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  1. The poor certainly believe it. He gave them their first sniff of political relevance
  2. The normal and decent people of Germany were unable to stop Hitler's National Socialists to rise to power. It is always the vocal minority that pushes its agenda and good folks usually find something else to do. Fascism is not left or right, it is nationalist and authoritarian. And these days it has become globalist and authoritarian. Narrow views and zero tolerance of dissent or free speech, and contrived virtues which abandon the collective wisdom of the enlightenment. The very things required for every dystopian novel. China's disastrous adoption of communism has morphed into a fascist state which relies, ironically, on capitalism. That is the way of authoritarianism. It's either fascism, dictatorship, or a feudal state; and often a blend of the three, but always greedy and paranoid. "The work that some posters on TV are doing to focus the event on Politics, Race or Religion, wittingly or unwittingly helps the shooter to achieve his ends." How is this event not about politics, race, and religion? You can't say Thai Visa posters made it that way. It is what it is.
  3. Nothing will change until a pro-rule-of-law candidate appears on the scene. However, corruption is the system they understand so it's more efficient to work within a familiar framework.
  4. Just the right-wing hate groups eh? And who is determining who is a hate group? The left, correct? Put all the people who disagree with us on police watch lists. The left so desperately wants to come out of the closet and declare their love for fascism. If it just wasn't called fascism they would be all over it.
  5. The shooter was already breaking the gun laws. It is illegal to have a 30 round clip in a semi-automatic gun in NZ. Gun laws didn't stop him. Do you think a man intent on mass shooting will be compliant to gun laws?
  6. Proof that if you lie to people long enough they will start to riot over it.
  7. @TSFLet us know if you find the note-7 pro for sale and how much?
  8. That's a good price but they don't include a link to purchase it. My current phone was sold to me as note-5 pro, but it turned out to be just the note-5. Great phone, but they had false advertising.
  9. The military has run the show ever since 32. How was that a win for the Thais?
  10. Where are you getting that price for the pro? I have seen the non-pro for close to that. I assumed the pro would be more.
  11. Good luck with all that. The fix is in, or the election never would have been called.
  12. That canal should get a medal for its brave act. But I wonder, was not having 50 people in a van more newsworthy than the selflessness of the canal.
  13. I did a check on the Mi A2 vs the note 7 (not pro) and I found that Mi A2 had no headphone jack, lower spec camera, smaller battery, and no expandable storage. It seems to me the Note 7 is better unless having Android One is a deal breaker for you. Xiaomi has very little bloatware, and I am fine with android 9 (pie). I think I am going with the Note 7 unless I discover something better in the next few days.
  14. No, it is the true essence of how things work with humans. Even in socialism, there is an elite class that doesn't have to play by the rules. And everyone else gets the state schools. The capitalism part of this is they got caught breaking rules.
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