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  1. Thai VietJet is a budget airline and is strict for several things, including weighing hand luggage. I have used them and will again next week. Whenever booking flights, always double check before hitting 'confirm'. And if it's your own kids' names, there should be no excuse. My Thai wife's name is spelled differently on her ID card and passport, so when booking domestic flights I use her ID spelling and her passport spelling for international flights. This is your error, but worth pursuing. Years ago I booked Air Asia for the whole family and we arrived at Don Meaung to fly to B
  2. They surveyed just 1,204 people. That's not even one condo's worth of residents. Hardly a proper survey, is it?
  3. To state a 'fact' needs indisputable evidence and support. Do they have that?
  4. I'm not a smoker and I don't really like people smoking up wind from me, but I'm sure I do stuff others don't like. Banning it in condos is not fair. Ok, apartment buildings where tenants rent is one thing, but people buy condos with their own hard-earned money and should be allowed to do what they like in them. At least a cigarette is over in 5 minutes. Loud music, tvs* and other noises are far less socially acceptable in my opinion. *televisions, but could be transvestites if that's your thing.
  5. I totally understand the OP here, in that it's simply unfair if this guy has a private pool after 10pm. But if the pool is closed to him and everyone after 10pm, then no issue. As for privacy, unless he has two-way glass and can sit there looking at swimmers while touching himself inappropriately, I feel that the invasion of privacy is the other way around. I wouldn't want to sit in my living room in view of random swimmers and kids. More information is needed to give a fair answer or opinion.
  6. A bit like the Red Bull case, if you think about it. Sickening and sad, and unfair for the family.
  7. Well, it will only track the whereabouts of the device and not the person. Although most of us can't spend time away from our phones during normal days, even before Covid I noticed that many western tourists just brought their phones to connect to hotel wi-fi and didn't take them out and about. Oh, and whatever happened to those watch things? that lasted all of about 10 minutes before going quiet.
  8. Over the years I have noticed a huge disparity between Thais and us westerners about who sleeps in which room and with whom. Many wealthy Thai parents will encourage/force their kids to sleep with them (same room and sometimes the same bed), claiming that it saves electricity on the air conditioning... although the have plenty of money, several German cars, and domestic staff. I totally understand that if the family live in a small apartment, then sleeping together is the only option. Back in the UK, it's normal for a new baby to be given its own room as soon as possible, in order fo
  9. In government clinics the rabies jabs are for free, for kids, and the follow up shots.
  10. As written by others, and not agreed with by some, the dog was doing what is instinctive. The kid went into the yard and that's the dog's territory. Sounds to me like this kid hasn't had the best upbringing if (at 9 years old) he's out playing ball at 9pm, and walking into people's houses without knocking. I am not blaming the kid, but his parents. Plus, if he's a local he should have known there was a dog. And is he's not local, he shouldn't be going into strangers' houses. Also, the bill sounds quite high. Maybe the kid's wonderful parents want to get some cash as compensation,
  11. Many of us are fellas, living and married in Thailand. And I would say nearly all of those 'played the field' before settling down. I'm sure many still do. But I don't, although I'm tempted almost every day. My reasons for not doing so (in addition to the main one which goes without saying) are as follows... - if the other girl is single, and pretty. Why is she single? Is she a nutjob? - if the other girl is not single, do you really want her husband or boyfriend coming round? - if the other girl is just out for casual sex and fun for free? Why would she choose an old fa
  12. I think you will find that a huge reason for the positive test case numbers is that in Europe they're increasing testing all the time, hence more positives. And that in Thailand they only test people in quarantine, going to prison and for special reasons. Hence the lack of positives, and the blame all going to returnees. Like many others, I feel that the virus is very much here and was probably a year ago.
  13. Apologies if it's already been posted (don't have time to read all replies), but surely anyone rich and daft enough to have $1,000,000 to invest here will already have plans for a visa, and have staff to get one the normal way... or other ways to stay in this fine land for as long as that money will last.
  14. Any news on the smart watch tracking things that can give the wearer a full medical diagnosis while tracking their whereabouts and forewarning the locals that a dirty infected farang is nearby? That story only lasted 48 hours, didn't it?
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