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  1. Strangely.....there's no import on power (inboard) boats and sail boats here...only vat.
  2. Not leave the country....they should be made to go into the rice fields and spray....without PPE!
  3. Buying gold, Bentleys, Porches and of course, offshore properties....a lot easier for the elite with a strong baht....have to wait for instructions tho'.
  4. The banning of these chemicals hasn't been voted on just yet....these measures were already announced. Anyway, there's no way this guy would resign of there is no ban....like most public servants here, he would not be a man of his word!
  5. It's debatable whether sanctions applied by the US are actually very successful any longer...certainly haven't made a whole lot of change to countries eg: N Korea
  6. Throwing the Kurdish allies under the bus is a cold, uncalled for and cowardly step from Trump....that he has the power in the US to allow a slaughter of the Kurds is unbelievable in the world today....he's most definitely on par with Erdogan !
  7. Thanathorn was attending a function organised by the Economist in HK....maybe more people in Thailand should actually log on to this agency and read full stories about Thailand that are banned here. Small minds here that never open.
  8. We have to remember, the media are instructed nowadays....
  9. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Thailand ~50 people died in road accidents today.
  10. One of the good things of the high Thai baht...for the rich!
  11. There are so many alternatives to Palm oil....to say it is the least unfriendly is a bit of a stretch....it's an insidious product. After working in Kalimantan, the destruction of the forests there is beyond belief, but it's not just Kalimantan...it's global! Highlighting orangutans as a joking point is plain ignorant!
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