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  1. I think this thread is quite a marvel, as it has not been drawn into pettiness (much) and the free flow of ideas has been accommodated. People's worldviews are intimate and usually do not fair well in the wild. Welcome to the thread Tipper.
  2. It was a big deal here last year, lots of folks buying trees, I don't know how the trees are doing now though. We decided not to buy any. I think they produce after two years. The thing is, The cocoa industry is struggling because people don't want to do the work, very labor intensive I hear. So it will be interesting to see if cocoa will take off here. I would like to know if anyone has experience with cocoa in Thailand. I might put some trees in this year just for curiosity's sake.
  3. They just need for the entire population of Chiang Mai to spend their day, downwind and close to the fountains
  4. I want one of these. 130 pounds, equal power to 250 CC. It's got to be a blast. Link
  5. Very inefficient to kill a pig with a club. And it damages the head, which is sold here at markets. They must have made a mistake when they stabbed it. Generally it's a spear to heart and lungs. At least that's how my next door neighbor does it three times a week. A good jab and it's over pretty quick. Pigs make outrageous noises when they are being caught. It sounds like they are being murdered, even when they are just tied up.
  6. Translate that to Bezos has created a new fund to dodge taxes while doing some major league virtue signalling.
  7. I have many criticisms about China, but there ignorant attitude towards wildlife is top of the list. In this day and age it is really inexcusable. Extremely selfish and soulless.
  8. That is relatively deserted? Must have been a horrible place before.
  9. Treat them like the CIA because that's who's pulling the strings over there.
  10. To be fair, Sirineou and I had a brief political scuffle back there but we set it aside, this thread is no longer about politics and it never really was. Please stick around, this thread keeps resurrecting itself and your comments are interesting.
  11. I don't have a side, but I don't think the dems have a chance. Let's let it drop though, I would hate if this turned into a Trump thing.
  12. You say you aren't a religious man, but here I see you are showing great faith, despite the odds against your hope.
  13. Can't wait for the ice age so all these Chicken Littles will have something real to worry about.
  14. American presidential campaigns are just a variation of professional wrestling. It's all done for entertainment. The two party system is carefully managed to give the public a sense of involvement when in reality the winner is pre-determined and switched occasionally so both sides have their day.
  15. Drip tape is great when its the right application, I can't imagine how you will make it work for rice though. Your rice field will be wall to wall drip tape, and what are you going to do with it when you need to till the soil or cut the rice. It isn't much fun rolling up those 500m rolls. I assume the cost of purchasing the drip tape will eliminate any profit for years to come.
  16. Now you've gone and activated the koi bug in me again. That is going to cost me some baht.
  17. I did not. It is still a dream. I have some fat old koi swimming around in pond, but they aren't anything special. The only koi farm I know of is Shogun farms, they have a large store in Khamtiang Market in Chiang Mai. They don't have much of an internet presence though.
  18. So this week I am reassessing my fish farm strategy. I have tried a lot of things this year and learned a lot, but clearly I didn’t break even. At this point my plan was to make a much larger investment. I know could start a new season and apply everything I learned, and more than likely, I will do much better. But perhaps I should think about something other than Tab Tim. I noticed the Pla nin I raised this year grew better than the Tab Tim. And I know I can turn over Pla Suwai faster and with less concern over water quality. But I like Tab Tim because they all have unique patterns, they are colorful, and people seem to think they taste better. Other fish are kinda boring and hard to see. I mean how is it possible to enjoy watching a pond of catfish, no offense RBH. So now I am thinking why not go all the way over to the fussy end of fish farming, and have a try with Koi. I know they are not an eating fish, but I also know that some of the prices these things go for are insane. It is not unusual to see 6 inchers going for 2000 baht a pop, and at the higher end of the biz you can change that number from baht to dollars. There has got to be some profit potential there, as well as having some beautiful fish to pamper. So I am wondering if there are any of you out there who have some experience with breeding and rearing koi.
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