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  1. The government probably doesn't realise it's not an app.....
  2. Notice they are selling these meals....Thai elite do not know what Philanthropy is.....
  3. Once a genuine vaccine is developed and produced, a generic vaccine will be produced locally.....as most drugs are.
  4. "But businesses were in dire straights having to continue to pay high rents." I'de guess that zero rents have been paid.....
  5. Thai will lose state enterprise status....yet the transport department is responsible for the rehab plan...makes perfect sense...then this: "will assure the creditors that THAI will come back stronger after the rehabilitation is completed.".What a gem....what could possibly go wrong? All debts are frozen (read written off).....new funding will be found, and the gravy train will depart the station....
  6. "that have never arrived."......if they were actually ever sent is the question....and if the funds were sent and never arrived, they were stolen.
  7. The education minister will be scratching his head and completely unaware of any online problems.....the online system is the same as class room systems.
  8. There's no rush to answer......no-one can monitor this!
  9. We didn't take our phones into the mall yesterday.....just signed a piece of paper and entered.... Almost everyone else automatically opened their phones and scanned.......none had any idea what they were doind!
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