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  1. Moral support for the detainees:))....did they bring the mandatory flowers....or a bowl of som tum?.....
  2. Maybe there is no "genuine" here any longer....how would we know?
  3. “Without (government) legislation,".....the government would care little for underpaid foreign workers here is Thailand...when the elite and connected own many of these rag-trade businesses....cheap labour is the song!
  4. Well.....if anything, they're getting rid of any competition!
  5. I can't see where it says one must maintain Thb 400K in the account In the case of retirement: Criteria for Consideration Must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (NON-IM). Must be 50 years of age or over. Must have evidence of having income of no less than Baht 65,000 per month; or On the filing date, the applicant must have account deposited (saving / fixed account) in a bank in Thailand of no less than Baht 800,000 for the past three months. For the first year only, the applicant must have proof of a deposit account in which said a
  6. The architects must have spent a day or two in Shanghai for inspiration.....but failed!
  7. Any "claim" of fraud is real here.....especially in the government it seems
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