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  1. if your wife stays in LOS for more than a year she will loose her GC. over time, if she doesn't spend 6 months per year on US soil she will loose it as well. I'm not sure what your plans are but thought I'd write about it.My friend used to have a GC and last year it was confiscated upon his return as he had left for too long.

    Sokh Dee '-)

    Yes, we are aware of that requirement. We're definitely just visiting Thailand for about a month. We have no plans to stay there long term. When she obtains US citizenship, our long term plans might change however. Thanks for the note anyway. ;)

  2. My wife's US passport is in her married name. Her Thai passport and ID card are in her given name. Our attempts to change everything to her married name were met with resistance. Thai authorities at the passport office and local amphoe said "keep everything the way it is. When in the US, use her married name, when in Thailand, use her given name". We have never had a problem, and have given up trying to correct it.

    Airline tickets are purchased using her married name. She shows her US passport when entering or leaving US, and Thai passport when entering or leaving Thailand. Rarely has she been questioned about the names, but when she is, she shows both passports and that ends the issue.

    Sounds like the way to go!

  3. There is an old wives tale that a Thai woman changing her surname to that of her foreign husband loses some rights in Thailand, including owning land.

    I say it is an old wives tale because I believe all the relevant rules were changed some time ago. There is now no problem for a Thai woman who takes her foreign husband's surname.

    My wife changed her ID card the day we got married 12 years ago, although she didn't get round to changing her passport until it expired and she renewed it. Never had a problem and her married name is on the title deeds of the house and land we own, or to be legally precise; she owns, in Bangkok.

    But at the end of the day, it is her choice.

    7by7, thanks for the insight. I do realize that on these expat boards, there are lots of urban myths and so on when it comes to these sorts of experiences, so I do take info I glean from these boards with a grain of salt. A lot of people say there is no effect from a name change of a Thai ID, and others claim there are. I tend to agree with you in the sense that I'm more inclined to believe that a name change nowadays is fine and won't lead to any adverse results as far as land ownership and other sorts of issues.

  4. Thanks for the replies all. We'll definitely keep her Thai passport with her maiden Thai name. Sounds like that is the best thing to do. When she becomes a US citizen will just use her marriage name (i.e. the new name).

    Why not change her surname to yours on her Thai ID card and passport? Simple process and will keep the traveling simple as well.


    That is certainly another option. I've been reading about that on this forum and others and have yet to decide if that would be the right move for us. She owns some land in BKK and I wonder if changing her name would complicate things for her in anyway. It seems (from what I have read) that a name change just adds an extra layer of complexity to any dealings she may have in Thailand, and I'd rather keep things as simple and straightforward as can be. Do you have any insight on the matter? Would love to get as much input as possible from people who have "been there done that".

  5. I would buy the tickets in the name on her passport, but I don't think it matters either way.

    Airlines are subject to large fines if the knowingly carry a passenger without the correct entry clearance for their destination, so they want to be sure that the passenger will be allowed in at their destination; or as sure as possible.

    So on leaving the US they will want to see her Thai passport at check in and on leaving Thailand her green card as well.

    That these are in different names, and one a different name to her ticket, should not be a problem, provided she has a documented link; i.e. your marriage certificate.

    Thai immigration wont be a problem as she will just show them her Thai passport.

    I'm afraid I don't know about US immigration, though. Logically her passport, green card and marriage certificate should suffice; but I don't know if they would.

    Thanks 7by7, I think you are right. Sounds like a good approach to me.

  6. Hi all. I am a US citizen married to a Thai lady who is currently in the process of obtaining her Green Card here in the US. When she gets her GC (should be within the next month or two) we will be purchasing plane tickets for her and I to return to Thailand for her to visit her parents. Here in the US, she has taken my last name, and that is what will show on her GC as well as other US legal documents. Her Thai passport however still has her original Thai maiden name.

    My question is - when we buy plane tickets, should we buy them in her original name as shown on her Thai passport, or with her new name as will be shown on her GC? What are the implications of either option?

