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  1. I only once bought at Macro a 3 liter box of chardonnay wine. To be fair can’t remember 100% if it was from Mont Clair. But it was Australien. Anyway back home put it in the fridge and next day poured a glass and was surprised of the intense color. So I tasted a bit and was disgusted.

    No way to drink that, so I mixed it with some soda. Then it was a bit better but still not what I was used to drink back home. So I got curious and inspected the box and could find in tiny small prints that they ad egg-powder for coloring!!! VVTF, tossed the full box right away. That’s fraud. Since then I stick to beer in Thailand.




  2. Work your ass off while you are between 20 and 40. Save like crazy. Have some holidays to relax.
    Resist the urge to buy a new car, large house, to many fancy clothes etc.
    Then when you are 40 either have a large sum saved or a huge amount of experience that can be monetized. If you wait to long then your saving and learning/experience building period will be skipped and you end up much much less comfortable. And in your older days, comfort is the greatest good.

    Well said
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    If you do try to sell wine with a label like that, you’ll end up in prison in my country.

    Mineral water, wine and beer had some seriously harsh government laws to protect the quality and standard, until the EU did soften up those laws in favor for the food industry.
    However the law for wine quality and some other regional food products are still very strict till today and that is very good.
    No egg powder in our wine!


  4. Egg whites are often used to "fine" (clarify) the wine............to remove particles and to sometimes "soften" it.
    Used worldwide along with other fining agents and has been for many years, even centuries.

    No it’s not used worldwide!
    Certainly not in Central Europe.
    and it’s not the egg white what they use to color the „wine“ it’s the yoke.
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  5. Once I bought a 5 lt box Australian Chardonnay at Macro.

    Back home when I opened it and had a glass,

    I was surprised about the rich color of the wine. So I had a closer look at the package and found in small prints, that they also do add egg powder...

    Never again!!

    The country where I am from, you do get arrested if you do tamper wine like that.




  6. Oh man, what would I give for this smoked, semi-dry blood sausage.

    Friends and parents just brought me a few jars and cans with sausage (Blood, liver and Pressack) and I have to control myself not to finish it too early.

    Reserved for special occasions [emoji23]


    This picture is more than a year old, but it was a feast.... because the whole plate was for myself!

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