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  1. Not a big fan of Buddhism myself but I reckon this 'poor' family's karma bus just left town.

    Perhaps your knowledge and/or understanding of "Buddhism" is somewhat limited, otherwise you would never even consider writing what you did. It's a bit like stating "I am not a great fan of a good thing" . . . . . . . .



  2. Wow, you must have gotten a great deal. Sure, prices have gone up quite a bit. You still have the name/number of your contractor. Might have few jobs for him. Thanks MS>

    "Moonseeker" - that's easy; just contact your friend 007 and all will be well . . . . . (PS: The glass is 1/2-Full !).


  3. Heart breaking story.

    There is still love in this cruel world of ours.

    May she Rests in Peace and the man keeps being healthy till he meets her again and be with her forever.

    Costas: Thanks for that ! - I couldn't have put that better myself ! !


  4. "which has seen civil liberties eroded since the army declared martial law and seized power from an elected government last May." - THIS has got to be the biggest "fib" ever, since that so-called "democratically elected" government was wrought with Vote-Buying on an embarrassingly huge scale; Intimidation; so-called "Benficial Scheme Promises to benefit those population-groups who are vast in number, but very limited in understanding - and much more underhanded tactics ! ! If THAT is "democratically elected" - then pigs will soon start to fly . . . . . . .

    Now; apparently, Thailand is "suffocating under a tough Military Junta" who has been "systematically curtailing democratic freedoms" . . . . well; I have lived/worked in this wonderful country for a little over 22 years and I can assure you that I am not suffocating; in fact - this country has never felt better and the only people who are feeling some pressure are those who strive to benefit (big time) over the backs of the working class in Thailand.

    A number of years ago, I was asked what the best manner of "Government" would be ( for any nation) and the answer is very simple; it's called:

    "a Benevolent Dictator"

    and voila; here we have a very brave Thai' General, who stood-up in the middle of a very dire (for the country and its future !) situation and slammed his fist on the table and said: "Enough is Enough" ! ! !

    General Prayuth is NOT out to, and/or motivated by GREED, but by the desire of ALL thinking Thai' people, to bring this country into the 21st Century in terms of re-organizing this society to where there's Equality, Freedom-from-Corruption and; Fair-Laws & Fair Legal- Institutions;- ultimately a DEMOCRACY to best serve the good people of Thailand !

    General Prayuth and his efforts to achieve these goals (extremely difficult as it may seem !) is supported by the vast majority of Thais - and I, for one, salute him !


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  5. In order to explain the correct pronunciation of this word/term, one should first look at "the origin" of this word/term.

    When the first Europeans reached the shores of Siam (as Thailand was then known), the French were predominantly in evidence.

    When the Thai's inquired as to their origin, the French responded with "Je suis Francais" (I am French). The Thai's immediately adopted the word "Francais" to identify any "white colored foreigner who came to Thailand and since the Thai's had a problem with pronouncing "connected-letters" they pronounced it "Farangsei",which eventually 'bastardized" down to the word we hear every day, in Thailand, namely "Faa'-Rang".

    Many people are under the mis-conception that 'Fa-rang' automatically infers a derogatory meaning: it does not. - Thai's merely use this term to differentiate between races without intending to be 'racist'.


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  6. "Meanwhile, the NRC has increased the frequency of the weekly meetings from 2 to 3 meeting per week, on Monday to Wednesday in order to speed up the consideration process on reports from 18 reform commissions. The reform roadmap must be completed before early June, which it will then be presented to the government."

    You don't have to rush, NRC, we are all right as we are now.

    The longer this government is in power the more good will be done for the Thai people.

    So take your time, nobody is pushing you.

    Agreed, Costas:in fact we should add: "This is most certainly a subject which deserves to be done and be done well" - because the legal system in Thailand, with all respect, needs major overhauls, not only in the 'laws' (Statutes) themselves, but also in the phraseology it employs.


  7. "The cache consisted of two shotguns, four BB guns, one handgun, one homemade "pen gun," one hand grenade, one rifle, and over a hundred bullets for the firearms, said Maj.Gen. Adisorn."

    In my home country we have far more than this legally in private homes. It makes the govt. think twice before attempting a coup. In fact, we've never had one.

    This was in my opinion a truly pathetic seizure.

    @96tehtarp: No Sir; think not of just this 1 little "cache" - but think of how many hundreds more of these little "caches" are spread around the Kingdom . . . . . it soon adds-up to a formidable amount of "killing-devices" in the hands of, potentially, totally irresponsible mallots . . . . .


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  8. More cheese with that whine?

    He can whine as much as he likes.

    The only thing I'm worried about if he starts disliking certain nationalities.

    Then many people here will be in trouble.

    Hope we never come to that.......but you never know....................

    Costas: With all respect; but your comment bears clear witness to the fact that you are totally ignorant of the persona "Prayuth" ! - It also clearly shows that you haven't done your homework and/or research on "who" this General really is - and, more importantly, what he stands for and who's side he is on. This surprises me, because you are vying to be the TV-Poster with the 'most Posts' - and that only goes to show that "Still Waters Run Deep" . . . . . . .


  9. My advice would be to go see Dr. David Pack, MD. David is an American, but brought-up in Canada. He's an MD and specialized in Chiropractice. His mob. is" +66861518034 and he is located in a side-Soi just off North-Pattaya Road. Google his name and you'll find him also.

    Been solving my problems for years (and MUCH less expensive than the BPH !).

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