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  1. Expecting 6.7m international visitors in 2020. Very clever maths as that's the number of tourists that had arrived before lockdown! Clutching at straws and probably just had to say his piece as it seems all other tourism spokespersons have made end of the month statements...... all total speculative tosh!
  2. They had to fire more than usual as there are no desks left in the department of inactive posts.
  3. So, let me get this right. Although the article implies Prayut has agreed to the senate losing it's bloc in choosing the PM, firstly Prayut is in no position to agree this and secondly the charter remains unchanged until changes have been agreed both by Parliament, I assume without a senate vote, and then in a referendum. In other words, it isn't going to happen under this Government as they won't vote for the change, meaning the current senate will still be in a position to help choose the PM after the next election, whenever that is, meaning that regardless of the out
  4. Or the green taxi plates where the white fades, making reading the plates impossible.
  5. This is surely nothing more than a statement to falsely show that they are considering ways of encouraging tourism. They know that this will not attract one single visitor to Thailand and they're fooling no one.
  6. Yes, I received this. I dont get their perception that transmitting overseas can be legal for two major reasons: 1. You need a TV licence to watch BBC so effectively it is not a free to air operation 2. Overseas channels have broadcasting rights in their countries. This particularly applies to sports events. The F1 discussion above is a case in point. I am fully aware that I'm acting in violation of the law by watching UK TV in Thailand. Whether its TVMucho, IPTV, DailyMotion, torrents VPN usage or PtoP, technically it's not legal, hence I have not signed up t
  7. The BBC didn't ask for a number, they simply asked whether I had a TV licence, to which I replied yes. And I was in. ITV no questions asked.
  8. Hands up......who knew there were that many different traffic offences in Thailand? PS What happened to the points system? Is it operational or simply forgotten about?
  9. With the senate, the courts, the military, the major families (including THE major Thai family), the election commission and just about everyone else of significance onside, not to forget control of the media, the current lot been able to cover things up much easier than Thaksin and his cronies could.
  10. Helping the poor? Steven, you do come out with some unbelievable rhetoric at times but even you must surely realise that helping the poor is not on Prayut's agenda!
  11. I'm using TVMucho less and less now. I've installed a decent VPN on my Android box and can access ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer (as well as UK Netflix which has many different series not available in Thailand). Occasionally iPlayer picks up it's a VPN. Can't skip through the ads on ITV which is the main drawback. TVMucho has changed its packages and I have asked if theres any way I can access Quest (for Football League coverage) which was there last year and Talking Pictures as a kind of sweetener for losing our catchup. They're both on the new packages but two requests have
  12. “If there had been no coup back then, would there have had a riot? Have you forgotten what you did that caused the chaos and corruption? You seem to have a short memory,” said the Prime Minister. Has he conveniently forgotten that the protests by the opposition, in other words his supporters, instigated the political instability in the early 2010s?
  13. It doesnt appear to be the case here in Phuket, where many believe anyone not military or monarchist is a Thaksin supporter (even after all these years his legacy prevails!) but I'd like to think that you're right.
  14. Maybe they should have thought about this pre-COVID as most of these people aren't here any more.
  15. I think most of the old folk are royalists and have no problem with a Government that maintains the status quo. If they get involved thet'll mostly be wearing yellow shirts.
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