    Thank you in advance!

  7. For very no-frills food, and if you are in the Sapaan Kwaii area, check-out Abu Ibrahim restaurant on Pradipat road, not far from the sky train station. Owners I believe are Thai-Bangladeshi and they do a mish mash of South Asian stuff. Not the greatest Indian but reasonably priced and the restaurant itself is clean, air-con, etc.

  8. Pretty nice shwarma at Beirut (Ploenchit Center and Saladaeng, in the little mall where Subway Sandwhich is). Served with the best garlic sauce I have found, as well said tahini and a green chili sauce that's excellent.

    Unfortunately, the management and service seem to have changed for the worse over the last couple years. I still eat there when I can, but they appear to be scrimping a bit on the sauces and the relish tray that comes with the food. You just have to ask for more, though...

    Streetwise, I still like the one on Suk Soi 3, at the corner of the first subsoi N. of Suk. Again, though, it has changed hands, and takes two sandwiches to satisfy me, where the one (larger) did before. Quality is still good.

    Lots to choose from on that Soi, so hopefully others will post their favorites.

    Agreed. If its the same one I'm think about, love the fact that they throw fries into the shawarma too. Believe its a friendly Lebanese guy?

  9. I used to stay at the King too. That place has really gotten shabby it seems.

    In that same price range (but a bit more expensive) there is a place called City Park Hotel right across from the Carrefour. Its clean and if I recall rooms start at 600. Definitely nicer and newer than the King. There is a decent restaurant on site which becomes a "singer bar" at night. Its out of the main downtown/touristy area but its proximity to Carrefour makes it somewhat convenient. Easy to find tuk tuks/motorcycle taxis to go to and from there.


  10. I recall there being a Popeye's in The Mall Bangkapi around 95 or so. It was right across from the KFC near the main entrance, LOL. Around that same time, there was the Wendy's on the ground floor of MBK and even a Taco Time in Siam Square too.

    I used to loooove going to Taco Time and was surprised that it came to BKK (its a regional fast food Mexican chain from the western US).

    Just a question out of curiosity for the "old-timers" commenting here... :rolleyes:

    When you guys were frequenting these places back in the day.... was it all or mostly a farang clientele?.

    Or did they manage, even back some years ago, to attracted a mixed/Thai customer base...

    Also, I noticed, a couple of you have been TV members since 2003/04

    Does that mean the places like Wendy's and Popeye's were here post 03-4?? As recent as that??? Or did they all die out earlier, like as someone mentioned, during the Asian financial meltdown of the late 90s???

  11. BB - Hi. I just wanted to add one thing - I wrote a letter and sent it to my GF as part of her application. I put it on the letterhead of my employer. I had no idea if the letter would have any value at all, but I figured why not. Anyway, it turned out that the interviewer had my letter and read from it during my GF's interview, and asked a few questions based off of things I wrote in my letter. She also told me that the interviewer had a number of questions about ME during the interview as well, such as where I worked, what I did, what was my connection to Thailand, and so on.

    So I would say that writing a letter might be a helpful thing if it truly adds some positive spin to your GF's application. Good luck.

  12. HI all. My parents are planning on doing some traveling in Thailand later this winter. They are healthy, but old (dad is 70 and mom a bit younger). They do a lot of international travel, both independently and with tour groups. I am encouraging them to use a tour company when they come to Tland just because it will be easier for them to have a company take care of all the hotels, local travel, etc. I would describe them as having pretty typical run of the mill interests as far as tourism goes (shopping, islands, temples, etc.). Anyone have good recommendations for tour companies? Also, they are exploring the possibility of visiting Malaysia and/or S'pore too, so I guess if there is a company that does package types of tours in those countries too it would be an advantage. Thanks in advance.

