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  1. That is a lot of territory to discuss. God did remove people from their land in various nasty ways. Fire from the sky, flood, Invading armies. He did always give some fair warming in advance though. Currently the Jews are quite divided about what they should be doing. Perhaps if they remembered their roots they would find some better leaders.
  2. The point is that Christians, following the Bible, should not be inclined to kill. However there are exceptions when killing might seem dutiful. Everyone has choices to make from the evidence available.
  3. Yes we know one of them is worse than useless. It is a choice between an unknown and a confirmed clown show.
  4. People always mistake friendship for me wanting to hang out with them and do stuff. That's why I live in the sticks in a foreign country. They rarely make the effort to come and find me. And if they do I am very impressed and they don't stay long. So it's win win. Don't get me wrong, when I meet them in the world, I am super happy to see them, happy to have a meal and a conversation. But then I am also happy to go home without acquiring any new obligations. I got about a 3 hour time limit for socialization.
  5. I was looking for a guy to build me a house. One guy applied but it seemed that he had only ever built houses, so I couldn't trust him. I hired a drama teacher instead whose father built a house a long time ago.
  6. Now there is some whackadoodle nonsense. Prince Justin was born to a drug addled groupie and a cuckolded billionaire communist sympathizer. He never accomplished anything of substance in his life before his father's name launched him as the icon of progressive circle jerking. You can't blame this on decent people who are just trying to save Canada from mass psychosis. That you would post such a ridiculous notion shows you have had lethal amounts of kool-aid.
  7. Canadians are not much interested in their own politics either. The entire federal election is announced, campaigned, and wrapped up in something like 45 days. And campaign contributions are limited to very small amounts, in comparison to the US. Which keeps everything low key, with small advertising budgets and Not much for corporate influence. America on the other hand has an entire industry revolving around elections. It is shocking the energy that goes into it. So Canadians probably get 95% more American politics in their day than Canadian. Especially when you factor in the obsession with American politics from the entertainment industry and Hollywood. I don't know if there has ever been a Canadian movie about a Canadian Prime Minister. Nor have I seen a TV show (entertainment not documentary) based on our politics. I stand to be corrected however.
  8. I think this government is developing a bit of tax addiction. Must need another submarine.
  9. Shooting the spare tire is one of new techniques being employed by the officers with advance training.
  10. You could always just get it printed and draw grid directly on the print. My brother did murals and regular paintings using this method. Quite often just a photograph with lines across it.
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