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  1. This is funny and I feel ... #1 it was not a mistake #2 surely if the people at the event loved their country as much as they claim, they should have noticed.
  2. This whole Covid thing is one big cash cow for - big pharma and their hoax vaccine - insurance companies (the scum of the earth) - corrupt officials
  3. Too lazy to scroll through five pages to see if anyone else pointed out that it doesn't say she has been a teacher for two years, only that she was a teacher and had been here for two years. After a brief perve (I mean look) on FB, she quit a watersports job in China in Sept. 2019, and was a teacher in China in March 2020. All very confusing. And yes, the coincidental name on IMDb is weird. Is it possible to set up a GoFundMe under false pretenses and just collect cash? I might try that, the way this economy is headed.
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