  13. I was told. when I too was surprised about current prices that this was the peak time for travel out of the UK ( any time you happened to be lloking at! ). Look again after August prices will drop. I used cheapticket.co.uk last time and STA the time before, you just have keep searching, all promise the earth with prices til you are there. Otherwise I found the cheapest were available about 5 days before departure, suited me, maybe not you. Dreamworld make strong claims, have a website but then you have to phone, they are in Ealing. Good luck

    Interesting you say that. A person I met a few weeks ago told me the same thing (that the cheapest prices are available right before the flight). Sounds kind of risky though. Is that always a sure bet?

  14. BUT as a Korean I do believe it is a must! to have go chu jjang.

    Of course it is a MUST! What are those guys at the food stall thinking? I can't imagine starting a Bibimbap business without knowing the most basic things about it.

    Yeah I have also had the Bibimbap on KAL with the red chile paste, of course. For airline food in coach, you could do worse! Where is a Korean grocery in Pattaya? I still would like to try the food courts 55 baht Bibimbap for amusement purposes, but need to bring in the paste.

    I have to say, KAL flights across the Pacific are not bad at all IMHO.

  15. I've only had a mosburger once before in my life, in the Paragon food court. First and last time for me. I know some people really like them (obviously the Japanese do), but man, it just struck me as having a really strange consistency and taste. I'm just talking the regular hamburger not any of the more unique items. I would much prefer McDonald's over Mos, and that's not saying much!

    I think the thing is mosburger is more like meatloaf than a normal burger. Personally I love them but I can see how others don't

    That would make sense. It did have a real overly processed consistency and texture.

  16. Yeah noticed the mistakes right away, but for the life of me I can not find where to go to edit or delete the post. Would appreciate some help on how to go about doing that.

    Hi. I can speak a little to points 3 and 4, just based on my own GF's experiences. She told me that when she registered for the appointment, she had an option of choosing an English or Thai interview, and she chose the Thai one. I assumed that would mean that the interviewer would be a Thai national or an American who was absolutely fluent in Thai. Instead (according to my GF), it turned out to be a US farang woman who had a so-so command of Thai. Anyway, that was just one instance so who knows what the majority of situations are like.

    As for contacting an actual live human being about visa issues, my GF said that was quite difficult to do. She was in a similar situation and had to reschedule an interview due to the red shirt protest in May and tried calling them directly with little luck. She actually said the embassy told people to post things on their facebook page and they would get a response!

  17. I've only had a mosburger once before in my life, in the Paragon food court. First and last time for me. I know some people really like them (obviously the Japanese do), but man, it just struck me as having a really strange consistency and taste. I'm just talking the regular hamburger not any of the more unique items. I would much prefer McDonald's over Mos, and that's not saying much!

  18. Khao Soi for sure. Best I've had in BKK was in a store run by a Chinese Muslim not too far from the Khao San area (but far enough that there are never any farangs there). Followed by Chinese-style shrimp dumplings soup or bamee hang.

    When I used to live in Loei, you could get Vietnamese style Pho up there. In fact they even called it pho. Very delish.

  19. You sure you want to be in the market now??

    How much are you charging for that unsolicited anonymous advice on the internet?

    Maybe the OP wants to buy leveraged short ETF's.

    Merely by asking the question my hunch is he doesn't even know what a short is and shorting what are essentially mutual funds (85%)?

    But it sounds from your comment you also sense a bear is in the air (shorting).

    Scott Trade and Fidelity also hae us8 trades now. I'd go w/ Fidelity. During the crises, they had no issues come to fore.

    I use both Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. In addition to lowering the cost of trades, fidelity also offers free trading for some ETFs:


    I'd recommend either platform and have had good experiences with customer service for both. Fidelity is probably preferred because the commissions are cheaper.

  20. In the downtown area in the mornings its easy to find roti with curry sauce, really cheap and delish, at some of the Muslim places. Also, at almost all times except the dead of night you can find Chinese style dim sum places. In addition to the sea food, to me this makes Hat Yai a nice place for food since you can get it all.

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