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  1. Finally got a chance to compare my 2018 CRF 250 with another bike. Took the bike to a local Honda dealership to have a chat with yet another mechanic and like all the others they had nothing to say. While I was there I saw a oldish CBR250 in for service, so I asked if I could ride it. I easily pulled away on little over tickover without any problem and it was smooth from there up to around 4500rpm, a rev range my CRF hates. So there is an issue with the engine and I need someone to look at it. I am in KhonKaen where no one is interested, the small bike dealers know nothing and yesterday I went to Honda Big Wing and they say they won't touch bikes under 500cc. The reason I went in there was that I saw they were selling the CRF250, so I said, "you sell the CRF250R" to which they replied it is an imported bike, so another dead loss. I can put the bike on the back of my truck and head to another town, anyone have any ideas of who could look at it and fix it? Cheers
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