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  1. The same one you wake up with at midday..... when do they swap over!
  2. Darn... not good. I need to be chucked out or I would never get home!
  3. Yes, that will be my move when they first start to hassle me over this. As of yet it has not been necessary. I would rather use a laptop though, any idea of where I would register and achieve this? Already do my 90 day reports online, saves those trips to immigration.
  4. I have always worried about that happening in immigration. One day they may demand one of their no receipt fines, and my thought was, for example, I will just go to Singapore or KL for a few days and sod the 90 day report. If they have my passport and refuse to return it, that would be difficult.
  5. So far, the punishment sounds like an 800 baht fine. I can live with that once a year if it means not having to traipse all the way to immigration and sit around in their crowded office for a multitude of hours waiting to see some halfwit paper pusher. Perhaps I will get lucky like the previous 11 or 12 years and nothing will be said. Bye now, got to put my head back in a hole.
  6. Haha, Chinese whispers. That was said of The Pig and Whistle, but last week there was absolutely no evidence of that there. Certainly Indian businessmen getting involved beyond their multitudes of scruffy cafe eating houses. Anybody tried The Beer Hubb yet?
  7. Whatever, they can return it if they wish, but I notice they do not. So if they are happy to accept insults, I do not perceive the problem.
  8. That is their choice. Perhaps you have a American perspective. Tips are earned, not compulsory.
  9. No, although they help them get there and back. I see the huge coaches dropping them off frequently near where Hwy 36 ends in Banglamung. They are obviously supplied work-clothes and always strike me as looking beat. Most are women.
  10. Better chances of getting paid a fine.
  11. Another day out off my list! Used to attend this free day most years by the lake. I would take a cold box with beer and get the Mrs to drive home. Not happy to have to pay for it, it isn't worth it, and less so to see foreigner price gouging in place.
  12. Usually Thai massage is cheaper, and the least I have seen for oil is 150 baht. What they expect for a tip is up to them, you have to learn to tip to your own desires, although a zero tip would be mean.
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