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  1. jacko45k

    Small flies

    I use balsamic, for the high fliers.
  2. Tim has a hotel with Wizard microbrewery attached, Intimate Hotel.
  3. Never know what triggers them.... I pass many dogs near the house on my m/cycle, never pay me no mind. But saw them have a go at a Thai on foot....
  4. I found these comments.. But the surge in new cases may also confirm that the vaccines being used in the country have comparatively low effectiveness. Here is an interesting article from a good source.
  5. Have a Thai account and transfer money to it either using Transferwise....ooop, I mean Wise, or another bank's SWIFT type facility. Do not convert to Baht before transfer, let the Thai bank do that.
  6. There's a non-response if ever I saw one from someone so certain. Into my ignore box... you are just looking to argue.
  7. Yes I would say you are unless you have a Thai passport (or ID card).
  8. They aren't getting round very often that is for sure... I would often hear them coming up my cul-de-sac in the past, as there are 2 other homes and mine. I didn't get mail for a couple of weeks and have not seen them in my street since
  9. I saw a couple of postal workers out on their bikes loaded up with bags on Wednesday, when I was out, which suggests they are working.
  10. What silliness.... did not imply that, and your conclusions do not follow. If anything I would suggest they do not end up in marriages when far too young.
  11. jacko45k

    Small flies

    The ones bothering me are usually gone when it gets dark... also not appearing until well into the morning, on hotter days. None right now as it is cool and cloudy. Of course when it gets hotter, more doors and windows are opened, so some chicken and egg there. They are a bloody nuisance. Into ears and eyes all the time.
  12. There is no info on that... the original 'lockdown' was cited for 2 weeks and that will be reviewed around 15th May. Considering infections remain high I expect it will be extended..... Exercising on the Beach was supposed to be okay.
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