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  1. A brilliant piece of equipment and congrats. to Singapore for this. If successful, I could see this being installed everywhere
  2. You must imagine living in exile is wonderful?...So many Thais have departed Thailand due to the never ending threat of prison and death here, by the relentless tactics of the elite, the government and the military.....then they attack the families...and of course, the frequent disappearances. All learned from China. Hardly a joke!
  3. Wouldn't be possible in Cha Am....the umbrella mafia would attack everyone!
  4. I would imagine that large chunks of the cash have gone....like candy to a kid!
  5. The latter sentence of your comment is correct....the guy's a twit !
  6. And likely your coffin with the lack of proper cover!
  7. PTT don't have the best record of fixing things properly....The Montaro rig oil leak in 2009 was plain shoddy until international pressure mounted on them...then the rig caught fire and took experts eventually come on the scene to douse the fire and plug the well properly. They should compensate all that have been affected, they're a government enterprise, but no doubt there'll be many arguments in the mean time!
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