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  1. And the requirements to getting an Extension based on it have remained consistent.
  2. Depends where you do it. A retirement extension is far simpler. And as the OP specifically asked for that worth mentioning. You fail to mention any 'proof of the marriage' requirements. Also that it cannot be approved by any regional offices.
  3. Other than it would actually be an Extension based on marriage not retirement that is correct. There are quite a few hoops to dance through though. If you get a retirement Extension based on deposited money obviously income proof is not an issue. But at the moment income proof is required to be a Thai bank letter and statements showing deposits into a Thai bank from overseas. Whether HMRCs tax statements are acceptable is uncertain, but edging on unlikely.
  4. It may have happened at a beer bar but yes, that is what happens. Getting left alone is a struggle. Saying no thanks wears thin as you are interrupted for the 12th time that hour, and if you simply ignore them they pull on your arm and you are constantly making sure your wallet is safely tucked away. I used to use a beer bar where the owner wouldn't let them in, but most of them near the beach let them come and pester without any consideration for the customers. Is that idiot pretending he has a gun or something?
  5. You are fortunate in that you have a decent place to return to by all accounts. Where I grew up in the UK has descended to near ghetto status. I would need to research alternatives likely beyond my means.... but I see that same ogre on the horizon.
  6. Even with Bangkok Bank there is a small chance some transfers will not show as International, as they may use TMB or Kasikorn randomly. Nobody can answer, maybe your local Imm office would look at supporting Transferwise receipts. Untried as still early days for no-Embassy letter Extension applications. Have you considered using Swift transfers?
  7. Not many beaches for him in Laos! Myanmar undeveloped.
  8. Cambodia maybe not, Cebu in Philippines but with over 7000 Islands lots of choice, maybe Borocoy. Vietnam, Nha Trang, Da Nang.
  9. This happened at approximately 3pm, very approximately.
  10. Would Cambodian workers killing and cooking these cause the same Thai angst.
  11. Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam are mentioned a lot.
  12. I get feedback from a friend up there about how they love their papers. One example is they own their property in a shell company name and are required to submit copies of all the company papers to get retirement Ext. In Jomtiem I have the same situation and they are happy enough with my phone bill. The inconsistency, and complete and utter distrust and interference into ones privacy is beyond their remit.
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