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  1. China (WTO) still claims "Developing Nation" status.....giving massive incentives and concessions...!
  2. They have a brain...brand new...never had a thought go through it
  3. Cha Am beach chairs....Bkk people sit there all weekend ..heaps of beer, Hong Thong, Regency and etc....then in the afternoon, all pile into the pick-up and drive home. Perfectly normal behaviour...and repeated each week!......But of course, there's heaps of buddha stuff on the dash and hanging from the mirror !
  4. There's huge shops selling Buddha idol gear all over the country....in Thailand buddhism is massively monetised....just the space temple shows the level it's got to....so charging tourists that are stupid enough to believe that paying for spiritualism is probably fair go.....totally wrong and unethical, but none the less, it would be perfectly acceptable here!
  5. Although the disappeared handguns were Sigs and S&W...I have to wonder how many of the original 150,000 Sigs are still around.....the mind boggles that such a quantity was purchased and handed around.....also wonder what the commissions came to?
  6. Keystone cops making their own laws without legislation...they're a joke considering that the court just threw out a murder charge for a drunk driver yesterday...
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