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  1. Only if you enter with a valid Non-Imm OA. It would be a Permit to stay rather than an extension.
  2. Perhaps the owner does not know she is sub-letting? Using an address you are not living at is not a good idea. Move elsewhere.
  3. Not much to see at Laem Chabang unless it is a gas turbine or Harbor Mall!
  4. 1. Day 1 when you land in Thailand. 2. 15 days before or 7 days after day 90. 3, Yes, or try on-line. 4. Didn't work for me there so ended up going there. 5. At most... TM 47 Form filled in Copy of PP Picture page. Copy of visa/extension. Copy of arrival stamp. Copy of departure card. TM 30. (Personally I have never needed this). If you need one they will tell you go get one. 6. Yes a slip is stapled into passport, showing date of next report. For future 90 day reports only this and passport needed...
  5. What you have is more than enough. Tickets are a thing of the past, boarding passes are either obtained at the airport or maybe printed after on-line check-in close to the flight time. No, 20,000 baht either in equivalent cash or travelers checks. No worries, you will be fine.
  6. You have quoted something that did not exist at the time you posted. I had already edited it deeming it inaccurate belatedly. Simplistically, shall we say the requirement is to show a person has the means to live in Thailand, else why would a retirement extension require the 800k or 400k to be in a bank, in Thailand, in your name. (But no obligation to spend it). The alternative was, something amounting to similar, demonstrated as income, anywhere in the world. Then that became more stringent (or not) that a confirming Embassy letter was obligated. My complaint was of the comment some only needed to show 3 months worth of this income ,and the Embassy gave a letter.... some Embassies didn't even bother checking. Now it is consolidated into being money already in, or being brought into Thailand. A pity it isn't averaged over the year though.
  7. There is another post on this suggesting the tourist is a drunken half wit!
  8. The original report said he was on a M/C taxi.
  9. jacko45k

    Hat Yai Hell

    Sadly the requirements change, vary from region to region, and are interpreted (sometimes erroneously) by the odd IO. Not much consolation to the applicant wondering how he will be able to live in his home for the next year. My experiences match what you say though, retirement extension based on money in the bank in Jomtiem, always smooth. Now and again some new copy of something is asked for, I just go get it. Hard to meet constantly varying requirements.