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  1. So. for all countries, citizens of that country aren't getting tested for the airlines, but the foreigners are?
  2. How many countries require covid tests for asymptomatic foreigners?
  3. Trumps got 4 years to replace her anyway. The Dems are a dystopian dark humor comedy at the moment.
  4. No chance in a billion the Dems wouldn't be cramming some progressive in that seat, before the funeral even.
  5. I have the Redmi note5, wife has the note 7, Daughter has the 9. I am likely getting the 10. Everyone quite pleased with their phones. However, I will do my research before getting another. Perhaps The golden era is over for the Redmi Notes.
  6. I was shocked to discover at the airport, that despite the hoops I had to jump through to get on the flight. I would be riding back with Thais that hadn't even been tested.
  7. By the numbers. Thailand hasn't has its Covid problem yet. Meaning Thailand will be at risk much longer than other countries. Low numbers to date means higher risk going forward.
  8. Not sure what they are selling but apparently there is a new holiday
  9. I can't imagine how much delusion, lack of political understanding, and narcissism it required to get that group to believe they were going to have any effect on anything other than getting a pic in the paper.
  10. I vote we have a two categories for POTY, the big girl's blouse division and the unlimited class. That should accommodate almost everyone.
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