes telling me they won't be back as Thailand is now too expensive.
  4. I think you're spot on there. My increasingly infrequent visits to Bangla nearly always start at Kangaroo Bar and have done for years. I remember a few bars with live music 10 years ago: Scruffy Murphy's, Margarita Bar, right at the end of Bangla, which was pretty popular back then and still is under a different guise, and there were a couple of tiny bars in Soi Seadragon where the three-piece band members often outnumbered the customers!
  5. I wonder when the Karon Mayor is going to announce water restrictions as they've been in place for the past three or four weeks with no word from the water company or the local authority!
  6. I've always wondered why selected road accidents make the press but others don't. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. He hasn't tried killing them yet. That's the only effective solution
  8. I seem to remember that in the buildup to previous election, parties and individuals were not allowed to be named in these polls, instead they used rather unsubtle inferences. Has the law changed?
  9. He may not get a direct salary loss but without the budget to buy the toys he's very likely to get an indirect one!
  10. And what do the other 79% think? And the other 64% will do what the village phuyai tells them to!
  11. Judging by comments in this and the other thread, it would seem that this Central is aiming mainly for foot traffic, i.e. the Patong tourist, and perhaps some people walking across the road from Jungceylon. It's probably situated in an area with some of the most expensive land in Phuket, hence the reason for the expensive prices, in much the same way that fast food outlets in Jungceylon are more expensive than their counterparts in town. Central know what they're doing.
  12. I think the choice of hotel is as important as the area given the criteria. A small, intimate boutique hotel would be preferable to a place full of Russian package tourists. There are plenty around but it depends upon budget.
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