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  1. No log on required for on-line 90 day reporting and they appear to have updated their security certificate now.
  2. There is the option of a mailed in report, but better is on-line 90 day address reporting.
  3. They did a good job of cleaning up and protecting the country from Covid, but in attempting to open up under pressure the result has been a confusion and mishmash or requirements, more of a mess. As usual, little admission of fault, but attempts to improve by adding options and ideas. The STV, in my mind, seems to have been a complete wasted effort, is currently superseded, and without purpose.
  4. Well I hope the population is more accepting of the vaccine than they were of all the requirements and recommendations to avoid the spread of Covid, which they were far from successful at. Although I fail to see why the USA would have issue with travel to Covid free Thailand.
  5. Seems self centered.... are your parents of a similar mind?
  6. They have renewed their security certificate and it appears to be OK this morning.
  7. It is the terrible standard of driving in Bangkok driving that....... too many on the Chonburi roads each weekend.
  8. The police in Soi 9 are responsible for road accidents.... ?
  9. He is more involved with 'The Expats Club' these days and may be prepared to make some concession to their members. He isn't a fan of this forum.
  10. I think the process is the utility comes and takes out the meter if the bill goes unpaid. Although I had recent experience near to my home of a bill being overdue for more than a month, but there was still power .... they used to come around and cut the power more quickly in the past, which suggests some leniency or backlog.
  11. Should he not have been aware of the sub-standard food being given to customers before it got out of the kitchen?
  12. Ontario I guess is a long way from Pattaya..... I could smell burning when I opened my windows this morning but it looks clear.
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