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  1. I wont know until we get started, but there is a lot of sand and we have quite a lot of river. If we are wearing out the equipment we should be making money too, so the wear might be acceptable. No one is getting rich on this though. I would be amused if it made enough after expenses to buy a scooter
  2. In theory, there are several people doing it for decades already, just old ladies with baskets though. No real equipment.
  3. Your link actually had the stuff I need on their site, I will contact them.
  4. It will need to be flexible, and a minimum of 4 meters. 8 to 10 meters would be better. The hose I need would be 500 bucks in the states for 6 meters.
  5. My wife wants to take advantage of the large sand bar on our property. She wants to sell the sand. Sand is a good little side business up here. Not many sources. It seems to me a sand dredge would be a lot simpler than having people in the river pulling out sand with baskets. Which is what the neighbors do. Anyhow I have a pump that could run a 6 inch dredge, but I can only find 4" suction hose. I have heard that there is some black flexible pipe available, but I don't know where. I am in Chiang Rai province, but I could have it shipped from elsewhere. Any ideas?
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