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  1. Seems to be a contradiction in that when Beach Rd became a special food and tat market for whatever the reason, it was closed to traffic, but when Walking St does the same, it gets opened!
  2. I suspect if borders were opened and people allowed in that Thailand would join the ranks of countries having widespread infections very quickly.
  3. Perhaps people could watch the series Ozark to get an idea!
  4. Surprised the operating system is still OK...did you have to upgrade the Windows?
  5. No cars pass by, I don't live on Hwy 7.... neighbours dogs are an issue but fortunately on the other side of the hosue than the bedroom and my double glazing and roof insulation hold back the noise. I am light sleeper and many times in a hotel room a fridge cycling has been noticed.
  6. If I wanted a sea view I could get a picture on the wall. Nice to look at, but hardly an amenity when 80 ft down and 1/2 km away. As it is I have a view of my pool and can sit out on a terrace and see my garden too. There are many many reasons to be near say Pattaya, than out in rural Isarn smelling the buffalo shxt and the burning fields.
  7. Long time ago now.... and situations change.
  8. I am a motorbike rider, don't regard myself a terrible driver, nor danger to others. Now the Grab food guys make the WIN guys look positively pedestrian.
  9. Where did you get that from? I was talking of the construction... I live in a small group of houses that have nearly all been on the market for years and years, and some bad history there. I regret buying my house now.
  10. Personally was never ever much of a customer, I get irritated by people using phones and it is just too darned cold in there.
  11. Used to be readily obtainable... discounted Biz Class like 'D' or 'I', but a full fare 'J' would be more.
  12. I don't expect they see it that way.... their attitude improves if supplementing their wages.
  13. You do not have to show the money came from abroad where a 12 month ext based on seasoned bank deposit is being sought.
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