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  1. They get to keep their electric horns but can now sneak up on you.......!
  2. Well yes, not many of the bars are but a small number of both Go-Gos and Beer bars can be found. Open until midnight now....
  3. Expired on the 21st.... still expired this morning.
  4. Redirect it into some catchment might work too.... I believe the lake water levels are still regarded as low. Currently much of the water shoots up from the drains at lower levels, impressive but not convenient.
  5. They have not updated their security certificate... give them a day or two.
  6. Jeez, what are they up to....? I use the one nearly in Laem Chabang and I must admit to having language barrier issues. They had one lady who spoke English well but she seems to have vanished. They also tried to get me to pay for new wiper blades when I knew the old ones were perfectly fine. What is wrong with the window rubbers? Those prices sound like blatant rip-off.
  7. Some years ago they would accept foreign licences providing they were valid and were in English, so no IDP required. Although an Australian nearby had issues using his, along with some print-off from the internet. Good luck...
  8. Arunothai must be doing very well... perhaps the type of shoppers there are too busy to go a little further for the wide range of selection in Big CX.
  9. Have you been to Pattaya? Baht buses are cheap transport for the penniless causing traffic jam ups and accidents everywhere... there are no Footpaths/Pavements/Sidewalks to use and even where there might be they are put to other uses or laid claim upon.
  10. Wasn't there already 3 on Arunothai...? Was puzzled when a new one was built on the Bong Koch 8 corner,... to go along with a Tesco and Family Mart.
  11. Perhaps not nightclubs... but there have certainly been a fair share of shady (and seedy) bars and establishments over the years. Think 'shows'... some restricted to various nationalities.
  12. And they will still stop where they please and mow down random motorcycles and pedestrians.
  13. Previously the last remaining peaceful place in the country.......
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