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  1. On paper / Officially it's very hard to define the difference between a bar, a pub, a beer bar, an open bar etc etc. Many businesses in Thailand are registered as something different from what they really are. Therefore, it's safer for the government to have a blanket ban. And in my opinion I tend to agree. Also, as some previous posters claim that with so few customers, what's wrong with opening? Well, if a bar has to pay staff etc to open for a few expats, then that might be worse for them than staying closed. And with so many young Thais off of school and work right now, should they have the temptation of going out drinking? Add to this the irresponsible ones who might waste the household's money on booze and what comes with it, then things will get worse. Don't get me wrong, I like a drink, and I can't wait until things open up. But I do see their sense in this. As for booze in restaurants, well I am also looking forward to those days, but if it's allowed, a gang of Somchais will order a few plates of food and then drink for hours. It's clear that most people on TVF are Farang expats who think that Thailand should revolve around their needs. With no tourists coming in, why would the government want to allow what such a small percentage of people here really want? Yes, the industry needs to open up for the good of the businesses and livelihoods involved, but it's too risky given how people behave when out drinking socially.
  2. That will work just fine... if they insist on every foreigner arriving with a clean bill of health and Covid-free!
  3. Their website is pretty awful and has errors (for example 'english'). The lucky candidates will join these guys.
  4. Wine Connection 10 days ago had 1 person per table. I went in alone (I have no friends) but a couple of guys came in together and had to sit at separate tables. Weird indeed, considering people travel to restaurants in the same car! Anyway, 3 days ago Wine Connection are allowing 2 per table, but not directly opposite each other. It's actually a table for four that they allow 2 to sit at. It really does seem weird that the rules are being interpreted in different ways but two things to note.. #1 In a franchised restaurant it's not fair to speak impolitely to the staff or even the manager, because they didn't make the rules. #2 In a franchised restaurant it's a waste of time telling a waitress where she can stick her food/restaurant/business. It's not as if she's a major shareholder and your absence will give her more time on her phone. We have to accept a lot of changes, and this includes the check in nonsense, sitting alone and of course, missing out on what used to be our favourite restaurants/bars/meals etc.
  5. I have no idea 'why' but I do worry whose hands our numbers get into / go through.
  6. It could be a coincidence, but since I have started writing down my phone number when entering a shopping mall I have been getting more notifications from Line app. Such as 'xxx has just added you by phone number' and yesterday I was added to a Line chat group by a stranger whose profile picture was a sexy lady. Is anyone else getting this? I'll be even lazier and more elusive when writing down my number from now on.
  7. While teaching my daughter to drive I always point out how many Fortuner drivers are bad, selfish pr*cks. I put it down to 'new money' because they're the sort of people who buy and drive these things. And if it's a middle-aged Thai guy in one, then I feel that the chances of them doing something dangerous and selfish multiplies.
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