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  1. Been thinking about it a long time; I even started a couple of threads to see if anyone else had bought a quad here. I didn’t get any action so I just had to get one to see. In my case a quad is useful because I have a field out the back side of town which is tricky to get to by truck (without scratching it up) and even though it’s only about a .5k walk, when you have to carry something out there it gets tedious. So I was going to get a K-Lion 200CC 2x4 quad, the biggest I had seen here. When I got there Panther had released the Big Bear which was also 200CC. It looked much sturdier and even had a 60mm ball hitch. It seemed the obvious choice. I did notice that the two quads shared quite a few parts like mirrors and mags; likely coming of the same assembly line. But the Big Bear was my choice. They delivered it the next day I was kind of busy when they showed up so I only started it up and puttered around the yard a bit to get the low down on how it was setup. But later when I had more time and took it on the road, it shook pretty bad. I gave it some time because I thought maybe it was something you get used to, but that didn’t happen. I checked the tire pressures and I was quite surprised to see them at 32PSI I remember my last ATV (20+ years ago) the tires were at 2-3PSI so I thought they must do it different now. Nope, I check the tires and they were rated for 5PSI. So I took them down to 5 and that sorted most of the shake. So I played with it a while, getting the feel of it and getting more aggressive. When I went inside for a bit my wife found a lug nut and put it back on the quad (hand tight). But she didn’t tell me. I took it out again with the kids and when I got back she told me about the lug nut. I went to look and now I was missing two on the right rear. We found one and I snugged three of them up properly (they were all loose on that rim). That fixed more of the shake, it’s hardly noticeable now, possibly the tires are still slightly distorted. At this point I should have gone over the whole thing and tightened everything. I didn’t do that though until I had run it another 20 k or so. My bad. When I finally gave it a good check I had lost a screw for the head light mount, a screw on the trim, and a nut holding up the front rack. Nearly all the trim screws on the right were loose too. So it sounds bad, but I have got it all sorted now, and I have to say I do love the thing. I have been running it back and forth to the field and doing odd jobs. I can nearly maintain 30kph on the tricky road to the field whereas in the truck I would be lucky to do 10. The top speed is just over 60kph by the way, so it isn’t a highway cruiser. But it really is a lot of fun off road; I have nearly got my skills back from 20 years ago when I ran my ATV daily and aggressively. Now I need to build a trailer, but I need a receiver for that 60mm ball hitch. Anyone know where to get one?
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