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  1. My first Mae Hang Song Loop trip on a Filano I got MrsB to take over, that lasted about 1km on a dead straight road. A mate of mine who is over 100kg rides pillion behind his GF, because he is to scared to ride, how does that work? I hate riding pillion and love a pair of This Is Thailand's in my back.
  2. A few years back I helped a guy in a similar situation, although not so serious and he did make it back to the UK too. On the other hand, I personally know two guys who were "topped" when they tried to leave with their money. I am not quite 86, but you need to find a woman to trust before you get old, or get the flock outter here. "It's the same the whole world over, it's the poor what get's the blame, it's the rich what gets the pleasure, ain't it all a bleeding shame." W.Shakespear 1916
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