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  1. In Title : "Mor Chana" app ... means Application (covid 19 Thai tracing app) Phil.
  2. Yep ... true for the province borders, but check points can be further away ... but I loved your sense of humor Cheers
  3. Well ..back from Lamphun to Chiangmai, tonight, they had a check point on the way to Lamphun. So we never know what will happen tomorrow. That does not mean you cannot drive south ... leaving a province is more easy than entering another one...
  4. Interesting article ... https://pugnatorius.com/bitcoin-taxation/ Enjoy ... Phil.
  5. Hi, For Chiangmai to Lamphun, Highway11, I am driving there every morning and there is no check point. From Lamphun to Chiangmai, yes there are 2 ... on the Highway 11 only...near Hang Dong fly over. After Lamphun I cant say (Lamphun/Phrae, etc) I would say, as I want to move also on a weekend, it would be better to postpone the trip until mid February and see how is the situation, relaxed or more tense. Of course if you can postpone it... Phil.
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