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  1. It's to stop underage people getting access to alcoholic drinks. Stopping online sales would completely eliminate this problem as no shopkeeper would ever sell booze to someone without ID.
  2. No point travelling home just to vote as the 500 baht notes will have already been handed out. And of course no postal votes as they shouldn't count
  3. Fake airline pilots? Sounds like an old storyline from Coronation Street. Deirdre got conned with that trick!
  4. So they've already decided that it's going to take four years? It could be thrashed out in four days. It's not exactly a Brexit style negotiation is it?
  5. There's a new restaurant between Big Buddha turning and Chalong Circle on the left called simply Street Food (well, in English anyway). The Thai food was fairly cheap and pretty good but it was the beer promotion that untrigued me. I'd never heard of Sivilai beer, had no idea where it was fro so I ordered a can at 50 baht. I was pleasantly surprised. It's brewed by Makanakhon Brewery, one of those Thai breweries that due to the protectionist brewing laws in Thailand has to be made in Vietnam. It had a good, slightly cloudy colour and perfect head upon pouring, and tasted nothing li
  6. Where have they got these figures from? Totally different from anything else I've seen.
  7. Did you try it @schlog? What did you think? I thought it was OK, quite liked the spicy aftertaste. It wasn't syrupy like some 9% brews. I wouldn't pay full price for it though. And talking of strong beers I tried this yesterday. I don't recommend it. It tastes strong but that is it's only redeemong feature: characterless, vague lager flavour. Makes Carlsberg Special taste like a craft beer! Cheers Extra Strong is much better.
  8. I'd like to know how this was calculated and what they are considering an International School. My guess is that they are using the various international primary schools which in many cases shouldn't be included in my opinion. Headstart, KIS, BCIS are the mid-level in Phuket and are around $13,000 per year. UWC and BIS are around double this, Oak Meadow a little cheaper. The graph is incomprehensible without a key but I would think anyone in Phuket with kids at a proper International School would dispute the $8500 average fee. EDIT: I've just tak
  9. I've just looked at Booking Holdings' share price and was amazed to see it is almost back to where it was in January! Very surprised at this but I suppose announcements like this are there to inspire confidence in shareholders, even if most hotel owners are taking a more realistic view.
  10. Perhaps that's why he chose a week when most schools are closed!
  11. With a population of nearly 70 million that's perfectly feasible.
  12. Oh that it were this easy! The Government has provided very little support for small businesses and that won't change. A quote that many have picked up on but we don't know anything about their business. If it's located in a tourist enclave than they'll probably be paying extortionate rents and need to charge more if they are to make any sort of profit. Not the best choice of words, I admit, and possibly, as someone said, lost in translation.
  13. I wonder how they count the 40% hotel discounts, the associated food vouchers and the 50/50? Is the 5,000 per person really only 3,000 baht in actual cash and 2,000 baht from the Government?
  14. Mods...Can we please have an OMG button along woth the like/sad/etc? It would have had a lot of use during the various TAT and Government announcements!
  15. I saw that the Woraburi in Karon was very busy, but with rooms at 750 baht before the Thai 40% discount I'm not surprised! The car park at the Meridien was also busy. But as most hotels are still closed the few tourists congregate in a lower number of places. It seems low prices are here until 1st January. Most hotels seem to have a price rise then but I'd guess that's just a vain hope that things might improve and we'll see lower prices soon.
  16. You're right. They might do in Hua Hin and other places closer to Bangkok where the hotels can expect a reasonably high occupancy rate but in Phuket and other southern resort areas there's no point.
  17. I thought the whole reason for taking the cover with a Thai Government approved company was because they do cover non-symptomatic hospitalisation, whereas foreign insurers almost certainly would not. I don't know where AXA-Thailand falls. I know the ceo of one of the apporved insurers so I'll try to check.
  18. When I have had details with other companies that have had data breaches I have had an email informing me of such and recommending changing password, even though it might be a bit late. From Lazada...nothing. Reluctance to admit an error maybe?
  19. We've had a couple of well-read wine threads in this forum, which have occasionally mentioned beers, but there's no specific beer thread, so I've decided to rectify this. Bargains, new beers, anything beer related. i'll start with two pictures. In the first, all these beers except the Busaba Wheat beer were purchased in Central Food Hall (TOPs) in the old Central yesterday for 79 baht each. I've not tasted them yet. They weren't on offer in TOPs in new Central. The St Bernabus is getting close to its sell-by date but I reckon with its ABV it'll be fine. The Busaba (by Full Moon) i
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