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  1. Farang fight to win, thai fight to kill. So I’ve been told.
  2. Keep the wages as they are, just pay them a tax free 13th salary at the end of year.
  3. Up to 7 years in the slammer OR 14.000 thb ! Who and how can you come up with these figures...
  4. at the local scrap yard - recycling company. You might even get a few satang.
  5. That’s good news! 169 million unused bags in 2 month. What I’d like to know from the CP corporation is how many bags they have handed out only last year in total? ;-)
  6. Got to your local scrap yard. You’ll be astonished what you can sell to them. 300- 500 for car batterie, 50 baht for motor-bike batterie, aluminium cans, plastic bottles, cardboard.... aso
  7. “mai chop sai tung, krap” is a bit more emphatic and she might also blush.
  8. The OP sounds a bit distressed. Maybe immigration has the spotlight on him or his business. I always check in with a neat copy of my passport. Then they usually ask if they can keep the copy. I reply politely: if your copy machine is broken you can, off they go and make a copy of my copy. Of course I do have my passport with me as well.
  9. And non of the passengers had the balls to call highway police? Classic. Instead, let’s do a vdo and put it on Facebook. Tomorrow he sits behind the wheel again or does anyone believe he regrets his behavior?
  10. Does anybody know how to use the provided GPS coordinates on Thai speeding tickets. On my last trip to Bangkok (New Year) I got flashed 4 times. On highway # 41, 4 and 35. I don’t mind paying a fine if they catch me, but during this last trip I used to drive most of the time 115 km/h, speeding cams start flashing at a 120km/h. So now I was looking at those tickets which they sent by mail and used the coordinates on google map and TomTom: no result! Back to my question, does anybody know how to type in these coordinates into google map and get a result? Thanks for any helpful input.
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