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  1. Where can you get baby ducks in Chiang Rai?
  2. We want to turn a field shed into a temporary living space for field workers. It's about 200 meters as the crow flies, but there is a hill in the middle, so say 250. Anyhow they only want electric light (too many ghosts over there) and phone charging, no kettles or power tools, so we can go fairly light and put a breaker at the supply end if they hook up something too big. Just wondering what gauge of wire would work. This is only for occasional use.
  3. I think that the hyperbolic response to a virus that is no more deadly than the flu has been the greatest misdirection in the history of humanity. I know some people named Karen by the way. I have nothing against them. I was trapped in another country for 6 months separated from my family and had to rely on the charity of others to survive. That made me more upset than masks at Walmart.
  4. Herd is definitely an appropriate term when it comes to describing the absurdity of the last 12 months.
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