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  1. Hatched tonight. Just seen a picture. I drove past earlier and the area was busy in expectation. I decided against going back. Bit disappointed now. Well done to all those involved in protecting the nest. It's not often Thailand gets plaudits for its conservation efforts but this was an excellent effort.
  2. The TAT did the survey. I wonder who was surveyed? Probably those on their mailing list, in other words those that have already visited Thailand or expressed an interest in visiting Thailand. I don't think they'll have been polling on the street in the current circumstances!
  3. Just beat me to it. GBP up against all major currencies (and the Thai Baht) this year.
  4. Please read the retirement requirements and not the outdated ones quoted earlier in this thread.
  5. The person in front of me when I renewed my extension in December was a 90 year old Italian. He didn't know about the 800,000 baht three months after renewal rule and was told to go to his Embassy to get an income letter as he'd dropped to around 700,000 baht during this period. He obviously had money as he had a large amount transferred in a while after that and was aware of the 400,000 baht requirement. But in this case, rules is rules. The skinny bespectacled IO asked me to help explain, which I did. But I felt really sorry for the guy.
  6. They haven't stated how many people took part in the poll. I'm surprised at the number of foreign tourists voting right now! But if these figure are anything resembling accurate (which I doubt) then Phuket's tourism industry won't be opening for quite some time.
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