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  1. It might be to keep the incompetent ones off the roads. Helping others not to suffer. It is commonplace in the West that a medical assessment is made for driver competency at particular ages, I do not see it as ridiculous. Some have to be forced off the roads. I know an elderly guy uses a Thai licence in Oz... because he can't get one there.
  2. I believe they move out of town more. Larger housing is a rarety in soi Buakhao, mostly crumbling crappy shop-houses. Quite a chore to get into town for dinner.
  3. It is all about deciding if you want to live in the City or more rural... next what you need in proximity. Hua Yai has golf, nearby to U-Tapao and Sattahaip and Bang Saray and will offer a quieter life. The new road should really open the area up. That said, you can live on the other side of Pattaya, say Nong Pla Lai and have easier access to Bangkok and the main airport and good schools. Roads have been under construction (Hwy 36) but that is nearly complete. There is a glut of housing on the market, they aren't selling so can be picked up. Three around me, but larger land than you pursue perhaps. I miss being closer to town though...
  4. Annual event known as Naklua Walking St, scheduled over peak season and weekends only.
  5. They have to do the 90 day 'address report' but not the Jomtiem special show the money 90 days after renewal.
  6. That is not anything, they like to eat from the same plate picking up and dropping food back on a communal plate with hands that are more familiar with muck than soap... I hate eating there!
  7. Buakhao and LKM are doing just fine. Soi 7-8 have been in decline for ages. Soi 2-3, well they have killed that area for nightlife, malls, condos and hotels needed only. Soi 6, the bars are all the same, which is not what they were!
  8. Well how well one drives can also be age dependent. Driving here requires a person to be quite alert and sometimes quick. I foresee a time when my bike days will have to end... hopefully not at the same time my days end.
  9. Ever claimed your with-holding tax back. I was told the tax certificate had to be issued by the branch where the account resided.
  10. If you refer to those who maybe use agents, I believe they are never asked to return after 90 days.
  11. When a Thai tells you such it does not mean that is fact ... just he isn't prepared to do it, or doesn't know the facts but can tell you something to make the problem go away. Kinda sad isn't it!
  12. Yes it is normal, there is no 60 day TV on arrival. There are VOA for some Nationalities for 15 days. There is also 30 day Visa Exempt Entries for a large number of Nationals...some 64 Countries. This Visa Exempt Entry is also often and incorrectly referred to as a Tourist Visa. Tourist Visas are obtained at Thai Embassies and Consulates and do allow a 60 day Permit of Stay.
  13. No, I seem to recall once when I did it, I simply got a consolidated line, and I always have multiple transactions each month. Perhaps he needed to update the book prior to the transaction. And I will take this as a reminder to update my book!
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