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  1. She sounds like a nice dog, and lucky to have you taking care of her. Keep the casual walks and picking her up near strays. I wouldn't go overboard trying to give her extra trips, as this is more likely to cause problems than have a real benefit.
  2. Whereabouts in Bangkok are you? Did you meet or interact with the dog at your friend's house/condo before this dogsitting shift? Maybe it's used to chilling at home and the occasional short walk.
  3. May I ask what gives you more of a right to cycle through their 'home territory' than their right to simply survive in it? 300 'attacks' sounds like a lot. And you still haven't learned your lesson to either 'ride elsewhere' or 'learn what the dogs don't like and stop doing it.' Like sharks, stray dogs almost never 'attack' a human for no reason. If you're cycling or jogging past them, they're likely to chase you. You speed up, they feel that they're winning and they chase more and louder and their friends join. It's very much like a gang of Somchais. They join the winning team in vocal dirty numbers. It may sounds tedious (or even scary) at first, but I challenge you to get off your bike, stare the lead dog in the eyes, and stand your ground. 99.9% that dog will back down, and remember for next time.
  4. In many cases, the dogs are not suffering. It's the humans who want them out of sight and out of mind... and without feeling guilt. Like stray dogs, rats and all successful creatures, other species suffer from their success. Well, humans are the most-destructive species to have ever been on the planet, at the expense of all others. We had a family dog put down this week. I agree with the concept. But to murder/euthanise/cull dozens or hundreds of healthy mammals just because it makes our lives a bit safer and more convenient isn't going to happen here in Thailand any time soon.
  5. Late replies Thank you all. Indeed a sunbird, and they're getting braver. And this morning I saw a really brightly-coloured bird that could have been a sunbird. It was striking blue with a red stripe. And making lots of noise, bless it!
  6. This is Thailand! The roads or so incredibly dangerous, it's amazing. I won't let my kids anywhere near motorbikes. My wife rides my old scooter to the market (just outside Bangkok). If I'm riding on small roads or local footpaths, shorts, t-shirt and flipflops. (Aerox scooter 30-80km/h) If I'm riding in town I wear a proper (Thai decent) crash helmet, but don't go overboard on my limbs or torso. (30-110km/h) Not wanting to brag or be complacent, but you can never ever trust Somchai and his mates, but the way to stay safe is to read the road. Stay sober and alert and only filter through traffic and overtake when it's right to do so. Some think I'm crazy, but my philosophy is that the faster you go*, the harder you are to hit and the less time you're on the road. I don't go crazy, and nor do I wear 'Western protection.' Using your head, eyes and senses keeps you safe here. Well it has me for 20 years. *Only go as fast as you're able to control the bike, taking road conditions into account. ANYthing could happen at any time, but the same can be said for crossing the road. Some sh*tty riders wear too much gear and care too much. Some better and worse riders do the vest and flip flop thing. IMO, It's about how you ride, and lady luck, and nothing else.
  7. How about short-time hotels? That'd be an interesting can of worms if everyone had to 'report' their stays!
  8. It depends on which country you're going to. To the UK I have never had anything notarised. I write letters of sponsorship, and so do my parents. And I get one from my boss saying that there's a job for me to come back to.
  9. It's important to remember that.. Wednesday was a public holiday and the final of 5 days off for many. Not only is that going to increase traffic, but the immigration staff are due their own time off. Just getting more staff or outsourcing or sending others up the queue won't work because each 'alien' has to be checked in properly. The fingerprint thing is new, and will of course slow things down as well. Like the rest of this country, those who make the decision aren't anywhere near the sharp end, and those who are at the sharp end are discouraged from rocking the boat with ideas, suggestions or dare I say it 'criticism of the system.'
  10. I keep seeing a very small bird here in Bangkok. It is attracted to flowers and looks and flies similar to a hummingbird. I appreciate that it is not, but would like to know what it is. It's not an escaped pet or anything, as there are more than one. Ideas please... Thanks
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